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New Experience Rec

New Experience Rec

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About New Experience Rec

New Experience Records
recording artist:James Jr singer songwriter music publisher record producer performer D-J K-J Speaker MC.
James Jr: Making It To The Top
Artist: James Jr.
CD: (downloadable EP) Making It To The Top
Label: New Experience Recordings, 2010
Songs: Girl Like You (Feat. Kurtis Blow and Terry Troutman), Something On Your Mind, Let’s Stay Together, Gigolos Get Lonely Too, Stay A While (Feat) Terry Troutman the brother of the late Roger Troutman.




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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 120 - 240 minutes
  • Fee: $400
  • Insurance: $ 10.000 - Lost prevention equitment insurence.
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: Money Order Bank Transfer Moneygram Money Pack Western Union


Great Music!Exspect A 2-4 hour show depending on services
and you will be treated with respect from me and each of our company members. A wonderful show autographs pictures company
info and we are willing to meet with you prior to your event
to workout details we will also be on time and try and provide
you with the best possible service we also provide you with a
number to a live person the creative star mansgement team James Milligan William R Roach or e-mail us at
We will travel any place anytime depending on terms and services
agreed on by both parties call for details.

Additional Booking Notes

We can provide equitment for your event or if you wish you can provide your own we offer services for weddings parties events concerts we also work with you by aiding you in advertising your
event as far as radio free media flyers internet.
Newspapers trade publications whatever media is available at that
time however we do charge a deposit that is none refoundable if
an event dose not take place you will be ask to sign an agreement for said services to be rendard.
And if you wish to have one of our artist come to your school or
place of business as a speaker call us for details of your event or foundrasier we also offer music seminars you may call for dates and times we provide D-J services as well as K-J services for clubs proms birthday parties good rates we try and work with you
on your budget for parties etc shows last 2-4 hours and we charge $25.00 dollars each additional hour unless otherwise stated.


New Experience Rec
recording artist"James Jr has worked with many act's over the years
such as Gerold Levert produced acts such as Men At Large the Rude Boys Margie Cox from the group Prince Barbara Joyce Lomas from the 70s 80s singing sensation B.T.Express.
Rock & Roll hall of fame 50s 60s group produced by Curtis Mayfield the Impressions Chris Jasper of the R&B 80s 90s C.B.S. Records label group Isley Jasper Isley Warner Brothers Records funk band Roger & Zapp Frank Johnson formal staff writer for Motown Records
and later Malaco Rec Sony Records artist performer Lavel Jackson.
Formal Mecury Records recording artist Kurtis Blow as well as Leroy Shugarfoot Bonner lead singer of the 70s 80s and 90s funk band the Ohio Players of Mecury Records rapper producer King MC and many others over 25 years experience.

Past Booked Events

Sep 23, 2015 Booking Now

The team providing the talent:

William R Roach (Vice President)

Second in charge

Venesta Compton

Background Singer

Pualette Mikel

Background Singer

Deitia Survillion

Record Label Promotions

Contracted Singers

Background Singers

Set List

We can provide you with equitment if need be contact us in regards to your current needs contact

Influences & Inspiration

I have many influences such as singer songwriter frank johnson formal staff writer for motown records who is a music icon and helped me in many ways as far as my talent's Chris Jasper from
the r&b sensation lsley Jasper lsley.
Roger Troutman Terry Troutman Lester Troutman from Roger & Zapp Leroy Sugarfoot bonner lead singer of the Ohio Players legendary rap artist producer kurtis blow rapper producer King MC Robert Wiggins from the r&b singing senation the Drifters and many others.

Setup Requirements

A basic setup such as mic's patch cords monitors speakers general information in regards to your event.


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