Dance with Love

Why book Dance with Love?

Dance with Love is a entertaining and unique dance show performed by champion dancers. Our dance show has been
featured in five countries including America, Australia, China, Finland and Russia.

Our dancers have been featured on "So You Think You Can Dance", the world renown "Burn The Floor" and Europe's
"Star Light Express". We have performed with many celebrity's including Akon, Boney M, Lou Bega, Patricia Kass, Dima Bilan, Touch & Go.

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Extraordinary performance

Easily the best Dance show I ever see, "Dance with Love" has no storyline, although each dance tells a story of its own. Very energetic and fun. Had a great time.

Reviewer: Kris F.
Event: Christmas Party in Minneapolis, MN
Event Date: Dec 17, 2011

Amazing Show

I was very pleasantly surprised at the exceptional quality of dance, choreography, music and costuming. The execution of the dances demonstrated a high degree of quality and professionalism, particularly in the pointe work.The five varied dances, none overly long, provided a perfect amount of entertainment.It was great to see a dance concert that had enough variety to be truly entertaining.

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Jenny G.
Event: Birthday Party in Minneapolis, MN
Event Date: Sep 4, 2011
Hired As: Ballroom Dancer

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 9 - 45 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Languages: English, Russian


Highest level of professionalism. Very entertaining. always unforgettable.

Past Booked Events

06/14/12 Minneapolis

The team providing the talent:

Gene Bersten


Influences & Inspiration

Gene Bersten and Elena Bersten
Dancing with the stars

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