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Kaptin K

Kaptin K

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About Kaptin K

An independent rap artist born in Columbia, MD and raised all through out the Baltimore and D.C. region. Kaptin K makes thought provoking and street music. Since 2000 Kaptin K has been releasing mixtapes through his own record label Block Huggers Records. Be Sure to check out music from Kaptin K has hundreds of songs, follow Kaptin K on twitter @KaptinK to get updates on new music, and find Kaptin K on Facebook by typing Kaptin K in the search bar. If you are interested in working with Kaptin K on music or booking Kaptin K for shows please e-mail make sure you check out the music profiles to hear music from Kaptin K.


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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 5 - 30 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Languages: English


Kaptin K is a versatile artist who has music for everyone. His niche is making music for the streets. As a veteran independent artist Kaptin K can adjust a song catalog to go with the the crowd that night whether it be dominated by young or old, or male or female. Kaptin K typically performs pieces of his songs and only on occasion depending on the show set and the venue he will bring artist who he has featured on tracks with. Depending on the show set and the venue also determines how many additional people may be on stage for stage presents.


The art of Hip Hop has changed plenty of times from the first time it was introduced to the world. The way it reaches the people and the way it effects people has changed. Some artist are capable of making a hit song and then they fade away and then others are capable of making great music over a course of a long time. Over the years since hip hop has been introduced it has also been somewhat of a battle between majors and independents. It used to be a time when the major artist had the business to a point that it was only imaginable to succeed as an independent. Things are the opposite now and Kaptin K is a unique independent artist because he has released great music over a course of a long period of time and as his fan base continues to grow he continues to grow as an artist himself. Starting around 2000 Kaptin K has been releasing mixtapes under his own label imprint Block Huggers Records. He has recorded hundreds of tracks with other independent artist all over the country. After soaking in knowledge of the business through hands on trial and error and developing his craft to the point that he does not even need to write songs down, Kaptin K is ready to take on the music industry by storm. In 2011 Kaptin K signed his first artist Stack Blizz from Seaford, Delaware and together they have since released 6 mixtapes since. Currently Kaptin K is working on releasing his first official album and has been performing all over the Mid-Atlantic region recently. Kaptin K has big plans as an artist and within the next 5 years he expects to have made Kaptin K and Block Huggers Records a household name.

The team providing the talent:

Kaptin K


Setup Requirements

A minimum of 2 cordless microphones


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