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Why book Line 2?

Classic rock band that also does blues, country, salsa & R&B. Work in configurations from 3-piece to 7-pieces. Some club work, weddings, parties & corporate functions. Experienced & reliable; band has been together since 2005.





Review by Taylor S.

Line 2 played for Poudre High Schools 2010 Homecoming, they were great! We transformed our lunch room into a hopping swing room, the students were thrilled! Line 2 was easy to work with and they set the atmosphere we wanted for our homecoming. We will most defiantly be calling them again!

Reviewer: Taylor S.
Event: Private Party in Fort Collins, CO
Event Date: Oct 23, 2010

Review by Greg P.

These guys were great. I saw them play a fundraiser this weekend and was very impressed with the band. They played tons of great music and really maintained the energy of the party all night long!

Reviewer: Greg P.
Event: Fundraiser in Denver, CO
Event Date: Oct 2, 2010

Review by Becky P.

Line 2 was awesome!!! They VERY GENEROUSLY gave of their time for a non-profit event we hosted, and were very professional. They played GREAT music and were able to gauge the crowd and adjust the music accordingly. I very highly recommend Line 2 for any event!! Their music and vocals were fantastic, and we thoroughly enjoyed working with them!!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Becky P.
Organization: WFP USA
Event: Launch Party in Denver, CO
Event Date: Oct 2, 2010
Hired As: Classic Rock Band, 1960s Era Entertainment, 1970s Era Entertainment, 1980s Era Entertainment, Classic Rock Band

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 120 - 240 minutes
  • Fee: $300- $2,000
  • Languages: English


Line 2 is extremely flexible in it's music approach. While we bill ourselves as a classic rock cover band, you might need us to provide piano & acoustic guitar & perform Canon in D in a wedding ceremony, or skew our set list towards country or blues, or to 1960s material for a party you're hosting. Or maybe it's a patio party & you want background music rather than an emphasis on dance music. We can handle any of that!
We engage the audience. Whether it's some running banter with people in the crowd, or the groom at a wedding reception wants to sit in on drums for a song, we're up for it! For example, at one wedding gig we did in the mountains, the groom wanted us to back him up while he sang a song made popular by The Police to his new problem!
At one gig, we might be playing in coats & ties and at the next, in Tee-shirts & jeans and maybe cowboy boots. It's all about fitting the band & our music to your needs so you get what YOU want. Count on us to keep our egos out of your way!

Additional Booking Notes

We can discuss electrical power, lighting, cover (for outdoor jobs), etc. with you.

Past Booked Events

09/10/11 Wedding ceremony & reception
09/18/10 Street fair- Denver
08/14/10 Corporate party - Denver
08/07/10 County fair - Colorado
07/31/10 Sports Bar-Denver
07/10/10 Wedding-Englewood
06/26/10 Wedding-mountains

Line 2

Everyone in Line 2 has been in the music business for a long time & all of us have played in multiple groups. We all are in music for a couple of reasons: we want to entertain people & we enjoy being together to make music. No prima donnas here! We keep our rates low because we want to play as much as possible. We try to tailor our playlist as much as possible to the needs of those who hire us -- we have a song list of several hundred tunes to pick from!
If you hire us, you will get a group that cares about your function: we want to play our best & accommodate your needs because that attitude gets us referrals to play other jobs. It's that simple.
We like to interact with the audience to get them involved in the music & in whatever's going on. If it's a wedding reception, for example, we want to get people dancing but also get to know the guests a bit. Talking to people in the crowd during breaks and before the performance starts uncovers amazing tidbits that we can work into our show.
We have great equipment/instruments and we keep it all maintained so that the show can always go on!
We have lots of references from people for whom we've performed that we can provide to you.
Once you've contacted us about possibly hiring the band, we can set up a meeting to discuss the program, and go through our checklist of things that are important to ensuring your event comes off without a hitch. You're also always welcome to come visit a rehearsal to meet everyone & listen to us play up close & personal. A rehearsal also is a setting where you can talk to everyone, ask questions, and get to know us as people. We get it that, whatever it is you're hiring a band for, it is probably pretty important to you & it's good to know the people you're trying to hire.
Of course, we can supply promo materials like band photos, CDs, sample MP3s, video footage, suggested play lists, etc.
We can do anything from Canon in D for a wedding ceremony to Joe Cocker's "You can leave your hat on", the Romantics "What I like about you" or "Boot Scoot Boogie" for a dance gig, and everything in between.
Check us out & let's talk!

The team providing the talent:



Leo P

Vocals, precussion




Vocals, guitar

Leo D



Piano, vocals


Vocals, percussion


Line 2 was more that I hoped for and made my husband's suprise party a hit! A special thanks goes out to the whole band, the party crowd of all ages loved them and it was a pretty cool night! Sincerely, Wendy Hayes- -Wendy H, Fort Morgan, CO

– Wendy

Line 2 was very cooperative and accommodating during the planning process. They met with us to discuss our needs and kept the lines of communication open always. They are a very talented band and all members seem to really enjoy what they do. We highly recommend this band to anyone looking to get their guest up and dancing! -Wade S, Estes Park, CO

– Wade

Line 2 was so easy to work with from the minute we booked them. Our party was an outside birthday party(pig roast)venue. The best thing about them was how well they adapted to the situation. They were very professional, but took our cue to be easy going at the same time. They were generous with their mic., played music for our games, they were playful, and just fun to have at our party. They played the music we had requested ahead of time, with a couple of encore songs requested by our guests. Their diversity in musical talent and instruments made our party a huge success. Thanks so much, Line 2, for making it a party we will never forget. -Debbie R, Westminster, CO

– Debbie

Line 2 played our wedding reception on May 30th, and they were great. We had a pretty good size wedding, about 180 people, and everyone said the band rocked. The band had the perfect set list for our event, good dance songs and slower songs, and also songs they dont usually play, but played at our request. They are a very talented band that can play just about anything. We would recommend this band for any event. Ryan and Kassandra, Lakewood, CO -Ryan R, Central City, CO

– Ryan & Kassandra

Influences & Inspiration

We've all been at the music thing for a few years now, so the influences are many...rock, jazz, blues, country...oldies to contemporary.

Setup Requirements

Adequate electrical power