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Ellen Rohr: Business UN-Complicated

Ellen Rohr: Business UN-Complicated

7 reviews

About Ellen Rohr: Business UN-Complicated

Ellen believes hard work is over-rated. Most business challenges can be dissolved by applying these three (3) biz basics...
o Charge more than it costs.
o Be better.
o Stop trying to change them.
The presentation results: Use-em-right-now tips to UN-Complicate your business so you can live the life what you want.

Ellen's clients include Wells Fargo, The Dwyer Group, Make Mine a Million, Uponor, Nexstar, WWETT, and lots of "Dirty Jobs" industry leaders.

Ellen says, "Honorable, profitable business expands peace, prosperity and freedom across the planet. Business is no small thing. We just don’t have to make it such a big deal."




We would give 12 stars if we could!

By Brandy V. R. on May 9, 2016

Ellen was a phenomenal keynote speaker for our annual Small Business Week Celebration. Her story is inspirational and she truly knows what it takes to make your business Un-Complicated!

Ellen was dynamic and had such great crowd interaction throughout her entire presentation. She's high energy and had the entire audience laughing. Her presentation is based on hands on experience with proven tactics that work. I truly believe every single business owner and entrepreneur walked away from her presentation inspired and ready to apply the things they learned.

We had a great time with Ellen and have had tons of positive feedback on her presentation since our event. 12+ stars in a heartbeat if we could, but it will only let's us do 5! ;)

BOOK HER NOW! You will be so pleased!!!

Hired as: Business Motivational Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker, Motivational Speaker

Response from Ellen Rohr: Business UN-Complicated:

Brandy, you are so nice!! Thank you for bragging on me. Didn't we have fun? You and your community are inspiring and so great to work with! Gooooooo OzSBI !! You're providing a great service to our community. Hurray! Xo$

Ellen was awesome at our business network conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

She was rated one of the best speakers of the conference, and is with out a doubt the most energetic and sparkling person I've ever met.

Her message is founded in years of professional experience building and running her own successful businesses, and she makes an otherwise complex topic into a structured process all while having fun.

I would recommend Ellen any day!

Hired as: Business Motivational Speaker, Business Motivational Speaker

Response from Ellen Rohr: Business UN-Complicated:

Wow! Thanks, Rasmus! You are an inspiring global business leader and I so enjoyed your JCI Wonderful event. Loves me the youth! :) xo$

Over the TOP!

By Howard P. on May 9, 2016

Ellen Rohr has spoken at several of my events. The audience loves her, she is powerful and inspiring, and a joy to work with.

Hired as: Author, Business Motivational Speaker, Industry Expert, Leadership/Success Speaker, Motivational Speaker

Response from Ellen Rohr: Business UN-Complicated:

Howard, you are PHENOMENAL at creating community!! I am honored to be a part of you high level results programs. Thank you!! Xo$

Energetic and Insightful Speaker and Speaker

By Jennifer S. M. on May 9, 2016

Ellen blew me away with her manner and magical way of handling the crowd. She immediately caused buy-in with her charisma and confidence. She freely shared her profoundly useful yet simple insight from years of successful business experience. I would recommend her books to any one seeking boots on the ground, practical insights and would not miss a chance to hear her speak at any cost as one is guaranteed to take wisdom away that can be applied in any business with success.

Hired as: Author, Business Motivational Speaker, Industry Expert, Leadership/Success Speaker, Motivational Speaker

Response from Ellen Rohr: Business UN-Complicated:

Jennifer, you inspire me! You have great energy and really know how to put on an entertaining, enlightening, progressive program. Thanks! xo$

She is truly changing lives!

By Dennis B. on May 9, 2016

I had Ellen come to Colorado several times to teach our customers how to become better business people. Many have come back to me to tell me that she took them from struggling to prosperous, and from constantly stressed to being happy. I could not have provided them a more meaningful gift. The gift of Ellen.

Hired as: Industry Expert, Leadership/Success Speaker, Motivational Speaker

Response from Ellen Rohr: Business UN-Complicated:

THIS is why I do what I do. Thanks, Dennis. You made me cry. In a good way. :) xo$

Bolt of Energy & Business Refreshment

By Lisa C. on May 9, 2016

Ellen is an amazing speaker and motivator for every business professional. She delivers a high level of energy about business topics that not only motivated me, but helped me to get redirected in my business. She hit on valid points that need attention in my business and I walked away from her seminar reenergized, and determined to make a few changes in my business to get back on track. I highly recommend attending her seminar to not only get motivated, but to walk away with a new strategy to apply to your business. Any position in a business that has the ability to make a positive impact on the bottom line will benefit from one of Ellen's seminars.

Hired as: Author, Business Motivational Speaker, Industry Expert, Leadership/Success Speaker

Response from Ellen Rohr: Business UN-Complicated:

Oh, thank you, Lisa! YOU are one of my business mentors! Thanks for all you do to make Business UN-Complicated! And, as another Plumber's Wife, I salute you!! xo$

Captivating Energy

By Craig J. on May 6, 2016

Ellen recently spoke to a group I'm part of. She's captivating from the start and has a fun and interesting origin story. My full recommendation in any setting!

Hired as: Business Motivational Speaker

Response from Ellen Rohr: Business UN-Complicated:

Awww...thanks, Craig! I enjoyed you and ALL 1Million Cups! ;) Xoxox Thanks for the gig!

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 480 minutes
  • Fee: $500 - $29,000...multi-day events are negotiable
  • Insurance: $300,000 - General Business Liability Insurance
  • Languages: English


“I believe in business. Honorable, profitable businesses - of all shapes and sizes - expand peace, prosperity and freedom across the planet. Business is no small thing. We just don’t have to make it such a big deal. Let’s address the few things that make all the difference.”

So many business owners are struggling. So their families and employees and communities suffer. Let’s FIX businesses by addressing the core issues: Cash flow and profitability. Rudderless management. Frustrated team members.

How to do that? Ellen suggests, “If you would just stop doing the stuff that doesn’t matter, you will uncover all kinds of time, energy and money.”

Ellen shares inspiring and cringe-worthy stories of how she’s used her no-nonsense systems to transform businesses of all shapes and sized. Get ready! She engages the audience, too, to illustrate concepts and just to see what happens! Your audience will laugh, maybe cry - Ellen is a “Tough Love” business expert! - and appreciate her simple philosophy and use-em-right-now tips. And, she comes from a place of love and service.

Planning for a group of small business owners, managers and employees? Ellen has been all three, as well as a successful franchisor, business expert for Wells Fargo, columnist for Huffington Post and the author of four bare bones basics business books. She can customize her presentations to suit your community and event and agenda time slots. Her services include…

* Key note presentations
* Group workshops
* Panel Moderation (Though she isn’t exactly moderate, she will keep the conversation moving!)
* Event Hosting

Her most popular topics include…

* Business UN-Complicated - Three Things Change Everything
* The Cost of Freedom is One Cent
* UN-Complicating Financials - Making Money is Easy Peasy
* The UN-Business Plan - Get What YOU Want
* How to Solve the "I can't find good people" Problem
* The Best Boss in the World
* 4 Ways to Fail - The Nonsense I Learned in Business School

“Business is the backbone of our communities. Quit making it so hard. UN-complicate your business, and live life UN-leashed!”

Dear meeting planner, your job is to provide value for your attendees. Ellen delivers. Everyone wins. Sweet!

PS...You can check out more videos and testimonials on her YouTube channel

Or, on facebook!

Additional Booking Notes

Lectern and a small table
Flipchart and markers
LCD projector and screen


Ellen teaches the basics, the few things that make all the difference to your success…bare bones business basics.

As "The Plumber's Wife", Ellen's passion for business literacy began when she nearly tanked her own family’s business. Through the help of wonderful mentors, she learned how to keep track of the money…and make more of it. In turn, she has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start, fix and grow their companies.

She’s a columnist for the Huffington Post, the Springfield Business Journal, and PHC News – providing “in the trenches” insight that business owners can relate to. Her consulting work led to a position as president of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, a home service plumbing franchise company. On her watch, the company grew from zero to $40 million in sales, becoming the 18th fastest growing franchise. In 2014, she and her partners started another franchise company, ZOOM DRAIN, drain cleaning and jetting services. Ellen says, "I loves me a dirty job!"

Ellen is also the author of four business basics books. She has sold over 75,000 copies of Where Did the Money Go? – Accounting Basics for the Business Owner Who Hates Numbers, and How Much Should I Charge? – Pricing Basics for Making Money Doing What You Love. Her latest books are The Bare Bones Biz Plan and the mini-book, The Bare Bones Weekend Biz Plan, offering a simple, easy-to-implement program for crafting your vision and turning it into a successful business.

Ellen says, “Business basics are EASY! The problem is…the basics aren’t taught in school. Common sense isn’t common! I have a degree in Business Administration, and I still didn’t learn essential business success skills. I graduated not knowing how to balance my checkbook. I learned the hard way…and my mission is to make it easy for you. You can learn the basics…how to have more fun and make more money in your business. I am happy to help you!”

Upcoming Booked Events

May 02, 2017 Nonprofit Event

Past Booked Events

May 10, 2016–May 11, 2016 AGE Event - St. Louis

The team providing the talent:

Gail Gudell


Shauna Wiertzema

Business Agent / Administrative Assistant

Michelle Teter

Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Jon Gibson

Internet Marketing Strategist


The Wisconsin Guild of Chimney Service Specialists (WGCSS) hosted our annual seminar on January 20, 2006. Ellen Rohr presented a custom workshop on “The few numbers that make all the difference to your success”. This excellent presentation was a follow-up to last year’s business building seminar, which won unanimous approval from our guild group for this year’s gathering.Ellen conducted the class with a sense of humor, while serious about everyone “getting it”. She demonstrated an understanding of our peculiar trade, with our wide variety of services. Ellen showed us how to break categories down to improve budgeting, and chart of accounts. She impressed on us the importance of pricing for profit, as well as frequently checking the books. I had the pleasure of a private business consultation with Ellen following the seminar. This was valuable time devoted to my P & L income statement, and getting some ideas to expanding my business into the future. Thanks for your enthusiastic approach, with sincere interest presenting the fun of business and why we’re all in it!

Call Dana Quigley at (608) 249-6678 and ask him about the positive impact of Ellen’s presentation.

– Dana Quigley, Bristle Chimney Sweeps & Wisconsin Guild of Chimney Service Specialists

“Ellen covers things that you need to pay attention to. I’ve been in business for myself for 25 plus years. Her program is very informative and well worth it. I wish my wife could have been there with me.”

– Ron Robinson – Meadow Brook Excavating

“I had been through Ellen’s classes before and got as much out of it as I did the first time, or more. Worth every penny. We applied what we learned to help purchase another company.”

– Carol Frank – Tim Frank Septic Tank Cleaning

“The most important part of business is to know if you are making money, or not. Ellen makes analyzing the numbers interesting, understandable…and fun! This course is good for people in service work – they need to understand all of their costs. I’d go again”

– Bill Shank – Spoerr Precast Concrete

“Even after 35 years in business, I still learned a lot. Interesting and fun, you learn even if you are not trying. Her examples hit home. She made you get involved. Her husband was a plumber. They worked for peanuts until they began doing the things she preaches. It’s made of lived experience. Highly recommended, I would do it again.”

– Gary Burnett – Burnett Septic Services

“The best business course I’ve taken. So informative. Very personal. Simplified format that everyone can understand. There are various options offered to aid in your business…I’d recommend it to every business owner.”

– Rhonda Anderson, Southern Ohio Sanitation

“Ellen is one of the most interesting and energetic trainers I have ever seen. She successfully took a rather dry topic and made it interesting. She engaged the group in the training more than anyone I have ever seen! She has great rapport with contractors.
Ellen was so good we are already planning an expanded program next year.”

Call Sara Christopherson at (612) 625-7243 and ask her about the positive impact of Ellen’s presentation to the NOWRA members.

– Sara Christopherson, NOWRA Education Chair

Ellen & Shauna,

Thank you so much for your incredible support as we prepared for our convention at Mohegan Sun! Ellen, the response has been incredible on all three of your presentations. Thank you again for your enthusiasm and the overall professionalism and quality of your program. I hope our members take advantage of the follow up services you have offered to them! I would certainly be interested in incorporating you and your message into our ongoing member programs!

Best wishes,

~Mark T. McSweeney, Executive Director
National Chimney Sweep Guild

Call Mark at (317) 837-1500 and ask him about the positive impact of Ellen’s presentation to NCSG Members.

– Mark T. McSweeney, Executive Director, National Chimney S

“The neat thing about this workshop was it addressed what every contractor has experienced when attending a workshop or a seminar. They typically went to a seminar and got a great idea only to wonder whatever happened to that great idea 6 months later. But, not this time! The whole workshop was built to get things changed!”

Call Pete Duesterbeck at (920) 787-3331 and ask him about the positive impact of Ellen’s presentation to Mid State Supply Customers.

– Pete Duesterbeck, Mid State Supply, Inc.

Influences & Inspiration

Ellen has worked with powerful mentors such as Jack Stack, Michael Gerber, Frank Blau, Jim Abrahams and lots of other successful business builders.

Setup Requirements

Ellen can make it work! Low tech, high tech...all high impact.

From small venue, to big room, Ellen's energy and presence fills the room.

She brings what she needs, and can use what you have.


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