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Magician Russ Nowack - Hocus Pocus Entertainment

Magician Russ Nowack - Hocus Pocus Entertainment

53 reviews

About Magician Russ Nowack - Hocus Pocus Entertainment

Magician Russ Nowack is the perfect blend of comedy and unbelievable matter if you're looking for a children's entertainer or something unique for an intimate Party with friends.

Magic is the universal language of Wonder! For over 20 years, He's been entertaining children and adults with his own blend of magic and comedy. His sleight of hand will make you believe in miracles! Magician Russ Nowack is the right fit for your next special event!

Nominated as "Clarksville's Best Kid's Party Entertainment"




By Lori B. on October 7, 2016

This was the second time we hired Russ for our company picnic and both times he was a huge hit with the kids and the adults. He does a great job with the balloons and the strolling magic kept the kids captivated. We will definitely hire him again.

Hired as: Balloon Twister, Strolling/Close-up Magician

Response from Magician Russ Nowack - Hocus Pocus Entertainment:

Thank you for having the confidence in my services to have me return again this year, it's more fun than you know to be able to spark that sense of wonder in both children and adults! Thanks again

Magician Russ is AMAZING!

By Brandie C. on September 21, 2016

We have used Magician Russ 3 years ago for our youngest son's 5th birthday party and my oldest son loved watching him so much he requested him for his own 10th birthday. Magician Russ wowed the kids and parents 3 years ago, and he didn't disappoint this weekend either. His performance is impressive and he is wonderful with the kids. Magician Russ is so talented and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you Russ!

Hired as: Balloon Twister, Children's Party Magician

Response from Magician Russ Nowack - Hocus Pocus Entertainment:

Brandie, Thank you so much for all your kind words....It's such a blessing to be able to touch a child's imagination...Thank you

Simply Amazing!

By Brian M. on August 15, 2016

Russ was simply amazing! His stage performance at the 2016 Marina Day Celebration at outstanding and his "close-up" strolling magic captivated our guests. We had attendees from the age of 2 to 82 at our event and Russ entertained each of them. Great magician and outstanding performer. Russ Nowack will be one of our staple entertainers in years to come! Thank you Russ! Green Turtle Bay Resort.

Hired as: Magician, Strolling/Close-up Magician

5 y/o birthday magic

By Angel Y. on August 2, 2016

Russ was amazing with the kids and adults! All the children stayed engaged and participated throughout the event. He was very easy to work with prior to the event and kept in contact, making it easy on me. My son was nervous about being the assistant, but Russ made him feel comfortable and very special!! I have recommended him to several people, already!

Hired as: Balloon Twister, Children's Party Magician

Entertaining for all!

By Regine A. on March 28, 2016

Magician Russ was truly the life of my son's 6th birthday party! Only a few guests knew each other until after the show since Russ made everyone feel comfortable enough to meet others. I had never seen him prior to the party but the reviews were so positive I thought I would give it a glad I did! Even the adults were impressed with the magic show and the balloon twisting. A friend there had previously taken a balloon twisting class and couldn't believe how quickly he could make so many shapes. All this to say I highly recommend Magician Russ Nowack!

Hired as: Balloon Twister, Children's Party Entertainment, Comedy Magician, Magician, Children's Party Magician

Beyond amazing!!!

By Kisha G. on February 8, 2016

This was such an incredible experience. Russ was amazing. My 7 year olds party is the talk of the neighbor hood. Book with him and you will not be disappointed!

Hired as: Balloon Twister, Children's Party Magician

Magic still happens at 40

By Pam G. on February 8, 2016

Whoever heard of having a magician at a 40 year's birthday party? Well we did it and it was fabulous. My son was turning 40 and he has always been amazed with magic so it seemed natural to have Russ entertain at his party. We had a mixed audience with adults and children. The entire crowd was captivated. Russ gave a wonderful performance as well as offering extra time at individual tables and making balloon animals for the kids. He is so personable and engaging. Definitely a skilled magician that anyone would enjoy.

Hired as: Balloon Twister, Comedy Magician, Magician, Strolling/Close-up Magician

Wonderful Entertainer and Person

By Ellen S. on January 16, 2016

Russ performed for my daughter's 5th birthday party. The kids and adults absolutely loved the performance. He did a fabulous job and I would highly recommend him. He also does a wonderful job on Monday nights at Chick-fil-A on Madison Street. My family loves seeing him there and have been going on Mondays for years just to see Russ. My daughter adores him. I cannot see enough great things about him. He really has a heart made for this.

Hired as: Balloon Twister, Children's Party Entertainment, Children's Party Magician

Response from Magician Russ Nowack - Hocus Pocus Entertainment:

One of the greatest joys that I get from doing what I do is knowing how it touches the lives of the children and families that put their trust in me to provide them entertainment. Thank you for all your kind words ...

Birthday party

By Lauren B. on November 10, 2015

Amazing doesn't sum it up well enough. What a Great show. He said up to an hour but was there one and a half hours. He made sure everybody ( including adults ) had balloon animals. We had 10-12 kids and 8 adults. He involved the adults in the program as well. Everyone at the party bragged on how great his show was. Worth every penny in my opinion. Also he is a very nice guy if you have the chance to visit with him. We will have him back for sure.

Hired as: Children's Party Entertainment, Comedy Magician, Magician


By Stacie J. on August 25, 2015

Magician Russ performed at my seven year old's birthday party and was amazing! He kept a room of 30 six and seven year olds mesmerized, a magical fete in and of itself! My daughter heard me telling someone after the party that he was "great", and she said, "Great? You couldn't come up with a better word than that?!" He's a born performer and a true lover of magic, and it comes through in his performance. He's also a master at balloon animals: he made 30 children -- each child getting his/her animal/item of choice (some more than one) -- in just a matter of minutes. Highly recommend! You will not be disappointed!

Hired as: Balloon Twister, Comedy Magician, Children's Party Magician

Kids Creative Street Fair

By Todd B. on August 25, 2015

Russ was polite, punctual and prepared. A great attraction for the over 3,000 people involved in this years event. The families lined the street to see him perform. He and his wife were completely professional and we are looking forward to working with him again.

Hired as: Balloon Twister, Strolling/Close-up Magician

My party absolutely Loved his performance

By Danyell D. on July 21, 2015

Had a party for my 13 yrs old son and Magician Russ arrived early and set up with awesome props. We had children and adults ranging from age 2-70 yrs old, he had everyone undivided attention the entire time, he interacted with everyone, his magic and comedy combined "WOW" the crowd. We even got to participate in many of his acts, it was so much fun having him perform, I will be booking him again for my younger sons birthday party as well. I got so many compliment from everyone after he leave as to how did I find him. Lol. I would highly recommend him for any occasion, he knows how to rock the crowd. Thanks Again Magician Russ for making our party most memorable. See you soon.

Hired as: Balloon Twister, Children's Party Entertainment, Comedy Magician, Children's Party Magician

We were super impressed with both his talent and professionalism!! He arrived early... was very kind to all guests (and us)... and even took time to re-make balloon art creations for those whose balloons deflated... :O). Not only was he entertaining to the children (our daughter has a 'shy' personality, but he even had her cracking up!!), the adults loved his performance, too!! We highly recommend him in any situation! You won't be disappointed!!!

Hired as: Balloon Twister, Children's Party Entertainment, Children's Party Magician


By Mary K. on April 13, 2015

Magician Russ performed at my daughter's birthday party this weekend. Kids and adults alike loved the show. At the bus stop this morning, he was all the kids were talking about! He made the party so much fun and apparently very memorable! He was very professional and courteous to boot! All in all, an indispensable fixture at all our future events! Thank you Magician Russ!

Hired as: Balloon Twister, Children's Party Entertainment, Comedy Magician, Magician, Strolling/Close-up Magician, Children's Party Magician

Easter Bunny Parade

By Michelle L. on March 16, 2015

Magician Russ did an amazing performance at our Easter Bunny Parade. He brought kids up on stage and included them in the show and all the parents and kids were having a great time. Thank you Magician Russ and we look forward to having you out at our next event.

Hired as: Magician


By Sarah F. on January 29, 2015

Magician Russ performed at my son's 5th birthday party. He was great -- the kids loved it and were entertained the whole time. He was very engaging and funny. Great party!

Hired as: Balloon Twister, Children's Party Magician

School Event

By Deb L. on November 14, 2014

Magician Russ was a huge hit at our school's Fall Fest this November. He entertained our students, parents and guests during a 3 hour block with 4 back-to-back shows and there was nothing but positive comments and smiles as each show ended. Our school has used Magician Russ the last few years for our Fall Fest and we will continue to do so in the future. I highly recommend Magician Russ, he's entertaining, captivating and affordable. Thank you, Magician Russ, for another successful night!
Andre Lucas Elementary PTO

Hired as: Magician

Head Start End of the Year Family Fun Night

By Christina C. on June 2, 2014

We hired Magician Russ for our annual End of the Year Family Fun Night to help celebrate a successful year with our children and their families. Most of our children will be going off to kindergarten, so this night was full of fun, food, games, and laughter. The children and their families LOVED Magician Russ. His people skills were great and he really connected with our families. We hope to have him back for future events.

Hired as: Children's Party Entertainment, Strolling/Close-up Magician, Children's Party Magician

Great children's birthday party!

By Tiffany M. on April 15, 2014

We hired Russ the magician for our son's 8th birthday party. It was a very enjoyable show for 20 children plus adults. Thank you so much for the wonderful magic show!!

Hired as: Balloon Twister, Children's Party Magician

Son's 5 year birthday party

By Dawn T. on April 7, 2014

Russ performed for about 15 kids for our son's birthday party, and both the kids and the parents raved about him. He was prompt, fast in setting up, performed for a full hour and kept everyone's attention! I highly recommend him.

Hired as: Balloon Twister, Children's Party Magician

Everyone loved him!!!

By Jerri H. on March 20, 2014

We hired Mr. Hocus Pocus for a Reading Reward party. He performed to approximately 400 students. First he did a small group with some children who had just studied a magic unit. Then he did two magic shows, one for the younger students and one for the older students. Both shows were appropriate for the audiences. He was not only entertaining for the students he made all the teachers laugh also. It was definitely a great value for our money. I would recommend him to anyone.

Hired as: Magician, Children's Party Magician

Fantastic Show!

By Brianne R. on February 28, 2014

Magician Russ was wonderful! He performed for my son's Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet. We had over 50 kids and they were mesmerized! Magician Russ is very talented. He kept kids AND parents engaged for the entire show. It was a lot of fun.
He was professional from the first phone call until we wrapped up. His rates are very reasonable.
I will definitely use him again & recommend him to others. Fantastic!

Hired as: Children's Party Magician, Balloon Twister

Hit of the party!

By Margaret H. on February 25, 2014

Mr. Russ, aka 'Hocus Pocus' was the highlight of my child's birthday party. Funny, engaging, age appropriate entertainment, tailored to our event. Both kids and adults enjoyed. Professional throughout. Thanks Mr. Russ!

Hired as: Children's Party Magician, Balloon Twister, Children's Party Entertainment, Comedy Magician, Magician, Strolling/Close-up Magician

Birthday Party

By Caroline G. on February 4, 2014

Awesome! The Children an the parents loved him. Thank you again..

Hired as: Children's Party Magician, Balloon Twister


By mayra on January 22, 2014

Mr. Ross, got to the party long in advance to be fully prepared and to know what else was going on so he could help us direct the children. He adapted the show to the age of the audience and was very respectful of the children likes. Adults also enjoyed the show. I highly recommend Magician Russ Nowack. We will hire him again and recommend him to all of our friends.

Hired as: Children's Party Magician, Balloon Twister, Children's Party Entertainment, Comedy Magician, Magician

Great show!

By Dana P. on January 21, 2014

Magician Russ performed for my son's 6th birthday party at my home. His performance was amazing! The kids had fun, learned a little magic, and laughed a lot! Russ was on time, courteous, and well worth the price! I highly recommend him!

Hired as: Children's Party Magician, Balloon Twister

My daughter loved the magic show!

By Lindy T. on January 13, 2014

We hired Russ Nowack to perform at my daughters 7th birthday party. Everyone had such a great time he kept the kids completely engaged for the entire show. It was a wonderful addition to this special day and I would definitely recommend Russ to anyone looking for an entertainer. He was very professional. He arrived and set up within a few minutes and was ready to go!

Hired as: Children's Party Magician, Balloon Twister, Children's Party Entertainment, Comedy Magician, Magician

Fun Fun Fun!!!

By Tracy S. on January 8, 2014

Magician Russ was great! Far exceeded my expectations! I definately recommend him. He is very hands on, and involves others in his show. Fun for the entire party! Very very impressed!!!! Thank you Magician Russ.

Hired as: Children's Party Magician

Great entertainer!

By Lisa C. on November 17, 2013

We had Magician Russ for our kids joint birthday party, turning 7 and 4. Magician Russ is such a great entertainer and everyone loved the show. He arrive very promptly at the time specified, set up in just a few minutes and captured everyones attention from start to finish. I could not have asked for a better experience and would highly recommend him for any event.

Hired as: Children's Party Magician

Awesome Entertainer

By Bethany H. on November 1, 2013

Russ Nowack was a great addition to our Fall Festival. He captured the attention of all ages and very good at involving a large group. His area was always full and was a great entertainer for the residents at Fort Campbell.

Hired as: Magician

Happy Kids, Happy Parents

By Jennifer E. on September 26, 2013

I used Mr. Hocus Pocus (Russ Nowack) for my son's 5th birthday party and he was perfect! I had 25 kids ranging from 2 to 10 and they all loved the show. He did a really good job of keeping the kids entertained and I had many parents tell me that their children loved it and that many want to be magicians when they grow up now. Russ also traveled 50 miles to my home in Nashville from his home in Clarksville and did not charge me extra. I highly, highly recommend him. Thanks, Russ, for a great show!

Hired as: Children's Party Magician, Balloon Twister

Hocus Pocus visits Christian County High School

By Diane P. on September 25, 2013

Russ, with Hocus Pocus was fabulous at Christian County High Schoo 2013 Homecoming Fall Festival!!! Our students and families LOVED the acts! I would highly recommend Hocus Pocus....not only for kids but for adults also!

Hired as: Magician

I hired Russ to entertain at my son's 7th birthday, and I'm so glad I did! Russ's show was truly a magical hit, not only for the birthday boy, but for all his guests of all ages...from 3yrs to teens. The kids were in awe, and the parents laughed just as much. Russ has a wonderful talent for entertaining the kids, involving them in his shows and making their faces just light up. He also includes the adults, leaving everyone with a smile and an afternoon of magical moments to remember. Russ was so much fun to have and extremely professional and great to work with, willing to be flexible to whatever time and place he was needed, even at last minute calls. Having never actually hosted and planned out any of my son's birthdays, (leaving it up to chuck e cheese), I was nervous how things would turn out, and wondered if the kids might be to old for a magician, but looking back, I wouldn't have changed a thing. After the show, the kids continued to pretend to do magic themselves and the parents all commented on how wonderful he was. We even immediately asked him to do a show for our local boy scout den at our next advancement ceremony. Russ, we thank you for doing such a wonderful job and hope to see you at many events in the future!

Hired as: Children's Party Magician, Balloon Twister

Perfect for Parties

By Tera G. on May 1, 2013

Mr. Nowack performed for my daughter's tenth birthday party. The children in attendance ranged from age three to sixteen and were all thrilled and thoroughly entertained. The adults were amazed and laughing just as hard as the kids. Mr. Nowack immediately establishes a great rapport with the audience, and his show is good, clean, family fun. Everyone was very impressed with his skill, timing, and professionalism. His rate is more than reasonable. This party will certainly stand out as one of the best we have ever given.

Hired as: Children's Party Magician, Balloon Twister

Great for birthday parties!!

By Rosa P. on March 17, 2013

My daughter who turned 8 yrs old loved her party!! My concern: how will we top this birthday party!? :) (good problem to have!)

Received many messages from friends that it was very entertaining and not just to the children, adults included!!

Very great audience participation and saved me the work of entertaining the guests!! Well worth the money. My child loved her dog with a meatball inside balloon animal!!

Hired as: Magician


By Ruth O. on February 18, 2013

Thank you Mr. Russ Nowack for an absolute flawless performance...The kids had a blast as well as the adults!!! My daughter's sixth birthday will definitely be memorable for years to come! You came through in a major way ALL SMILES! Thanks again!!!!

Hired as: Children's Party Magician, Balloon Twister, Children's Party Entertainment, Comedy Magician, Magician

A Birthday to Remember!!

By Misti B. on February 17, 2013

Russ was fun and entertaining! Not just to the kiddos but for the adults, as well!! We had a blast and we are sure it was a birthday our son will remember forever! Crowd was ages 3-59 and all laughed and had a great time!!! All were shocked and amazed!!

Hired as: Children's Party Magician

Loved it!

By Elizabeth G. on February 14, 2013

Had a great time, loved how you had entertainment for all ages, from three years old to 14, even the adults had fun! Highly recommend!

Hired as: Children's Party Magician

A Delightful Experience!

By Ruth L. on December 20, 2012

I scheduled Mr. Nowack to entertain my Extended Care children for the holiday season. Mr. Nowack came through with "flying colors"... (scarf trick)! He was a comical delight as well as an excellent magician. He was
most communicative and professional in the planning and scheduling of the event. Mr. Nowack was also a reasonable price for his services. I would hire him again in a heartbeat!

Hired as: Children's Party Magician, Balloon Twister

Absolutely Fantastic!

By Elizabeth C. on December 8, 2012

Magician Russ was better then what I imagined! He had not only all the children completely engaged in his show but he had the adults laughing and joining in. He made my son's party that much more special and everyone raved about him after the party was over! He was Absolutely Fantastic!!

Hired as: Children's Party Magician, Balloon Twister, Children's Party Entertainment, Comedy Magician

Tons of fun !!! Awesome !!!

By Vickie B. on October 22, 2012

I wanted to let you know we had TONS of fun watching your magic show. My son and his friends are still talking about all the cool magic tricks you performed. You stumped me with the rope trick and I was right there helping you. You are AWESOME at what you do. All of the parents asked me for your card, so I hope to maybe see you again. My oldest is even asking if you can come back in March for his birthday. Thank you again for all the fun. You really made his birthday great. I don't know how I'm going to out do his party next year. Hahaha. Thanks again!!

Hired as: Children's Party Magician, Balloon Twister, Children's Party Entertainment, Comedy Magician, Magician

Thank You Russ!!!

By Brian P. on October 1, 2012

I would just like to say thank you very vey much for putting the icing on the cake during my two sons birthday! They were so happy and even the next following school day, the kids in school were bragging about how awesome my sons' birthday was. The kids very much enjoyed your Magic show and the balloons you provided. The adults were also very amused and as you noticed most the parents were trying to get a calling card from you. That last minute booking I asked for, thank you sooo much for fitting me in your buisy schedule. Godbless!, From the Presto Family

Amazing and well worth the $$$$!!

By Jill P. on August 20, 2012

We hired Mr. Nowack for my sons 8th birthday this past weekend and he was absolutely amazing. We had approximately 15 children and 20 adults and he held everyones attention for almost an hour. And with the majority of the children being under the age of 6, that wasn't an easy task to do. My son said this was the best birthday he has ever had! I will most definitely be recommending him to all of my friends!!! Thank you so much for bringing laughter into so many peoples lives!!!

Hired as: Children's Party Magician

Hocus Pocus was absolutely great!

By Jeannie G. on August 10, 2012

The Golden Corral Restaurant recently celebrated its 8th anniversary and remodel and had Hocus Pocus entertain the guests. Adults and children aike thoroughly enjoyed his magic tricks and balloon twisters. He was outstanding and extremely entertaining.

Very Entertaining!

By J B. on May 9, 2012

We hired Magician Russ Nowack to perform both small, magic tricks and create balloon animals for our company's picnic. We hired him for three hours, and for the entire time he had a line of children waiting to get balloons or to see his magic. He was extremely professional and easy to work with.

Hired as: Balloon Twister, Strolling/Close-up Magician

Our students loved the magic show.

By Allison C. on March 26, 2012

We decided to reward students that participated in our candy bar sale with a magic show. This wasnt something we had ever done before but the kids LOVED it. They enjoyed participating in different magic tricks. We will definitely we calling Mr.Nowack back out to perform for the students at St.B Elementary!!!!

Hired as: Children's Party Magician

The funniest Magician, best for kids and adults

By Jennifer R. P. on January 20, 2012

Russ performed for my 6 yr old's birthday party. All the children, including a few teenagers were amused. I loved how he involved even some of us parents. I will most defiantly use Russ Nowack again.

Hired as: Balloon Twister, Children's Party Magician

Excellent and loved by all!

By Elaina H. on November 7, 2011

Magician Russ did a show at my childs' 4th birthday party and was a hit! All the kids were glued throughout the show, were included in some tricks, and talked about it for days afterwards. The adults too were amazed and impressed with his magic. I would highly recommend. Thanks so much Russ!

Hired as: Strolling/Close-up Magician, Balloon Twister, Children's Party Entertainment, Children's Party Magician

**Amazing and lots of fun!!**

By Carmen E. on November 7, 2011

Every one including the parents had a great time! Magician Russ is very entertaining and funny! We had lots of children and all eyes were locked on the show! The parents as well as the kids are still talking about it a few days later! He also made my daughter as well as other children feel very special! Magician Russ is a must see! ~I highly recommend him for your next event! Thank you Magician Russ for making my daughters birthday special!

Hired as: Balloon Twister, Children's Party Magician

Magician Russ performed magic at my son's Birthday party, he turned 8. Russ involved the kids in the show and made it a wonderful event for all involved. The parents of the chldren enjoyed the show as well. Russ was very professional and felt that his material was age appropriate. It was something different to experience for a birthday party, and it was a huge success. We enjoyed the show and would highly recommend Russ for any Magical event or party.

Outstanding and Professional

By Karissa P. on October 4, 2011

Magician Russ has performed at several events for my company. He is very professional and provides a great show for the entire family. I have seen his work of strolling magic from a booth to stage performances for crowds as well as balloon art. You will not be disappointed. His pricing is also reasonable. Thanks for the magic you provide at our events Magician Russ!

Hired as: Strolling/Close-up Magician, Magician

An Amazing Entertainer!!

By Kendra W. on October 4, 2011

I have worked with Mr. Nowack on three separate occasions now and he has blown us away at each one of the events. Russ goes above and beyond to make the experiences memorable for everyone involved. He has performed for the last two years at our Cub Scout Pack Blue & Gold Banquet and he succeeded in not only entertaining the scouts & siblings but in also keeping them focused and interested in his show--not an easy thing to do with 75+ squirmy children! Russ recently performed during our school's Fall Fest and we heard nothing but praise from the kids and parents that attended the shows. He had a full auditorium (twice in one night!) and all we heard during the shows were "ohhhhh's", "ahhhhh's" and lots of laughter from the audience. Russ involved the kids in the show and made it a wonderful event for all involved. Russ is friendly, professional, and very reliable. I know once I've got him booked that I can relax because he has it covered. Book him today!!

Hired as: Strolling/Close-up Magician, Balloon Twister, Magician

Review by Charlotte W.

By Charlotte W. on May 8, 2010

Mr. Nowack did a wonderful job. The children where captivated by his magic. The adults couldn't figure out how he did it. He made my daughter feel special as well as all the other children. Would highly recommend him to anyone who needs entertainment for a party or event.

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 60 - 240 minutes
  • Fee: $150.00 AND UP
  • Languages: English


My Hocus Pocus Magic Show, “Home Show” for children is approximately 45 minutes long with an additional 10-15 minutes of balloon animal twisting, unquestionable fun family entertainment for children as well as adults. All that I require is a spot to perform that puts me center stage. The audience can be seated in chairs, couches, or on the floor. My show is packed in a rolling table/box which allows me to set up in just a few minutes. This is an intimate "Home" birthday party. There is very little set up time required and I do not use a sound system, typically 15-20 children max. Lastly, I also require that the show is to be performed indoors only, most living rooms or bonus rooms work just fine.

I also offer a "Stage" Hocus Pocus Magic Show, for children, for larger groups that are held in larger venues, such as church halls, banquet rooms, etc. These types of shows require a backdrop, sound system set up, and have longer set up and tear down times. I do not include balloon animal twisting in this show package, but it can be added for an additional fee.

Either show is high energy and incorporates a lot of audience participation; parents as well as children will get to become Magician's assistants, all the while making the children the star of the show. The theme of the magic is geared towards the age of the children but the parents will certainly find the sleight of hand to be entertaining and amazing as well. I recommend that the majority of the children be at least 4 yrs old in order to fully appreciate the impact of the performance. (please keep in mind that I can provide a show for adults as well)

Large stage shows are perfect for Scout banquets, Corporate parties, church gatherings, school events and festivals!

Fees are determined by the travel distance from my hometown, Clarksville TN, size and type of show. I prefer to book my shows via phone conversations or face to face. I find it's best to talk about your specific event details so that I may answer your questions and fully describe the details of my shows. I feel confident that my appearance would surpass your expectation. The celebration will truly be a magical one!!


Experience Magician Russ Nowack's jaw-dropping, award winning Magic with an intimate Close-up Magic Show, recommended for ages 15 and older. This is a more sophisticated magic show highlighting my award winning sleight of hand mixed with just the right amount of comedy. Just the right choice for an intimate home party with close friends or moderate sized coprorate parties.

Strolling Close-up Magic and/or Balloon Animal Twisting is available as well, perfect for your large outdoor events, festivals, fairs and corporate picnics. As well as indoor large events. I look forward to helping you determine the best option for your event and budget.


Magician Russ Nowack began his interest in magic at a very early age. He began performing full time in his late teens and with literally thousands of performances behind him and over 20 years in the business of Magic, he is truly Entertainment with Experience!

What started as an after school job for a balloon store, soon became his dream come true. His specialties include performing for children as well as serious jaw dropping close up magic for adults and children of all ages ! His award winning sleight of hand will make you believe in miracles!

Magician Russ Nowack continues to amaze and astound audiences of all ages! Performing at corporate parties, schools, churches, and festivals, book his next performance for your special event!!!

You can feel confident that Magician Russ Nowack will transform your next Special Occasion into something Magical!

The team providing the talent:

Russ Nowack

Magician & Balloon Twister

Setup Requirements

From a simple chair to full-blown stage and lighting, there are certain configurations and needs that many performers and service providers require in order to provide the best possible experience at your event. Get a free quote request to check with Magician Russ Nowack - Hocus Pocus Entertainment to find out what their setup requirements are.

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