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Touch'd Too Much

Touch'd Too Much

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Why book Touch'd Too Much?

Touch’d Too Much is a Monterey Bay based band that recreates the energy and sound of Bon Scott era AC/DC.
Over the past few years Touch’d Too Much has built a reputation as a must see band. The band has continuously earned fans, and return engagements by consistently delivering nonstop, uncompromising, powerful performances, every time they hit the stage.Touch’d Too Much invites you to come experience it for yourself. If you love Bon Scott era AC/DC this is the band for you!



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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 60 - 200 minutes
  • Fee: $500 to $1000
  • Languages: English


We normally do 3 hour long sets. We can also tailor our sets to what ever configuration works for your venue/event. We provide our own PA/lighting, equipment etc. All we require is some space for 5 players and easy access to regular power. For outdoor events we do require shade/shelter for our equipment and ourselves.

Additional Booking Notes

Cash only. A deposit by check may be used to secure a future date.


Touch'd Too Much are five seasoned musicians from the Monterey Bay area. Lead vocalist Nick Vasquez is a dead ringer vocally for the late, great Bon Scott. Lead Guitarist Mike Ellis will peel paint with his signature Angus-like tone. Backing up this musical sledgehammer are Drummer Keith Weiland, Rhythm guitar Randy Swanson and bassist Peter Sheehan, these guys will shake your foundations!
We pride ourselves on putting on a great show that will leave your audience begging for more. We arrive, set up and leave, on time at your venue/event and we are very flexible. While we adore all AC/DC, we primarily focus on the Bon Scott era although we do throw in a few Back in Black era tunes as well.
Thank you for checking us out!

Past Booked Events

12/08/13 Moss Landing Inn
12/07/13 Flanagans Bar Carmel Ca
11/09/13 Fogbank Bar Capitola CA
11/08/13 Crows Nest, Santa Cruz CA
10/26/13 Callahans Bar, Santa Cruz ,CA
10/13/13 Moss Landing Inn, Moss Landing CA
10/05/13 The Cats Los Gatos <Ca
10/04/13 Fogbank Bar,Capitola CA
08/30/13 Coasters Bar, Santa Cruz
08/24/13 The Cats Tavern, Los Gatos
08/10/13 Moss Landing Inn, Moss Landing
08/02/13 Windjammer, Aptos
07/21/13 Moss Landing Inn, Moss Landing,CA
07/19/13 Cats Tavern, Los Gatos,CA
07/14/13 Moss Landing inn, Moss Landing
07/12/13 Caosters Bar, Santa Cruz
07/06/13 FogBank Capitola
06/29/13 Nine Lives, Gilroy w/Fleetood Mask
06/27/13 Crows Nest after Beach party, Santa Cruz CA
06/22/13 Cats Tavern Los Gatos
06/21/13 Private party @ Fogbank Capotola
06/16/13 Moss Landing Inn, Moss Landing CA
05/31/13 Windjammer, Aptos CA
05/26/13 Fogbank, Capitola
05/25/13 Mucky Duck, Monterey
05/24/13 Silva Benefit, Don Quixotes Felton,CA
05/19/13 Moss Landing Inn, Moss Landing
05/17/13 The Cats, Los Gatos
04/27/13 Crows Nest, Santa Cruz
04/21/13 Moss Landing Inn
04/19/13 Fogbank, Capitola CA
04/13/13 Callahan's Bar Santa Cruz
04/06/13 Mucky Duck, Monterey
04/05/13 Coasters Bar, Santa Cruz
03/23/13 Cats Restaurant, Los Gatos
03/09/13 Mucky Duck, Monterey
03/08/13 Fogbank Capitola CA
03/08/13 Fogbank, Capitola Ca
02/17/13 Moss LanDng Inn
02/16/13 Crows Nest, Santa Cruz
01/27/13 Tribute Band Event Sacramento
01/26/13 Rays Bar, Martinez
01/25/13 Fogbank Bar, Capitola
01/19/13 Mucky Duck , Monterey
01/04/13 Lilly Macs, Sunnyvale CA
12/31/12 NYE at the Windjammer, Aptos
12/28/12 Fogbank Bar,Capitola CA
12/15/12 Callahans Bar, Santa Cruz
12/01/12 Fogbank bar,Capitola CA
11/16/12 Moss Landing Inn,CA
11/10/12 Lucky 13 Alameda,CA
11/03/12 Fogbank Bar,Capitola CA
11/02/12 Mucky Duck Montery,ca
10/31/12 Halloween Crows Nest, Santa Cruz,CA
10/26/12 Windjammer, Aptos CA
10/21/12 Moss Landing Inn, Moss Landing,CA
10/12/12 OPL @ Half Moon Bay CA
10/06/12 Mucky Duck, Monterey,CA
09/28/12 FogBank, Capitola CA
09/15/12 Moss Landing Inn, Moss Landing,CA
09/01/12 Private Party
08/31/12 Coasters, Santa Cruz CA
08/26/12 Moss Landing Inn, Moss Landing CA
08/24/12 FogBank, Capitola CA
08/16/12 The Catalyst, Santa Cruz CA
08/04/12 Mucky Duck, Monterey,CA
07/22/12 Wharf to Wharf race Santa Cruz,CA
07/21/12 Mucky Duck, Monterey,CA
07/13/12 Coasters Lounge, Santa Cruz,CA
07/07/12 Fogbank bar,Capitol,CA
07/04/12 Fogbank Bar, Capitola,CA
06/29/12 Windjammer,Aptos CA
06/09/12 Private Party, King City CA
05/31/12 The Crows Nest Santa Cruz,CA
05/26/12 Fogbank Bar, Capitola,CA
05/12/12 Moss Landing Inn,Moss Landing,CA
04/22/12 Moss Landing Inn, Moss Landing,CA
04/14/12 Fogbank Bar Capitola,CA
03/23/12 Windjammer Bar.Aptos,CA
03/03/12 Fogbank Bar,Capitola,CA
02/12/12 Moss Landing Inn, Moss Landing CA
02/11/12 Flanagans Bar, Carmel CA

The team providing the talent:

Nick Vasquez


Set List

Dog Eat Dog
Get it Hot
If you want blood
Go Down
Night Prowler
Gone Shooting
Up to my Neck in you
Touch Too Much
Beating round the bush
Its a long way to the top
Rock n roll singer
Dirty Deeds done dirt cheap
Love at first feel
Big Balls
Problem Child
Love hungry man
Rock and Roll damnation
Whole lot of Rosie
You shook me all night long
Let there be rock
Shot down in flames
Hell aint no bad place to be
Sin City
Walk all over you
Bad Boy Boogie
The Jack
Highway to Hell
Girls got Rhythm
Riff Raff
Baby please dont go
Ride on
Downpayment Blues
Hells Bells
Have a drink on me
High Voltage
There's gonna be some rockin
Aint no Fun
Whats next to the Moon

Influences & Inspiration

AC/DC of course!

Setup Requirements

3 regular power outlets.

Shade/Shelter if outside.

Space for 5.


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