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Get ready to be amazed as these trapeze artists fly through the air reaching for small, swinging bars and the hands of their partner. These high flying performers defy Sir Newton's law of gravity as they go soaring through the air with apparent ease and grace. Watch as your guests are mesmerized by the trapeze artists skills and performance high above the crowd. Let Gig Salad hook you up with fantastic trapeze artists for your festival, carnival, or other event. These trapeze artists will fill all your high flying entertainment needs!

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About Booking Trapeze Artists

Find and hire trapeze artists on Gig We make it easy to find a trapeze artist presenting a flying trapeze show to perform circus-style entertainment.

When hiring a trapeze artist a variety of options are available to astound, astonish and amaze the guests at your festival, fair, party or special event. Whether you want to mesmerize your guests with the extreme heights and beauty of a solo swinging performance or with the excitement and of a couples flying trapeze, Gig Salad will connect you with trapeze artists in your area to help make your event a success.

Some things to consider while hiring a trapeze artist are to find an artist who has experience in the specialty you desire. Please note: Aerial tricks are dangerous. No matter how much experience a trapeze artist has, there is always the risk of an accident. Be sure they provide safety nets. Next, ask for pictures and video of past trapeze performances. If you can, contact previous clients to ask about their satisfaction with the trapeze performance. Finally, pay attention to detail in the contract. Inquire about liability and insurance. Know what materials and space you will need to provide for the trapeze artists.