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Stage Hypnotist

Stage Hypnotist

1 review

About Stage Hypnotist

LA Based, Vince Lynch, has performed for clients from corporate, to high schools. providing lectures and stage hypnosis shows throughout colleges, universities, private parties.

Since his orginal demonstrations in London, UK nearly 10 years ago, he has delivered stage hypnosis shows, mind reading shows, psychology workshops, and corporate persuasion talks for the best part of the past decade.

He has performed In venues across LA, London, NYC, and Europe. In the past year he has been performing a off Broadway show; a recent review can be found here (link hidden)/

"Vince is totally unique and has received international recognition" -



When I heard I’d be attending a hypnosis show I thought, oh great, a bunch of people running around on stage pretending to be hypnotized and making chicken noises.

Vince Lynch, who I’m told specializes in the psychology of making anyone do anything, took the stage and asked the biggest skeptic in the audience to volunteer. If I didn’t have a need to stay conscious, that would have been me. In hindsight, I’m glad I didn’t volunteer.

Vince was convincing and hilarious. Here’s what he did get her to do: impersonate a narcotics officer, sing like Macy Gray, and answer questions as Santa Claus. Things he did not get her to do: sit on his lap (turns out most women don’t), think hypnotists are the coolest people (again, most women don’t), and see being a hypnotist as a real job (his mom isn’t sold on this either). I was so surprised to see self proclaimed skeptic fall under Vince’s spell that I had to talk to her after the show. She described her experience as being in a trance-like state and found herself letting go and giving in to Vince’s requests
The flyers for event read as follows: “Influence? Thought control? Demonstration of the impossible.” As far as I’m concerned they demonstrated the impossible. Call it mind control or just plain peer pressure, whatever it might be, Vince Lynch succeeded in influencing me. I walked in thinking hypnosis was silly and not real and walked out a believer.

Hired as: Hypnotist

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 45 - 90 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Insurance: $2,000,000 - Hypnosis, Public Liability
  • Languages: English


I've spent a long time teaching hypnosis. Including showing hypnosis to major corporate's as part of a lecture

Additional Booking Notes

40mins-1hr long show.
Lighting would be good if provided.
Microphone should be provided for large venues/audiences
Capable of performing for small audience 50-100 or larger audience 500-1000. or concert/corporate audience 1000-2000 depending.


Vince Lynch (BA, MSc) is a well travelled English Gentleman & often cited as a founder of 'Street Hypnosis' making him an international recognized expert in the world of hypnosis.

Since his orginal demonstrations in London, UK nearly 10 years ago, he has delivered stage hypnosis shows, mind reading shows, psychology workshops, and corporate persuasion talks for the best part of the past decade.

He has performed in such luxurious venues such as 'The Venentian Hotel & Resort - Las Vegas', Palazzo hotel and resort Las Vegas. In venues across LA, London, NYC, and europe.

He has performed shows and demonstrations for thousands of people. He has performed over 150 hypnosis shows, and over 50 corporate speaking events to recognized institutions such as such as Santander Banking Plc, European Neurological Association, US Chamber of Commerce, Hilton Hotels group, Porsche group, University of Warick, University of Leicester, Kings College University, and so on.

His trainings and shows are in demand - as he performs a quicker more efficient version of hypnosis acquired from his academic education and extensive research.

He has successfully taught plenty of students around the world how to be more influential, to hypnotize, and to attract attention from others.

The form of hypnosis he performs, is instant, fluid, and more engaging than traditional stage hypnosis shows. He makes the claim to be able to hypnotize anyone, anywhere, anytime to do pretty much anything.

He states "I believe I make hypnosis into what it should be, something amazing, and for corporate clients who's business is built around being scientific, or persuasion I'm the perfect candidate for entertainment or education."

Vince has been known to organize large corporate events - sometimes bringing in other performers and talented speakers, because of this he is well versed in building customized training programs for organisations.

When he began delivering training programs for organisations he was involved in running Firewalking, Glasswalking, NLP & Motivational events to insurance companies, banks, hotel groups, and sales forces - activities which he claims are harmless but demonstrate how concentrating on a single goal intergrates your personality and brings about confidence.

Common things you'll see Vince Perform

- He can tell you what your PIN number is
- He can know exactly what your thinking
- He can make you forget your own name
- He can make you have unstoppable confidence
- He can explain how to make anyone do anything you want & show it works (without hypnosis)

Influences & Inspiration

David Blaine
Derren Brown
Penn & Teller

Setup Requirements

From a simple chair to full-blown stage and lighting, there are certain configurations and needs that many performers and service providers require in order to provide the best possible experience at your event. Get a free quote request to check with Stage Hypnotist to find out what their setup requirements are.

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