Why book Elvis?

Elvis " Look alike,Entertainer,Surprise Singing Telegrams,Karaoke Shows,Tribute Artist,Fun Celebrity Host.So let's get the party started today.Book your event now.Call me direct, by clicking on my phone link above.I'll be happy to answer all your questions.PayPal,is accepted.Thank you very much " Eric Elvis Smith "



Must use

My fiancee hired Eric to surprise me on Valentine's day and it was great. Very entertaining. I had no choice but to include Eric/Elvis in our proposal and it made a memorable day even better.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Jesse D.
Event: Private Party in Fort Lauderdale, FL
Event Date: Nov 23, 2013
Hired As: Elvis Impersonator

Response from Elvis:

Thank you very much " It was a pleasure for my wife and I, to meet you both.Such a fun and happy couple.

Eric was awesome

My wife Judy and I hired Eric to be our entertainment for our wedding reception. He also performed our wedding ceremony. Eric was on time, proffesional, worked the crowd and very accomodating. Highly recommend him.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Sigurd M.
Event: Wedding Reception in Miami, FL
Event Date: Mar 1, 2014
Hired As: Elvis Impersonator


Had a great birthday for my girlfriend, loved Elvis as our performer for the night .....did a great job!!!

Reviewer: Raymond M.
Event: Birthday Party in Fort Lauderdale, FL
Event Date: May 2, 2012

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 15 - 90 minutes
  • Fee: $100 - $400
  • Languages: English


I enjoy meeting everyone,and getting them all in the picture.I don't try to copy Elvis.I just incorporate his moves and singing style,with my own.And hope the audience enjoys the show,as much as I do performing.Just be myself and enjoy the party,while it last.Photos,fun,and good times,for everyone.Is what to expect.In the spirit of the King " Thank You Maryann Chapman, Floridean Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.Miami Florida. For hiring us to entertain at your, Elvis" Birthday Party on Jan 8,2014.

Additional Booking Notes

Call me now at (305-785-9618) For a surprise singing telegram.Use your Paypal.And receive a discounted rate,upon payment in full.If you hire me to perform a complete show.I do need about 30 minutes.To bring in and set up my heavy equipment,and wiring.Do a quick sound check.Change in to my costume.Then I perform as Elvis" My own natural vocals and style.If you prefer,I can sing along with Elvis.Then it will sound and look as if he is performing at your event.This is fun for everyone.I put my heart and soul in to creating the image, the people every where ask me for.That's why I'm here today.But I'm not perfect,I'm just an entertainer.


Hire me as Elvis, For a fun, surprise singing telegram.I will go to your place of choice,dressed in the full white,Las Vegas style Costume.Sing a short Elvis,song.And deliver your message.Join your guest for photos.Cost is based on your location.And time of event.If you hire me to perform a singing acapella, while walking the crowd or stage style karaoke show.I will walk up to and greet everyone available.I will blend a little comedy,to get them to smile,and laugh with me.You can see my previous gig's.On FaceBook, visit Eric Elvis Smith.To view some of my recent events on video.You can book me direct through my e-mail acct. using PayPal.I will send you an agreement for us both to share.Or book me through Gig Salad,using Master Card,or Visa.For the deposit only.The balance must be paid directly to me in cash or by paypal.I have many local references.And was hired as an Elvis,Look a Like.To host on Mother's Day 2011.At the Mardi Gras Casino,in Hallandale Florida.Would be happy to perform at your next event.Your satisfaction is my greatest reward. Eric Smith "

The team providing the talent:



Set List

I prefer to start the show with Elvis.Introduction Music,Then start singing. That's All Right.I'm All Shook Up,Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel,Then I talk for a moment.And start singing Love me Tender,Blue Suede Shoes,Hound Dog,Jailhouse Rock,Can't Help Falling in Love.I can change the song selection to meet your approval.If there song's I know, just ask me in advance.You and your guest,are welcome to come up and sing karaoke songs.Anytime after my opening set.My wife controls the karaoke machine.Film's a short video of the event, to post on my public FaceBook,account..Which you can see at anytime,from any computer,This is all complementary,for your viewing pleasure.

Influences & Inspiration

Elvis Presley ~ Is the the one chosen for me to represent, by public request.So based on what I have been told by the people every where.Beginning in 2007,Based on my appearance and personality.And acapella singing in crowds.And since he was my favorite celebrity as a child.He is who I represent.Since he can't be here.Other Favorites,are Tom Jones,Neil Diamond, The Rolling Stones,The Doors,John Mellencamp,Led Zeppelin, and many others. Thank you Sigurd Michelson, For booking us to perform at your wedding reception on March.1,2014. at 94th Aero Squadron.Miami Florida.

Setup Requirements

Close grounded electrical outlet,table,parking