Why book Featherpistol?

Audiences all over the globe continue to be mesmerized by Featherpistol!

I offer a unique and appealing sort of entertainment. Mixing aerial arts, acrobatics, contortion and expressive movement, I will delight your audience with Pole Dance. My style is sensual but not Too sensual; It's strong and athletic but not too "trick oriented". Imagine a graceful balance of both.

"....Ladies and Gentlemen for your pleasure and delight please welcome LL Featherpistol to Pole Dancing on Planet Earth! Miss Featherpistol is a Tomboy turned Girlie Girl, a Top Secret Kung Fu Geisha extraordinaire and a down-right LOUSY cook..."




added something different to our fundraiser

We hired Featherpistol to perform a pole and dance act at our fundraiser for a documentary. She was our only performer on pole amid some contortionists. We wanted to diversify our show by having another type of circus act. She and her strongman took care of everything required for her performance with minimal help from our side. Easy to work with, prepared and professional- which was helpful since we had so much planning for the event on our side. On top of that she had her hair done beautifully to match her costume for this event and her act fit in perfectly for our mixed ages crowd. Her Chinese Pole acrobatics and dance skills combined with her presence as a performer really brought something unique and her smile lit up the stage! We are glad we hired her for the event and appreciate her showing of beauty and skill. Overall: great experience!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Clean S.
Organization: Clean Socks
Event: Fundraiser in San Francisco, CA
Event Date: Aug 27, 2011
Hired As: Acrobat, Circus Entertainment, Dancer

Wow! Fantastic and wonderful

Featherpistol was the perfect addition o my husband's birthday party. Very classy, artistic, athletic and professional. She was wonderful to work with and talk to. I recommend her very highly.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Jodi R.
Event: Birthday Party in Novato, CA
Event Date: Jan 7, 2012
Hired As: Aerialist

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 5 - 15 minutes
  • Fee: $450-650
  • Insurance: Clowns of the US Annually!
  • Languages: English, Italian, Other


Come enjoy the art of pole dancing, the strength of chinese pole and the flexibility of contortion! Watch and become spellbound! The sheer and seamless blending of Movement with Music in the Moment...it is "Mesmerizing"!!! You may feel awe, you may be inspired, you may finally relax and enjoy your evening after a stressful week.

Please note that although there is never any nudity in my act, there is a bit more skin shown (to help with pole tricks) than traditional circus.

Additional Booking Notes

I have two pressurized poles that can fit a ceiling from 7-12 feet. I also have a freestanding pole that is 8 feet tall that does not require any ceiling support. I am comfortable dancing on a pole (should there by one available) that is 15 feet or higher.

I require my strongman to help me set up the pole(s). If he cannot make the event, I prefer to have someone help me set up who has set up poles before.

I have my own vehicle to transport poles and travel to gigs. I will need travel reimbursement for flights, etc.

It is best if there is good lighting on or nearby the stage to help illuminate the performance, but I am open-minded when it comes to lighting ideas or visual effects.


Born and raised in Minnesota I earned a Bachelors from USC in Chemistry and Art History. I then received a Fulbright Fellowship to study in Florence, Italy. On paper I was focusing on Italian Art Conservation Science. In reality I ran daily next to the Arno River, ate fantastic pizza, pasta e dolci, took Kung Fu lessons with the Italianos, and fell in love with LIFE.

Upon returning to the states I ventured into the physical fitness fields in order to stay fit, work with people, and run my own business. It's something I've always wanted - to be my own boss ;)

Aerial arts, acrobatics, chinese pole, contortion, kung fu and ballet have all peppered my movement journey, flavoring my style in a unique way. My background in art history gives me a good eye for costumes and design, while my chemistry background helps my technique. Not to mention the scientist in me keeps me practical :) I have been performing for 9 years.

I have several poles that I use for performances. This is to make my act as portable as possible. Both free-standing and pressurized poles are available, depending on the venue's limitations.

When it comes to your event, I am reliable, well-prepared, easy to work with and on time! I check email frequently, am great at small talk and will help make your event a success. I am looking forward to working with you and creating a very special celebration for your friends and guests.

All the Best,

LL Featherpistol

The team providing the talent:

Swiss Chocolate


Set List

I provide my own CDs for my sets and can cater my music to your event/theme.

Influences & Inspiration

Felix, Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006, 2010
Sifu Donald Hamby of Tiger Crane Kung Fu
S Factor Pole Dance Studio

Setup Requirements

A changing room/stretch area

A general idea of the event itinerary/schedule

A viewing of the venue (if possible)

Fairly Loud music! If I can't hear it it's hard to dance too :)

No one "playing" on pole or using it without my knowledge

No photos!

No video phones or cameras!

No wires or obstacles near the pole

Radius of 6 feet around the pole