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Why book Aerialists

These amazing performers give you and your a guests a show that is high above you. These folks will take your breath away as they perform acrobatic acts while dangling from silks, swings, or webs up in the air. Whether they are the main entertainment attraction or ambiance entertainment, these aerialists are great for everything from the circus and fairs to corporate events and fundraisers. So book one of these graceful aerialists today and get ready for a performance that is sure to be a treat for you and your guests.

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About Booking Aerialists

When hiring an aerialist, a variety of options are available to astound and astonish the guests at your event. Whether you want to mesmerize your guests with the extreme heights and beauty of aerial silks, cloud swings, and Spanish webs or with the amazement of perch poles and hair hangs, or the excitement of teeterboards and human cannons. Gig Salad has premier aerial artists, including acrobats, teams of aerialists and other circus acts, available for your next fair, festival, fundraiser, private party, corporate function or other special event. Start your search by selecting a city above.

Some things to consider when booking an Aerialist is that you want to find an aerialist who has experience in the specialty you desire. Also note: Aerial tricks are dangerous. No matter how much experience an aerialist has there is always the risk of an accident. Second, ask for pictures and video of the aerialist's performances. If you can, contact previous clients to ask about their satisfaction with the acrobat. Lastly, pay attention to detail in the contract. Inquire about liability and insurance. Know what materials and space you will need to provide for the aerialist.