Ellen Rohr: Bare Bones Biz

Why book Ellen Rohr: Bare Bones Biz?

Ellen offers live, interactive and fun programs. She has presented programs as a Webinar, Audio Conference, and the most fun...LIVE! Ellen's audiences have included audiences across the United States and in Canada.
Ellen's teaches the basics, the few things that make all the difference to make our business a success!



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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 480 minutes
  • Fee: $500 - $5900
  • Languages: English


Ellen's audiences experience hands-on interactive programs. The programs are all about making money and having more fun in business.

Business Planning Made Easy - Craft your the business of your dreams and take inspired action to make it happen.

Where Did the Money Go? - Dive into the numbers and the financial reports...the keys to making money!

How Much Should I Charge? - Learn how to budget, how to create a selling price...and how to tackle the underlying issues that are keeping you from making the money you deserve.

Reward the Right Stuff - Learn how to reward those who go above and beyond at your company...without shooting your PROFITS in teh foot.

No Arguments Management - How to get your TEAM playing YOUR Winning Game!

Financial Basics 102 - Build your Financial Power by learning how to keep score, make more money and manage your company for profit...monthly.

Buying, Selling & Getting OUT - 6 Buying Basics for growing your company through strategic Acquisition.

Keynote Presentations Include:
No Arguments Management
Where Did All the $10 Million Companies Go?
Are You Willing to Make More Money?
Why I LOVE Tradespeople
The Best Boss in the World
Have I Told you I Love You?
How to Grow Your Business...The 4 Myths.

Additional Booking Notes

Lectern and a small table
Flipchart and markers
LCD projector and screen

Ellen Rohr: Bare Bones Biz

Ellen teaches the basics, the few things that make all the difference to your success…bare bones business basics.

Her passion for business literacy began when she nearly tanked her own family’s business. Through the help of wonderful mentors, she learned how to keep track of the money…and make more of it. In turn, she has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start, fix and grow their companies.

She’s a columnist for PHC News – providing “in the trenches” insight that business owners can relate to. Her consulting work led to a position as president of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, a home service plumbing franchise company. On her watch, the company grew from zero to $40 million in sales, becoming the 18th fastest growing franchise.

Ellen is also the author of four business basics books. She has sold over 60,000 copies of Where Did the Money Go? – Accounting Basics for the Business Owner Who Hates Numbers, and How Much Should I Charge? – Pricing Basics for Making Money Doing What You Love. Her latest endeavor is called The Bare Bones Biz Plan and the mini-book, The Bare Bones Weekend Biz Plan, offer a simple, easy-to-implement program for crafting your vision and turning it into a successful business.

Ellen says, “Business basics are EASY! The problem is…the basics aren’t taught in school. Common sense…isn’t common! I have a degree in Business Administration, and I still didn’t learn essential business success skills, even in college. I learned the hard way…and my mission is to make it easy for you. You can learn the basics…how to have more fun and make more money in your business. I am happy to help you!”

The team providing the talent:

Gail Gudell


Shauna Wiertzema

Business Agent / Administrative Assistant

Michelle Teter

Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Jon Gibson

Internet Marketing Strategist

Influences & Inspiration

Ellen has worked with powerful mentors such as Jack Stack, Michael Gerber, Frank Blau, Jim Abrahams and lots of other successful business builders.

Setup Requirements

From a simple chair to full-blown stage and lighting, there are certain configurations and needs that many performers and service providers require in order to provide the best possible experience at your event. Get a free quote request to check with Ellen Rohr: Bare Bones Biz to find out what their setup requirements are.

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