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The American Burlesque Troupe

The American Burlesque Troupe

1 review

About The American Burlesque Troupe

The American Burlesque Troupe, performs Black Tie Burlesque. Black Tie Burlesque combines a nostalgic blend of classic burlesque, modern variety acts, a little vaudeville and circus acts in a themed setting. Roaring Twenties, Naughty Fifties, Birthdays, Corporate events? Fun for adults, who enjoy true classic burlesque & vaudeville revues.
Choose From:
1. Our Big Revue Package. Two hour show for 300 adults.
consists of: the whole package: several variety acts, strip teasers, our chorus line, and our live band,
2. Our Cabaret Package, ideal for intimate Corporate events, 5-9 performers for 1 hour show.
3. or Our Individual Acts.

Fees based on length of show & performers hired.



Great Show

By Craig A. on June 23, 2013

I attended this troupe's shows in May and for the price of admission I felt I was committing a crime. The amount of talent that graced the stage was easily that of Las Vegas caliber. The MC was not only an entertaining master of ceremonies but an amazing magician. The dancers were all incredibly sensuous and exotic but still tasteful. The musical acts were tremendous and the comedy routines had me almost falling out of my seat. This is one of the best live shows I have seen in Los Angeles and I would catch this show now while it is still affordable because once the secret gets out I can see this troupe headlining in Vegas.

Hired as: Burlesque Entertainment

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 120 - 180 minutes
  • Fee: Big $15k-75K, Small $2,000-10K, Singles $500 & up
  • Languages: English


The American Burlesque Troupe performs Black Tie Burlesque.
Black Tie Burlesque is a nostalgic themed, musical variety show that incorporates singers, novelty acts, circus acts, magicians, comics, dancers, and strip teasers.
There were five Black Tie Burlesque companies; Ziegfeld Follies, Gaiety Follies, Las Vegas Folies BerGere, or Moulin Rouge [US], and The American Burlesque Troupe. Only "The American Burlesque Troupe" is still performing in the US.
1. The Big unit, "The American Burlesque Troupe", designed to play large audiences, consists of between 12 to 51 (depending on the show) variety acts, several (from 8 to 21) strip teasers, a chorus line (usually between 8 to 24 dancers per line), and our live band (depending on the show, may range from a three piece jazz ensemble to a complete Big Band).
2.Our Small unit, consists of 3 to 7 acts, mixed with variety acts and stripteasers. There is no without the chorus line and rarely with the live band.
3. Finally, we have individual acts to perform "Specials", such as Birthday Parties or Corporate events.
Our typical audience demographics: Age range - 21 to 60 years old, but have entertained audiences up to age ranges of 99. Usually Couples. Male to Female Attendance ratio is about 60% women, 40% men. Income Range: medium incomes and above.

What you would expect to see at our shows?
While we have a naughty or saucy side, our shows are classy, classic, and fun in nature, with multiple acts.

Additional Booking Notes

Technical Show requirements for our shows are dependent on the what type and how large of the show to be performed. In General, the usual set up requirements are: microphones and microphones stands, mixers, sound technicians, complete stage lighting packages, including spotlights, a large stage and backstage area for flats and other set changes, dressing rooms for multiple changes and wardrobe area, when we bring in our aerial acts, proper rigging is required. As each show has different requirements, the stage and technical requirements are discussed and arranged on a show by show basis.


The American Burlesque Troupe has been entertaining audiences since 1931. Of the five Black Tie Burlesque Companies (Ziegfeld Follies, Gaiety Follies, Folies Ber'gere (US), Moulin Rouge (US), and The American Burlesque Troupe), we are the last of the Black Tie Burlesque Troupes.
When on Tour, our large unit is designed for more grand expositions, more akin to a Ziegfeld Follies, Moulin Rouge, or Folies BerGere show. While our small shows, while still themed, are far more adaptable to little dinner theaters (100 to 300 seat) and related nightclub venues.
The normal attendance demographics for our shows have been well dressed couples, over 21, with an audience breakdown made up of usually 60% women in attendance, age range 25 through 40, although this demographic has a close secondary audience age range of 50 to 90. There is a repeat fan based of about 30 percent. The shows usually run between one hour and a half to two hours and fifteen minutes for our small unit and up to three hours in length for our large unit.
Our shows consists of any number of acts, including Comics, Singers, Magicians, Aerial Acts, Dances, Musicians, Jugglers, Bizarre and novelty acts, "The Bad Act" (Every Black Tie Burlesque Troupe had one "Bad Act", an example of a "Bad Act" would be Tiny Tim from the 1960s Laugh-in Television Series), bits, and strip teasers.
The American Burlesque Troupe's large unit provides an entire stage show with several acts, for additional fees and with proper advanced warning, a stage and technical crew can be assembled. As interaction with the audience for any burlesque troupe is essential to create the best atmosphere for the show, this unit works best in large lounges or large, comfortable dinner theaters, although it can play the big theaters very well. The small unit plays better to smaller venues, but, although it carries less acts, the acts are still top notch performers in burlesque. We theme our shows, usually from the 1930s through 1965, but we also, perform specific themes that are set outside our performance norms, such as one of our ore popular shows, our "Roaring Twenties Show." A large portion of our shows consists of live singers, comics, and musicians, as well as our strip teasers. Speaking of our strip teasers, our shows are classy and classic burlesque, that include very talented classic strip teasers, with great acts, however we do not perform Gentleman's Club Strip Shows. We are burlesque performers and proud of that fact. It reflects in who we are and provides you with the best show in the business. Whether on tour or providing performances for individual events, we truly enjoy providing the audience with the best performances in Black Tie Burlesque.
Thank You.

Past Booked Events

Nov 09, 2013 Birthday Party

The team providing the talent:

Juliette and The Jazz

Torch Singer and Jazz Band Trio

Mitch Mitchell


Michael J. Care


Sy Shaaheed


April Showers

Top Strip Teaser

Olivia Bellafountaine

Top Strip Teaser

Purple Lilac

World Famous Belly Dancer and Strip Teaser

Delani Deadly

Strip Teaser

Mia Morte

Hostess, Comedian, Macbre Strip Teaser

William Draven

Extraordinary Illusionist and Host

Fernando Moreno


Mr. E & Nutzo Mucho

Comedy team and "The Bad Act"

Nadia Lotte

Top Strip Teaser

RaRa Sis Bomba

Aerialist, Top Strip Teaser, Clown

Dixie Mae Rebel

Dancer, Top Strip Teaser

Madame Raccoon

Singing duo


Reggae and Jazz Artist.

Bobby B

Singer, Tap Dancer, Drummer

Jeannie Dean


Norma Zager


Many More Acts

— Too many to list

Influences & Inspiration

Being the longest running Black Tie Burlesque Troupe in America, since 1931, our past influences were Ziegfeld Follies, Moulin Rouge, Folies BerGere, the great Jazz Singers and performers of the time, vaudeville, and other traveling burlesque troupes. In the Present, there are many shows from Las Vegas and such that have influenced our troupe and many performers, including Dita Von Teese, Frank Sinatra, Pinky Lee, Gypsy Rose Lee, Sally Rand, Nat King Cole, Milton Berle, Morey Amsterdam, Etta James, and others that have shaped several of our shows.

Setup Requirements

Microphones, Stands, lights, dressing rooms, techs (Although with appropriate notice, we can provide our own equipment, stage crew and technicians for an additional fee.)


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