Spock Vegas

Why book Spock Vegas?

I am Spock from the Original TV series. Blue shirt, phaser, communicator, tricorder.
I do COMEDY, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes on Star Trek subjects (my equipment, Kirk, Scotty, Bones, the Enterprise, the green Orion slave girls, etc).
I also greet visitors and clients at convention booths, for products aimed at nerds and geeks.
I also sing most Elvis songs as Spock, as an option, to complement the presentation or the show.
I also can take part in a Trekkie wedding ceremony and party.
I also am a highly logical Roulette expert and teach people how to play and how to win using a multitude of techniques I invented.




I wasn't planning on having my mind blown while walking through the Fremont Experience...I bumped into Spock Vegas and had a photo taken with him which was a 'fascinating' encounter and 'indeed' his portrayal of Spock was uncanny! His body language, costume, props, cadence in which he spoke was eerily spot on! I've been fond of the Star Trek character Spock all of my life and it was a joy to share a moment with Spock Vegas. I can only imagine what an impact he would have for a private event!

Reviewer: ML
Event: Awards Night in Las Vegas, NV
Event Date: May 3, 2012

Response from Spock Vegas:

My main goal is to use Spock's innocent charm to let people experience what an amazing being he is. His presence makes you feel like you are dealing with a reserved genius. Some people tell me they are feeling they are 10 years old again. In the presence of greatness, you can't help but be inspired to be great yourself. I can recall hundreds of different comments describing ones unique feelings during a meeting with Spock. It’s simply out of this world...

Uncanny Resemblance!!!

It was such a thrill to find him at the STLV last year. My costume is Amanda Mother of Spock so I was greatly excited to find my son! He was perfect!!!

Reviewer: Karen C.
Event: Convention in Las Vegas, NV
Event Date: Aug 6, 2011

Response from Spock Vegas:

Yes I remember taking a few pictures with you throughout the 4 days event. A son is always perfect in his mother's eyes. I love you mother. LLAP.

Spock Vegas

Spock Vegas is an amazing likeness to TOS Spock, Leonard Nimoy. He was gracious and entertaining to fans and fellow cosplayers at the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. Although he is much taller than the original Spock, this only accentuates his commanding Vulcan presence. Book Spock Vegas for your event, your friends will be impressed by your party planning logic!!

Reviewer: Cinnamon H.
Event: Convention in Las Vegas, NV
Event Date: Aug 13, 2011

Response from Spock Vegas:

Accepting to participate in the Convention was one of the most memorable experience of my life. The result was 1500 pictures with fans and a lot of new friends and clients. I was treated LIKE A GOD!!! Thank you for this opportunity.

Strikingly Spock!

As a special effects makeup artist myself, I create vulcans for a living. I met Paul while working and attending a Star Trek Convention last August in Las Vegas and was floored at the resemblance to Mr. Spock of the 1967-69 TV series. There were thousands of hardcore Trekkies there who felt the same way, and they sure do know their stuff! He is quie a bit taller than the original Mr. Spock which lends to his impact as a lookalike actor in a very favorable way. Personally, I found him to be extremely polite and friendly - a treat to be around in general. Book this guy! You won't be disappointed.

Reviewer: Lisa H.
Event: Convention in Las Vegas, NV
Event Date: Aug 12, 2011

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 5 - 30 minutes
  • Fee: $100 and up
  • Languages: English


I am funny and polite. I do comedy based on the Star Trek theme. People take pictures with me and they love it.

Additional Booking Notes

I need a microphone, that's all.

Spock Vegas

I am a 48 YO male.
I am a perfect Spock impersonator, looks, voice and costume.
I do comedy, conventions and sing Elvis songs on demand.
I am punctual and polite.
I live in Las Vegas 6 months and Toronto Canada 6 months, mostly in the summer.

Influences & Inspiration

Spock is an icon for all people ages 10 to 70. I help continue his mission, ti humanize the world, by brigning peace and logic to this highly illogical world.

Setup Requirements


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