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Why book Todd Key?

Do you need a super funny juggling show, a stiltwalker, or even a 12' tall "Living Treeman" at your next event?
If so, you've come to the right listing on Gig Salad.
-Todd Key has performed all over the world. His Comedy Juggling show, is super fun and can fit all kinds of venues including Schools & Libraries all the way up to big Corporate events.
-Todd performs an amazing 12' tall living WALKING TREEMAN. People's jaws will drop when they see this character come to life.
-Todd is an Expert Stilt Walker and can provide many Stilt Walking Characters to suit any theme: Cowboy, Robot, Uncle Sam, Cirque, etc.
-Todd can also provide you with other entertainers for your events.



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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 40 - 5 minutes
  • Fee: $250 - $2500
  • Insurance: $2,000,000 - Performers of the US Liability Ins
  • Languages: English


If you book my show you will get a HIGH ENERGY, super funny, audience interactive presentation that involves: Juggling, Ladder balance, Ball Spinning, Box Stacking, Knot Throwing, Rope Spinning, Teeterboard Balance, and more. My basic show lasts about 40 minutes. I can also personalize material for corporate events, use your logo, etc. I am also asked to do church chows or "Upwards" shows and have appropriate messages worked into those shows. I have a great "Hand Shadow" routine that I can do in venues that can get dark. If I'm doing a kids show my routine is squeaky clean and uses kid volunteers in parts of the show.

If you book me for Stilt Walking I have many different outfits to suit your theme. I am an EXPERT stilt-walker, you have nothing to fear. I can move & dance and even do pirouettes. I combine ALL of my vast juggling skills with my stiltwalking, and I am VERY interactive with your guests. I use top quality stilts made for professional stiltwalkers I DO NOT use the clunky dry-wall stilts that some hobbyist stiltwalkers use.

If you book me for my 12' tall "Walking Treeman" you will get an amazing force of nature that will have jaws dropping all over your event. It's very impressive. The Obama's loved it so much they invited me to the White House to perform it for their halloween party. Please see the video of this to fully understand it.

Additional Booking Notes

For my Juggling show: I need a level surface. I need at least 10' of ceiling space and 12' x 16' floor space. If I'm in a theatre setting I will need a small amount of back lighting so I can see the backs of some of my juggling props. I'm very adaptable to most settings.

For my Walking Treeman: If the event is outdoor I like to use the top of my car to get into the costume. The costume is very heavy so I will need to park my car as clost as possible to the performing venue. If I am doing the Treeman indoors I will need to get into the costume in the same room as I am performing in (I can't duck under doorways). A pipe & drape unit might have to be set up to hide me. I will also need a volunteer with indoor venues for about 5 minutes to hand me pieces of the costume as I'm getting into it. If I'm flying to the event I will need a 6' A-frame ladder provided for me.

Todd Key

Todd Key has performed over 10,000 shows in 12 countries around the world. He has performed for the Obama's at the White House, performed with Cirque Du Soleil, toured the Middle East with the USO on a 50 base tour for our soldiers, and even made an appearance on the David Letterman show.

Todd's performances fall into 3 categories:
1) Comedy Juggling Shows
2) Expert Stilt-walking for Walk Around entertainment or parades
3) 12' tall "Living Treeman"

His Comedy Juggling show, "The Flying Debris Show" is super fun and can fit all kinds of venues including Schools & Libraries all the way up to big Corporate Parties. Todd's style of comedy is always appropriate for all audiences but can be tweaked slightly to suit either kids, adults, or full family crowds. If you want a 2-man club passing comedy show, Todd can provide that too.

Todd Key performs an amazing 12' tall living WALKING TREEMAN. Think "Treebeard" from the "Lord of the Rings" movies. Peoples jaws will drop when they see this character come to life. The Treeman has been used mostly at outdoor festival venues, but can also perform indoors with high

Todd Key is an Expert Stilt Walker and can provide an assortment of Stilt Walking Characters to suit any theme. Todd often juggles and performs stunts while he stiltwalks. Some Stiltwalking Characters include: Cowboy, Robot, Mardi Gras, Renaissance, Formal, Festive, Uncle Sam, Cirque, and many more.

Todd also networks with many other performers and can provide you with many other entertainments for your events.

On a last note, Todd is also a children's book author and believes in "reading encouragement" for children. Every Summer Todd does a tour of Public Libraries performing his show and reading his book, "What's in my Pocket?" to kids.

Influences & Inspiration

I'm influenced by Vaudeville, Cirque du Soleil (who I've worked for), and modern day comedians like Steve Martin, who is one of my heroes. I have loved performing for our soldiers abroad, and I have always had a soft spot for kids, so I always do a library tour every year and like to perform at schools.

Setup Requirements

From a simple chair to full-blown stage and lighting, there are certain configurations and needs that many performers and service providers require in order to provide the best possible experience at your event. Get a free quote request to check with Todd Key to find out what their setup requirements are.

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