Derrick Mueller- LOL:) Comedy

Why book Derrick Mueller- LOL:) Comedy?

The Derrick LOL comedy show is a combination of prop comedy, stand up and hilarious story telling. It is a drama, play and comedy all rolled into one. The show has been performed across the world and has dazzled audiences with its simplicity and hilarious look at the simple things of life.

Derrick Mueller is an energetic and hilarious communicator who combines humour, story telling, and comedy with high energy. He is a writer, speaker, humorist, as well as a radio and television personality. He is man of a thousand faces and stories, that will ignite you laugh spot. The show is available in 20 - 90 minutes sections.“You won’t know whether to laugh, cry or take notes.”





Review by Melissa T.

“Derrick’s presentations are insightful, thought provoking and engaging. A delight to hear!” – Melissa Talbot, BGEAC

Reviewer: Melissa T.
Event: Private Party in Langley, BC
Event Date: Mar 5, 2011

Review by Tanya G.

Derrick has a great gift and ability to entertain and storytell. He is a great public speaker, entertainer, comedian and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Reviewer: Tanya G.
Event: Anniversary Party in Kitchener, ON
Event Date: Mar 1, 2010

Review by Paul I.

Derrick was easy to work with, communication ahead of time was great. Derrick is funny, great communicator, made us all laugh a lot. Derrick also shared his story, people still talk about him.
I would definitely recommend Derrick, it was an awesome evening.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Paul I.
Organization: McDougal Chapel
Event: Church Service in Sundre, AB
Event Date: Dec 11, 2010
Hired As: Christian Comedian, Comedian, Comedy Show

Review by Craig D.

My wife and I took our 4 kids along to Derrick's show and all of us thoroughly enjoyed it. But especially my 12 year old son. I have NEVER seen him laugh so hard - we were certain that he had wet his pants from laughing.

Reviewer: Craig D.
Event: Fundraiser in St Jacobs, ON
Event Date: Nov 27, 2010

Review by Marie F.

I've have seen Derrick Mueller's comedy "When I Look Back I Laugh" several times and enjoyed it more each time! On one occasion Derrick stopped in the middle of his routine and looked at me in the audience as I was laughing uncontrollably and remarked, "Marie, you've seen this before!!" You'll really enjoy his good clean humour!

Reviewer: Marie F.
Event: Private Party in Kitchener, ON
Event Date: Sep 27, 2009

Review by David A. M.

Derrick Mueller's clean humour had the audience rolling in the isles.

Reviewer: David A. M.
Event: Concert Venue in St Jacobs, ON
Event Date: Dec 5, 2008

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 30 - 120 minutes
  • Fee: $1800-$5,000 Special rates for non-profit
  • Languages: English


Fasten your seat belt, as the comedy show DerrickLOL takes you for a three dimensional ride into everyday life. Take a journey down memory lane as you recall your childhood mishaps, first kiss, embarrassing moments, the wedding day and more. He is a man of a thousand expressions, able to leap tall couches with a single bound. Every prop a story, every costume a new personalty, and every sound effect an opportunity to make the funny bone squeal. An ironing board becomes a comedy tool as audiences are dazzled by its creative uses. From kitchen antics with ninja salad knives to Broadway farce each performance is fresh and exciting, you just do not know what is going to happen. He is the Ninja cook, Superman, struggling husband, pizza faced teen and doctor. Witness the master prop comedian as he turns all he touches into stories of humour and inspiration. You will LOL ☺.

“You won’t know whether to laugh, cry or take notes.”

Additional Booking Notes

Derrick combines improve, stand up story telling, and prop comedy in a way that is sure to entertain any audience. Cost of show varies time, distance, context and purpose of show. The show can be as basic as a mike and a stool to incorporating multi-media, costume changes, sound effects and audience participation.

1. Mike Headset needed
2. Some performance will need a computer, and video projection unit and a person to operate it.
3. Spot light
4. Sales Table
5. Lighting person
6. Sound person to run effects

Past Booked Events

07/29/12 Waterloo Catholic School Board
06/06/12 Owen Sound- AORS Trade Show
05/16/12 Toronto- Admiral Hotel
05/16/12 Mississauga-Comedy Show
03/24/12 Beamsville- First Baptist Church
03/24/12 Wyoming, Ontario- Hockey Ministries Banquet
03/18/12 Beamsville First Batist Church
03/17/12 Beamsville- First Baptist Church
03/10/12 Simocoe Living Chruch -Comedy Show
03/07/12 Guelph Family Services-Volunteer Appreciationr
10/21/11 YFC Fund raising Banquet, Tillsonberg , Ontario
10/07/11 Derrick LOL, Cornerstone Chruch, Salvation Army, Ont
09/26/11 Leadership Course, Redeemer University, Ont.
09/23/11 YFC Fund raising Banquet, Lincoln, Ontario
09/23/11 LOL Comedy Show- Vineland YFC Banquet
09/20/11 Vegas-Derrick LOL Comedy Show, Tuscany Suites.
09/19/11 Proseminars- Developing Leaders who Develop leaders, Vegas
07/01/11 Rivers Edge Family Camp- Cremona, AB.
05/07/11 Derrick LOL fundraiser- Goodnews Release Centre of the Prophetic Church of God, Toronto.
04/30/11 Derrick LOL Comedy Show- Ingersoll, Ont. Crossroads Alliance Church
04/19/11 Proseminars- Developing Leaders who Develop leaders, London Ontario.
04/16/11 Flamborough Hockey Association Banquet- Carlisle Ontario
04/16/11 YFC banquet and dessert auction
04/09/11 Food For Nutrition Volunteer Training, Kitchener, Ontario
04/05/11 Mayors Prayer Breakfast- St Catherines, Ontario
03/19/11 Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Edmonton
03/16/11 YFC Fund raising Banquet- Cambridge, Ontario
03/12/11 Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Calgary
03/05/11 Billy Graham Evangelistic Association- Langley, BC
03/03/11 Team Profiling- Rivers Edge, Camp AB
12/01/10 Government of Canada London- Key Note and Comedy
11/21/10 CCI Canada National Conference
11/10/10 Ontario Canada Government Guelph- Key note & Comedy
08/09/10 New Zealand CCNZ Leadership Gathering- Key Note & Comedy
08/02/10 Australia Leadership Conference- Team Profiling
07/02/10 Rivers Edge Family Camp, AB
06/06/10 Evergreen Camp Alberta
06/04/10 Camp Charis- Key Note speaker BC
04/21/10 Leadership Summit -Panama
04/13/10 CCI Banquet Speaker Ontario
03/26/10 Winkler Bible Camp- Team Profiling and training
03/22/10 CCI Manitoba Leadership event- Key Note
03/18/10 CCI Saskatchwan, Regina, SK. Key Note
03/10/10 Alymer Chamber of Commerce
02/27/10 Leadership Training, California
02/22/10 CCI Alberta, Camp Nakumun Comedy and team workshops
11/29/09 Comedy When I Look Back I laugh- St Jacob's Theatre, Ont
11/28/09 Comedy When I Look Back I laugh- St Jacob's Theatre, Ont
11/27/09 Comedy When I Look Back I laugh- St Jacob's Theatre, Ont
10/07/09 Conestoga College, Waterloo, Ontario Teaching

Derrick Mueller- LOL:) Comedy

Dr. Derrick Mueller from Kitchener Ontario is a leadership & organizational consultant, motivational speaker, trainer, professor, humorist, abstract artist and author. He is one of Canada's best prop comedians, turning any object into a story, joke, illustration or inspiration. He is a speaker for all audiences. children, teens, college, churches or business. Derrick adapts with ease to any combination of audiences.

He has degrees in communication, counseling, administration, and organizational leadership. Having worked in all areas of management, he has developed various leadership and administrative tools to assist organizations in developing and coaching leaders. Derrick has been a personal coach to CEOs, executives, and small business owners across Canada, and has written hundreds of articles in the areas of leadership, coaching, change, and cultural dynamics.

As a dynamic communicator and host of the weekly radio show, Lives Changing Lives, Derrick has spoken to audiences of over 2000. He has a unique talent to engage a diverse range of audiences, and appeal to a variety of learning styles. He is a highly sought after speaker, speaking conferences, workshops, seminars, classes, community addresses, and other venues.

With over 25 years of leadership and communication experience in a wide variety of contexts, Derrick is able combine practical experience and solid knowledge in a dynamic presentation so as to help all come away with the insights, motivation, and strategy to make a difference.

Dr. Mueller's Leadership books and team profiling tools have been used by the Police force for leadership training, call centers, government agencies, colleges and universities, Non profit board training, churches and various chambers of commerce to equip and train managers, supervisors and leaders. His most recent Hardcover Book called "The Amaryllis Way-Growing Leaders Who Grow Leaders"has been a best seller in Canada and is now available on Amazon/Kindle as an Ebook. He is called the "Leadership Team Doctor" as he engages audiences with solid teaching with a little comedy flair to help people retain the content.

Non Profits or Charities can get special discounts for Mid week presentations. Derrick has a heart to make a difference and welcomes opportunities to help causes. Feel free to ask for more information regarding Thisway Communications sponsorship program.

Deposit- A $500.00 non returnable deposit is required to secure all dates.

The team providing the talent:

Derrick Mueller


Set List

A list of props to collect for the performance will be given in advance of show.

Usually an ironing board, stage table, changing table for babies, coat tree, and kitchen stuff are some of the basics he needs.

Influences & Inspiration

Derrick combines stand up comedy, humorous insight, and inspirational reflection, in a variety show style. He is a master Prop comedian and story teller. He has been influenced by the story telling comedy of Bill Cosby, the antics of Robin Williams, the facial expressions of Jim Carey, the humor of Corner Gas, the prop antics of Carrot top, the hilarity of Tool Time, and the family values of Seventh Heaven. The comedy show is a living script that evolves with each performance. The stage comes alive as each prop is a trigger for a story, sketch or drama. In his unique tactile style, Mueller acts as a human computer mouse, turning every object he touches into a virtual reality session.

Setup Requirements

Props as discussed