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Kenny Jackson

Kenny Jackson

2 reviews

About Kenny Jackson

Kenny Jackson is an old-time fiddler, banjo player, guitarist, and singer of uncommon authenticity and spirit. Drawing on the deep well of traditional music from the Southern Appalachians and from the Celtic lands, Kenny treats listeners to inspired interpretations of ancient melodies and songs as well as his original tunes. You may have even heard him perform with his band Big Medicine on A Prairie Home Companion. You can have Kenny provide music for your event - whether you're planning for a pig-pickin', a wedding, a corporate event, or just a big party.




Verified Review

Wedding Reception

By Jenny H. on October 10, 2016

Kenny was so easy to work with and responsive to our requests. The music was amazing and perfect for our event! I would highly recommend him.

Hired as: Multi-Instrumentalist

Response from Kenny Jackson:

Thank you, Jenny - it was a real pleasure being a part of Meredith and Yannick's wedding celebration!

Verified Review

Wedding Cocktail Hour

By Greg J. on November 17, 2014

Kenny Jackson did an excellent job playing the banjo during the cocktail hour. It was the perfect fit for our wedding and we heard nothing but great reviews. I highly recommend Kenny!

Hired as: Banjo Player

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 180 minutes
  • Fee: $250 and up
  • Languages: English


If you are a member of the audience, you can expect traditional folk music of the highest caliber delivered by myself, and with accompanists when required: rare and beautiful fiddle tunes including breakdowns, reels, jigs, and airs; banjo songs, old-time dance numbers, original instrumental compositions, ancient ballads and mountain blues - all delivered with authenticity, heart, good humor, and deep experience.

If you are an event planner, you can engage me to provide music as a solo performer, and when called for I can put together a small ensemble of first-rate traditional musicians. I am experienced in performing unplugged as well as with a full sound system, and I can provide a sound system when necessary. You can be confident that when you engage me for your event, you are getting a seasoned professional as a performer as well as in your business relationship with me.

Additional Booking Notes

STAGING As a solo acoustic performer my requirements are simple with regard to staging - basically a small stage/performing area with a reasonably comfortable armless chair, and if possible a small table/stand about the size of a nightstand. There should be enough space for myself and several acoustic instruments on stands. When performing with an ensemble more space is of course needed, dependent on the size of the ensemble.

SOUND REINFORCEMENT When amplification is required, as a solo performer I typically use a single large-diaphragm mic for voice and instruments, sometimes supplemented with a small onboard mic for my fiddle. When playing with an ensemble, additional mics will generally be required, depending on the size and configuration of the ensemble. The size and configuration of the mixing board and speakers will vary depending on how much "reach" is needed, but at minimum I would need a powered 6-channel board with EQ and phantom power, and moderately powered speakers, preferably on extendable stands. Sound system and sound technician (if needed) will be provided either by the client or by myself at additional cost - this will be negotiated prior to contract. I own a compact, 8-channel/400 watt system suitable for smaller venues, which I can provide if needed.

REFRESHMENTS/FOOD At bare minimum, several bottles of water. If the performance is over a mealtime at a catered event, access to a meal and drinks would be appreciated.

TRAVEL COSTS If travel exceeds 20 miles, an additional mileage charge may be incurred.


“One of the finest old-time musicians active today. His astonishing instrumental skill is always tempered with good taste, and his depth of knowledge and passion for the music lends a magical quality to Kenny’s music.” Gail Gillespie, formerly editor of The Old-TIme Herald

Kenny Jackson is a player of uncommon subtlety, spirit, and vitality. His music is rooted deeply in old-time, traditional Southern Appalachian styles, learned first hand through visits with elder masters, drawn from a wealth of archival recordings, and honed in countless hours of playing at fiddler's conventions, on back porches, and in kitchen sessions. Rather than merely repeating the performances of the past, Kenny draws on the deep well of traditional music for inspired interpretations and his new compositions. Since the 1980s, he has performed nationally and internationally with several outstanding string bands, including the Rhythm Rats; Big Medicine, and the Bow Benders. He’s appeared on a number of broadcast programs including A Prairie Home Companion and ABC-TV’s Good Morning America, has performed internationally, and he has a number of album projects to his credit - including his solo CD Over the Mountain.

If you are an event planner, you can engage Kenny to provide music as a solo performer (fiddle, banjo, guitar, vocals), and he is available to perform with a small ensemble of first-rate string band musicians. He is experienced in performing with a full sound system as well as unplugged. You can be confident that when you engage Kenny for your event, you are getting a seasoned professional both as a performer as well as in your business relationship with him.

Past Booked Events

Oct 08, 2016 Wedding Reception
Nov 15, 2014 Wedding Cocktail Hour

The team providing the talent:

Kenny Jackson

Solo performer/Bandleader

Set List

My set lists vary according to the occasion, but they consist primarily of traditional music that is in the public domain, original material written by myself or a bandmate, and occasional covers. The music includes rare and beautiful fiddle reels, jigs, breakdowns and airs; banjo songs, old-time dance numbers, original instrumental compositions, guitar flatpicking and fingerpicking, ancient ballads, mountain blues.

I will perform covers of copyrighted songs only when the presenter/venue is licensed as per the requirements of BMI, ASCAP, etc.

Influences & Inspiration

My biggest inspirations have come from traditional fiddlers, banjo players, guitar players, and singers from the middle and southern Appalachian region, especially those whose playing was rooted in the old-time music from which modern Bluegrass and Country music sprang. At the same time, my heart and mind has always been open to music from all quarters, especially from various folk traditions. I have also performed with a Cajun band, and I love the traditional music of the Celtic lands. Those rich musical traditions have been great influences on me as a musician and performer as well.

Setup Requirements

See Additional Notes & Technical Information


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