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About Ed-D-ed

Hi to all and may God bless you for looking at my page. I'm an hip-hop artist here in Lansing MI. I own my Label MAGNIFICENT RECORDS LLC, so after I finish my last album in June, I will be putting on different events and giving away free mix tapes, mp3s, studio time, and more. Right now I am providing services to anyone who needs good entertainment. I perform and also bring some tracks that you want to listen to I am not a DJ yet but I do have equipment and the music to have you and everyone else loving the party, guaranteed.... I do have a few artist that do other music as well, just let me know what you looking for, thanks and have a wonderful day.


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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 60 - 120 minutes
  • Fee: $300.00 - $1000.00
  • Insurance: LLC
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: Lcal 56


A great performance , I will play a song of the host choice and then I get the crowd going and perform one of my songs I go back and forth or however you the host want it set up.

Additional Booking Notes

Well the only thing that will be on my rider list is free food and drinks for me and who I bring, over 10 people need to be at the party for me to perform, and electricity...please let me know if you have equipment or not.


I will first set a date that you can come to my office if you leave a email wanting to discuss in person and/or talk to you on the phone if you leave a number. Discussing how long will the party be, what age group is the party, what is the theme for the party, set a pay for complete set not by the hour. Do I need to bring equipment or do you have a space where equipment is provided will you need a stage plot or other documents before I perform, which of my songs do you want me to perform, which songs do you want me to play for just listening purposes, will i be able to roam around or just stay in my space, are there restrooms and/or free beverages, and food. Would I need to bring my own security or would this party not get out of hand?
So after I go through everything I will be ready to accommodate and have a good time.
I am in the Hip Hop Genre but I know other artist that might come and help me out, if this is the case I will have a separate contract for them.
I will also have a contract for my own purposes and yours.
I am honest and like to make a smile on people faces I am talkative, social, the life of the party, and a good business man

The team providing the talent:



Set List

Well my genre is Hip Hop but my set list really depends upon the host and what they prefer to hear I will perform 3 of my songs guaranteed

Influences & Inspiration

Any acts I do I put my all in but at some it discourages others when everyone is not on the same page I mean if you dont like the song dont interrupt or cause a scene, other than that I put on good shows every time.

Setup Requirements



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