Kendra Greaves

Why book Kendra Greaves?

Former Cirque du Soleil aerialist Kendra delights audiences everywhere. Her specialties are tissu, rope, trapeze, and doubles work. Combining her amazing strength, creativity, and flexibility she creates dynamic, innovative, and impressive pieces of choreography.

Kendra can adapt her act, music, and costume to suit your event's needs. Her performances run the gamut - from a cowgirl in overalls at a fair, to a classically beautiful ambient performer at a fancy wedding.

Versatility is one of her strong suits!




Yes, She. Is. Awesome.

Kendra was a pleasure to work with! Prompt, pro, and courteous from beginning to end. She was able to pull the details together and confirm our last minute event within a few hours, and she adapted seamlessly to our unique venue. And her performance was top notch, truly a gifted performer who stole the show! Strongly recommended, thanks Kendra!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Will B.
Event: Bachelor Party in Philadelphia, PA
Event Date: Apr 6, 2013
Hired As: Aerialist, Aerialist


Kendra we can't thank you enough for taking our event to the next level. I highly encourage anyone who wants fantastic entertainment you must hire Kendra!! The entertainment value well exceeded our expectations! Thanks again Kendra!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Michele F.
Organization: DJD Foundation
Event: Fundraiser in Williamsport, PA
Event Date: Nov 3, 2012
Hired As: Aerialist, Aerialist

Simply Amazing

We hired Kendra for the grand opening of Chinamoto, Philadelphia's newest Asian fusion restaurant. We placed her right as you enter the restaurant and she literally stopped traffic and displayed jaw-dropping performances. I've never seen people take so many cell-phone photos!!! Her performances were simply amazing and she was absolutely wonderful to work with! If you want to add something unique and thrilling to your event...then you need to hire Kendra!!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Jade T.
Organization: Brian Communications
Event: Launch Party in Philadelphia, PA
Event Date: May 21, 2013
Hired As: Aerialist

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 3 - 120 minutes
  • Fee: contact me for pricing, it varies
  • Insurance: Clown of the US/ Specialty Performers Insurance -- a copy can be furnished upon request.
  • Languages: English, French


You will not be let down when you hire me for your event. I can make you gasp, laugh, fall in love. Whatever you want or need, I can make it happen.

If you want someone cute and spunky hanging from your ceiling, I'm your girl. If you want a super sexy lithe woman performing feats of strength and agility, that's me! If you want something fun for the kids and family, no problem.

Almost anything your heart desires is what you will get. I would love to discuss your ideas! Just email me with your ideas.

Additional Booking Notes

I have performer's liability insurance. If you need a copy of the policy, just ask.

Location, ceiling height, and structure is key when hiring an aerialist.

I can supply my personal portable aerial rig that is adjustable up to a height of 18.5' (This can be used inside or outside.) Ideally the ceilings would be 6"-12" higher than this to allow for set up and tear down. I need a footprint of about 20'x20' or we need to get creative with the venue's set up, which can be figured out more often than not. I do charge a nominal fee for transport and set up of this rig.

If we can rig into your venue's ceiling, we would need to make sure the structure is sound and there is a weight bearing beam for me. I generally like a rigging point of 18'. However, I have (and don't mind) performing with lower ceilings (I managed to perform a rope act at 11.5' once), but my act might need to be changed to allow for the lower height.

As for the portable rig, I can set this up myself with the help from one or two able-bodied volunteers. For in-house rigging, sometimes I am able to rig myself: if there is a permanent fixed point, exposed beam and access to a ladder or a lift, a truss, etc. Sometimes it's more difficult (i.e. rigging into a paneled or dropped ceiling) For more difficult in-house rigging, generally either you or I bring in a licensed, insured, and bonded rigger. Your venue will incur these costs.

Lighting and sound are always nice at a performance, but not needed. I'm not picky about that.

Kendra Greaves

Kendra Greaves is an internationally acclaimed aerialist and circus artist. Her specialties are corde lisse (vertical rope), tissu, and doubles trapeze. She has performed on five continents and in countless shows.

Kendra has a very unique, dynamic, and quirky style. Her years of training and performance experience, coupled with her super-hero strength and dazzling flexibility, allow her to create acts on any apparatus that can suit any client's or show's needs and desires. She is constantly honing her skill, and loves the creative process.

Kendra started her athletic and performance career at the age of four, when she began to compete on a synchronized swim team. She held a high national ranking for four years. She also competed in speed swimming, horseback riding, and fencing. She is a trained dancer and physical comedian as well.

She discovered circus and aerial work in 2002. She has performed, trained, and taught all over the world. Her most recent job was as an aerialist performing triple trapeze in Cirque du Soleil's show Varekai.

Her acts are roughly 5 minutes long, but she can do shorter or longer to suit the demands of any client or show. Her acts are full of dynamic drops, languid limbs, strong shoulders, and sassy smiles. For ambient work, Kendra can stay in the air for up to 20 minutes, multiple sets, on any apparatus.

Her plans for the future involve performing as much as possible and enjoying newly married bliss.

Partial Client List:

Cirque du Soleil (Varekai- triple trapeze)
NY Academy of Art's Tribeca Ball
Bindlestiff Family Cirkus
Philadelphia International Festival for the Arts
Hispanic Choice Awards
Brian Sanders/ JUNK
Cirkus Prinsessan Festival (Sweden) (winner of audience choice award)
The Midnight Circus
Greater Philadelphia Film Office
The Box (NYC)
Lewis & Clark Circus
Opera Company Philadelphia
Zirca (Singapore)
Webster Hall (NYC)
The Supper Club (San Francisco)
The Learning Channel (TLC)
Philadelphia Folk Festival
Boy Scouts of America
Gala Entertainment Agency (Australia)
The Sippy Cups
Xango Juice
Trapeze School NY
Flying Tiger Circus
Cirque Voila
Crumpler Bags
Borgata Casino
Cirque-tacular Entertainment
Give and Take Jugglers
Air Play
Spherus/ Greg Kennedy Innovative Juggler
Trapezius Aerial Dance Company

The team providing the talent:

Kendra Greaves

primary aerialist

Lynn Sabin Lunny

doubles partner

Set List

I can provide such a variety of acts and apparatus! Just contact me for more information, or else you'd need to read a huge description. I can suit all venues and themes.

Setup Requirements

a licensed rigger must be present if I am unable to rig myself easily

I can bring my own equipment for an additional fee, but the space must be large enough to fit the portable rig

proper ceiling height and structure, the ability to rig, the structure must support the proper amount of dynamic weight