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Serving the Entire Bay Area, Los Angeles, & Sacramento *Magic Shows*, *Puppets,* Face Painting*, *Balloon Twisting*...and so much more! Invite one of our inspiring and elaborate children's characters to your next event!

Our costumes are created from the fanciest of materials by Fae Diddle Diddle, our founding faerie! Our small family of performers (we don't contract out to other companies and then send you a stranger!) are all trained by Fae, and are of the highest quality.

Our performances leave even the grown-ups laughing!





Love Miss Posie!!

The kids are still talking about her and my daughters party was in December and it is now June! Miss Posie never broke character and emailing these ladies is delightful. I already have her down for my daughter 2nd birthday! I have seen other characters from different companies and they just don't compare.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Porsha M.
Event: Birthday Party in Stockton, CA
Event Date: Dec 15, 2012
Hired As: Children's Party Entertainment, Balloon Twister, Children's Party Magician, Costumed Character

Review by Julie T.

Our daughter just turned 3 and she has been enthralled with Don Bluth's Thumbelina movie for maybe a year. Thus when she asked me months ago whether I'd ever met a fairy, I replied 'no' but 'I'd try to see what I could do'. Enter Miss Meadow, who is everything that the other reviewers have mentioned thus far. In addition to those glowing comments, I'd like to add that her performance was very refreshing in that she was very easy to work with (from an organizer's perspective), she had clearly read all the emailed notes about our daughter's personality and preferences, and she demonstrated a genuine respect for the preschoolers' intellect and limits. The magic show was a lot of fun for all ages and her storyline wove together all the elements, making even the simplest of activities, such as bubble blowing very magical indeed. I don't know if Miss Meadow has ever been an early childhood educator, but she is as good if not better with these kids (ages 2 to 6) as any of the many instructors for classes that my daughter has taken. Quite frankly, my daughter was starting to unravel a bit as our guests filled our home. All that anxiety, however, slowly but surely dissipated under Miss Meadow's spell. She quickly returned to her outgoing and outspoken self. All the other parents were also very pleased and chose to watch Miss Meadow instead of hanging out separately. Well done and money well spent!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Julie T.
Event: Birthday Party in Fremont, CA
Event Date: Mar 5, 2011
Hired As: Children's Party Entertainment, Balloon Twister, Children's Party Magician, Clown, Costumed Character, Face Painter, Magician, Princess Party, Puppet Show, Storyteller

Review by Saije B.

Settle in, grab yourself a cup of tea and relax. This is going to a be wordy review.

I have had the pleasure of doing business with Happily Ever Laughter
ever since they opened their doors, ahem...castle.

The first time was when I had a birthday party for myself-Fae showed up, did magic tricks, sang a few songs and generally had me feeling like a kid again. Which considering how stressful adult life can be at times is no easy task. I was laughing, and completely amazed during my birthday party.

And, VERY happy that my friends took a leap of faith and decided that I needed to get in touch with my inner kid self.

Then the company I used to work at (Oracle Corp) booked Fae for a corporate event. I no longer worked there at the time-but was happy to tell previous co-workers to go and watch the show. Of course, they were as amazed I was with the performance.

Lastly, I moved away from California to NYC. So I am far from some of my family on the West Coast.

My niece lives in Colorado-it was her first day of school and I wanted to do something special for her. But, I knew that Colorado was too far for myself or Fae to fly.

So, she Fae did the next best thing. She CALLED my niece and made her first day at school special. She asked her lots of questions, engaged her in conversation and made her excited about starting school. My niece not only had a fabulous first day at school, but she also had a great story to share with the other children. I still hear about that call and it was well over a year ago!

This kind of service, thoughtfulness, kindness, sincerity and creativity
is rare in the world. Happily Ever Laughter is by far the best of the best.

I look forward to the next time I will be delighted by them.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Saije B.
Event: Birthday Party in Palo Alto, CA
Event Date: Jun 3, 2010
Hired As: Children's Party Entertainment, Balloon Twister, Children's Party Magician, Clown, Costumed Character, Face Painter, Magician, Princess Party, Puppet Show

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 60 - 240 minutes
  • Fee: $210 = 1.5 90 Min 3 Activities!
  • Insurance: In addition to Liability Insurance, all of our performers are Employees of Happily Ever Laughter. When you hire us, you meet us! We don't contract out other companies to visit your celebration.
  • Languages: English


Our Beautiful Characters (Fairies! Mermaids! Pirates!) are of the highest quality, and can fly (or swim!) into your celebration to provide...

*Hilarious Magic Shows*

*Adorable Puppet Stories*

*Colorful Balloon Twisting*

*Sparkling Face Painting*

*Fun Balloon Twisting Lessons*

*Musical Sing A Longs*

*Energetic Games*

*Tooth Fairy Visits*

Each of our elaborate characters are handmade by Fae Diddle Diddle, our founding Faerie, and will delight children of any age, even the grown-ups!

Our Magic Show is a wonderful show starter because it has lots of sparkling surprises and ends with the gift appearing for the birthday child. It is not your typical magic show where the performer just stands in front of her stage and says “for my next trick…”. We actually weave a story together about creating a special surprise for the birthday child. It is about 20 minutes to a half an hour long and is centered around the idea that the Character is just ‘learning’ how to do magic. She makes some ‘mistakes’ and the children cry out that no! she really can do magic! It is a great way to have the children become comfortable with her and to feel as if they really have a role in helping the magic happen.

Happily Ever Laughter Parties

If you would like to make a child’s birthday party magical, you’ve come to the right place. Our children’s party performers are as friendly as they are versatile. We offer many types of characters, and fun kids birthday party activities like face painting, puppet shows and magic shows.

Our view of Children's Entertainment is a little different than what you may be used to seeing at the normal birthday party...

Why don't we use Disney characters?

We are one of the only companies in the Bay Area that doesn't offer any of the 'Disney Princesses'.

We absolutely love them and believe that Disney does them best.

Because other companies aren't offering performers that are licensed through Disney, there is room for a lot of problems.

We have seen too many terrible wigs, awful costumes, and poor actresses attempt to play these memorable roles.

Because our costumes are all of such high quality, we suppose we could attempt to offer them, but the real problem we see with offering Disney Characters lies beyond the appearance.

Aside from grown-ups noticing that the characters aren't up to the Disney quality, children also notice that something 'isn't quite right'. Half of the time the performer is at a celebration the children are drowning her in questions of, "you aren't really Cinderella, right? "

"I can see your REAL hair... Why don't you have glass slippers?"

"You don't sound like Cinderella...".

And the worst, "you are just a girl in a costume".

There may be performers out there that can 'pull it off'...which is wonderful. However, we would rather know that the children will believe in us 100% ...no matter what.

Our unique characters are wig-free, talented, and of course...real.

We make a huge effort to create our own, unique characters. Each costume is carefully designed by hand (and is 100% wig-free!) for each Faerie's own unique shape, and is cared for weekly in order to always appear magical. We believe that showing children characters outside of the corporate realm can re-inspire them to believe in magic. When our characters arrive at celebrations, children ask us questions like, "Do you really live under the sea?", or "Can you teach me how to fly?', instead of statements like, "You're not really Cinderella, I can see your wig", or, " I have your movie".

Our Characters come straight from entertainment's heart...imagination. Take a peek at our sparkle...and have fun planning your big day!


Fairy Fae flew into our daughter's 7th birthday party and kept the girls' completely entertained and enchanted for an hour and a half. Her magic was wonderful and the girls couldn't believe how she could keep making so many different things appear out of thin air. Of course, they also loved the imaginative sparkley face painting and the balloon toys. But most of all, they were so excited to have met and conversed with a real fairy. These girls put Fae to the test and she passed with flying colors.

We would highly recommend having Fae come to your party - she was absolutely perfect.

Have a great day!

– Anon

“Melodie was absolutely wonderful!!!! She's really good at keeping the kids captivated. Thank you so much for keeping up with my nagging questions and indecisiveness .... It could not have been any better!”

– Kelli

First of all...you did an amazing job. i hope i let you know that!! i was a little preoccupied with the thousands of people in my home. but...i was so happy with EVERYTHING you did. take care. i am sure you will hear from us again!

– wendy

Hello there,

We had such a wonderful time with Miss Fairy Maple. :) My daughter has slept with her special butterfly gift every night since the party. I had a few other people ask me where I found her, so I gave them the wesite I found you on. Kaya (my daughter) said that she wanted her back for her next birthday!! Thank you for the wonderful performance and face painting.

– Stephanie Giessner

Hi Fae:
Nixie was great!!! The kids loved her and Lilah was so happy to have a real fairy at her party. I have to give Nixie credit because she had all the adults watching her as well as the children and she didn't seem nervous at all. I think you'll be getting calls from some of the other parents for future birthday parties. Thanks again for a wonderful party.
You'll most likely hear from me again next March. Take care.

– Sally Larter

Setup Requirements

From a simple chair to full-blown stage and lighting, there are certain configurations and needs that many performers and service providers require in order to provide the best possible experience at your event. Get a free quote request to check with Happily Ever Laughter Parties to find out what their setup requirements are.

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