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Chicago's Best Kept Secret/Boise Queen

Chicago's Best Kept Secret/Boise Queen

7 reviews
Top Performer

About Chicago's Best Kept Secret/Boise Queen

Living To Play...makes the difference

"Unless one dares to be different...artistic expression can make a difference"
Boise's music chooses its listeners that will enjoy experiencing artistic expression vs listening to just another "good" pianist.
Music that reaches the heart and not just the ear are the kinds of people that hire Boise Queen. They are not comfortable with "mediocrity" at a cheap price nor with a pricey "Horowitz."
Its the music that sets your event experience; not just someone playing for it!
Its performance vs playing!
A pianist dedicated to changing minds by changing the heart.One note at a time!
For Songs: Click set list




Verified Review

pianist playing a wedding

By Jennifer K. on December 11, 2016

Mr Queen was Awesome! I had so many individuals who attended my wedding from family and friends to my photographer, DJ and others who said he was fabulous and would hire him. Mr Queen thank you so much for making my wedding so special.

Hired as: Classical Pianist, Composer, Jazz Pianist, New Age Music, Pianist

Response from Chicago's Best Kept Secret/Boise Queen:

Thank you Jennifer for such a fantastic review and thanks to your entire family for acknowledging their enjoyment of my performance.
So glad I could be of service for such a memorable occassion.

Verified Review

My siblings and I recently commissioned Boise Bernard Queen to play piano at our mother's memorial and following life-celebration social gathering, held on April 21st. We made the perfect choice in Mr. Queen.

Boise, because he had the time, was able to come some time before people gathered and things started. It gave him time to 'get to know' the baby grand he was to play, which he loved and is his prefered type; it also gave my wife and I, both deep music aficionados and performers of vocal music, a great and unexpected opportunity to talk with him and gain some insight into both his passion and gift for playing, and his personal journey and the resulting things that have broadened and deepened his love and desire for his sharing of it. This is a gift he enthusiastically enjoys giving, and it became obvious in his performing that followed later.

I had commissioned Mr. Queen to begin playing once the initial memorial service was concluded for the social that would follow, but because of his early arrival (which may or may not be within his ability for other events, I should add to those who would/should hire him in the future), he was able to play self-selected pieces during the arrival of guests that set just the right tone, so to speak. Once the celebratory social began, Boise played continually for the next two hours until things wound to a close; he did not take breaks or find distractions, but simply played, enjoyably and impeccably! It exemplified what he shared about his love for piano and music and the giving of it- and his personal standards- with us after his arrival.

I- my siblings and I all- were busy socialising with the many friends and family of mom who came to celebrate her life, so none of us had time to listen to Boise continually, only intermittently, but we still were all in agreement both during and after that he was divine. His song selections, which I left completely to him to allow for the artist that he is, came from a vast and varied repetoire, and all played 'by ear' (sans written /sheet scores), and as well he displayed an impressive technical and artistic command, those aspects leading to bright, thoughtful and creative interpretation of his piece choices that were quite top-notch, and I heard many comments from guests during the event speaking to that, as well as to pure enjoyability. (I should as an aside note that Mr. Queen came impeccably dressed and carries himself with dignity, something that does matter for an event such as ours. I should also note that he and I communicated extensively in the weeks prior so that all aspects of the gig would be clear, something I very much appreciated.)

I'll say in conclusion, which should be obvious to those reading this review, that Mr. Boise Bernard Queen was the perfect choice of musician for our day; he helped make it memorable and special to all, and added a good degree of lustre to a special gathering. I recommend him highly from both a musical and personal standpoint!

Sincerely, with regards, Tom Richards

Hired as: Pianist

Response from Chicago's Best Kept Secret/Boise Queen:

Dear Thomas Richards and Family
Thank you ever much for taking the time to express your most moving and beautiful sentiments concerning my petformance at your memorial.
My purpose from quote submission to the performance itself; is to have a "personal connection" with the family and friends of each event I perform and thereby have a "close bond"; to the event itself.
In short; I'm a people person.
Thank you again for commissioning my performance for such a memorable and deeply personal family event.
Boise Bernard Queen

Verified Review

Hiring Boise Queen Will Be a Good Choice

By Nancy B. on November 1, 2014

Your guests will really love the piano music of Boise Queen! He has a great sound that will entertain everyone at any event, and you will be happy that you hired him.

Just a note: Gig Salad requires that he be paid in cash or certified funds in advance of performing, so if you are coming from somewhere else first (such as from a church to a reception) make sure that you have someone who can be at the venue before he is scheduled to play.

Hired as: Jazz Pianist

Response from Chicago's Best Kept Secret/Boise Queen:

Thank you ever so much Nancy! I had fun myself while playing for your event. I enjoyed your warm hospitality in my working with you on such a memorable occasion. Enjoy those thank you gift CD's ; I trust they'll serve you and your family many hours of
personal listening enjoyment.
Thanx once again

Boise Bernard Queen

Verified Review

Mr. Queen delivered what we asked for and what he promised.

By Donald &. E. D. R. on September 12, 2013

The comments from our guests were very positive. Mr. Queen was thorough in his approach from hearing our desires, establishing a contract and following thought with an excellent performance. He worked well in the venue and made adjustments to accommodate the changes that were made to facilitate the timeliness of the program. We recommend him highly. His repetoir is extensive and his skills are amazing.

Hired as: Pianist

Response from Chicago's Best Kept Secret/Boise Queen:

It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to work with Rev. Donald and Dolores Register.
I've never experienced a more gracious client/host for such a memorable and beautiful event.
An enormous thank you for acquiring my services and for your thoughtful review.

The perfect event...

By Beverly A. on November 10, 2012

We were fortunate enough to have the very talented Boise Queen provide the music for a small family wedding. He was perfect! He made our wedding romantic and fun. Our guests loved him! He is a pleasure to work with.

Hired as: Jazz Pianist

Response from Chicago's Best Kept Secret/Boise Queen:

Thank you so much Beverly!
I know I had a lot of fun playing for you, your husband and invited guests.
Both you and your husband were superb and gracious hosts
The food was absolutely tasty!
Would love to play for both of you again someday.
I wish both you and your family all the best.

Review by Desi V.

By Desi V. on August 8, 2010

Boise is terrific!

Hired as: Pianist

Response from Chicago's Best Kept Secret/Boise Queen:

Thank you very much Desi for providing me with the opportunity to perform for such a warm,gracious and appreciative audience. I know I had a lot of fun doing it and everybody including your staff was just super! Thanx again!

Review by Ms Z. L. S.

By Ms Z. L. S. on July 11, 2010

When I was invited to hear this artist, I was told that I was in for a treat. I must admit that I prepared myself for the usual or at best an "above average" presentation, but I must say that I was completely blown away by this gifted pianist.
The film soundtracks and Jazz standards were definitely a combination that both tickled the ears and touched the heart.
I am planning to ask Mr. Queen to perform at a celebration for a senior loved one in my own family. I would recommend his graceful and tender musical renderings to anyone who wants quality and a personal touch for their personal or business events.

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 60 - 180 minutes
  • Fee: $125
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: AFM


All performance's are always tailored to the ambiance of the event social environment. Boise's piano playing is high level class entertainment suited to the perfection's of both the listening and conversation audience. ( Please note that although the performance style and quality of the solo piano audio samples presented on this page by Boise Queen are representative of his best skill at the piano the playing temperament in an event setting may change in order to accomodate the listening preference of his audience) Its for this reason why Boise prefers to perform on an acoustic piano; preferably a grand piano in order to better achieve controlling the right balance between tone and acoustic response, without sacrifice to his particular style of playing. The kinds of people
that hire Boise Bernard Queen expect to hear a top-of-the-line performer; not just
another good pianist. They don't believe in cutting any corners in detailing their event and Boise reciprocates in kind with some rather "stunning" piano performances.

Boise is a master at improvisation.
His innovative approach to his improvisation ability becomes especially apparent regarding many of his classical adaptations to broadway and pop hits of the 50’s and 60’s. Particularly applicable in this regard is what he has accomplished pertaining to his own classical formatted original works. A fitting example is his “Rhapsody for Classic Film”
A typical audience can expect to see and hear Boise aptly apply
improvised lyrical phrasing to many of the jazz standard works that he performs.
Using syncopated rhythm patterns along with specialized tonal voicing; Boise presents
a very classy and interesting dramatic appeal to the listener.
Song requests are taken on a frequent basis.

Additional Booking Notes

Its extremely important for clientele that have an interest in hiring Boise's performance to make sure that an acoustic grand or console piano freshly tuned is available at the event site. Boise does not present solo piano performances of the type and quality presented in his audio samples using a standalone portable keyboard.
Boise Queen is primarily interested in receiving bookings from
clientele that would think well enough of his performance, enough
to want to secure booking him at upcoming venues that assures that
a first rate quality piano would be available; so their guests would not
be deprived of an enjoyable opportunity to experience the difference;
between pianists just playing a song and one that performs one.
Boise doesn't merely play a song or a piece of music; he performs it!


Jazz & Classical-contemporary piano audio performances available on a prerecording rehearsal session of his Piano Concerto in C-sharp minor"Windows to the World" can be viewed here: (Click paste link in your browser)
All other video and audio can be seen or heard at:
DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE..EXPERIENCE THE PASSION: by a gifted contemporary-classical composer pianist that can perform jazz & pop standards of the 40's thru 80's; as well as semi-classical works for clientele who expect to see and hear a performance that sounds like a ticket attraction to New York's Carnegie Hall.
Heavily influenced by such legends at the piano as McCoy Tyner,regarding contemporary jazz and Sergei Rachmaninoff of the late romantic/classical music period; Boise Queen has managed to incorporate the techniques of these two piano giants into his own self-styled rhythm and phrasing that leaves most audiences in awe when applied to works by Duke Ellington, Sammy Kahn or to songs often sung by Frank Sinatra, Nat (King) Cole or Debbie Reynolds.
When Boise Queen is not performing; much of his time is spent "composing some of the most searingly beautiful works for both solo piano; as well as piano works with orchestral accompaniment. His most recent published release "Rhapsody for Classic Film" followed by his Piano Concerto for classical-contemporary orchestra (Windows to the World); have been well received particularly online.
His improvisational playing style and arrangement of both contemporary and classical genre
have been known to exhibit a kind of “therapeutic” effect upon the listening audience.
However, Boise is able to masterfully apply what is obviously a “gift” to actually augment the central focus of an event rather than the audience becoming overwhelmed by his performance abilities.
Mr.Queen is currently sharing his gift with clientele that view his gigsalad page by offering one of two new CD album releases for ...FREE
at no cost. Just use the contact info on his site to get in touch with him in making a request for it.

Boise is one of a few pianists that can perform both classical and jazz interchangeably on a virtuoso quality scale. Boise's solo piano performance style is clean,polished and most of all "natural".Stated in a recent press release interview of the Wednesday Journal:"I'm confident about what my music has to offer. I feel that people should want to hire you for the way you sound and what is music without it? They can't hear a degree or an award but they can hear the music and what it does for the soul of an individual. Music is an artform meant to be heard to be believed,appreciated and supported." Boise's performance does what its supposed to do for the listener,free of any gimmicks or props. His performance sells itself!

Boise Queen is available to perform piano entertainment for all of your event requirements. A well maintained freshly tuned acoustic grand piano is required for all solo piano performances. Because of his performance style and format, a standalone portable keyboard is never used except to accompany an acoustic grand piano with pre-programmable rhythm tracks if dancing is required or to accompany members of a duo featuring a singer/vocalist or members of a live trio.

Upcoming Booked Events

May 06, 2017 Wedding Cocktail Hour

Past Booked Events

Dec 10, 2016 Wedding Cocktail Hour
May 14, 2016 House Concert
Apr 21, 2016 Funeral/Memorial Service
Mar 17, 2016 Univ.of Chgo. 5800 s. Maryland av. 7th fl.skylobby
Feb 06, 2016 11am-2pm.saturday,Menards,3215 W.North ave.Melrose Park,IL.
Feb 05, 2016 EVE.Assisted Living Facility,10 N. Washington St.,Hinsdale,IL.
Feb 05, 2016 Cocktail Party
Feb 04, 2016 Thursday,1pm to 2:30pm,Univ.of Chgo.5700 s.Maryland ave.Chgo.IL. CCD bldg.7th flr.skylobby
Oct 28, 2015 5758 S. Maryland ave. Chgo. IL. University of Chicago Hospitals(Center for Advanced Medicine 7th flr
Oct 25, 2015 Corporate Event
Oct 24, 2015 Wedding Cocktail Hour
Oct 20, 2015 5758 S. Maryland ave.University of Chicago Hospitals(Center for advanced Medicine 7th flr. sky lobby
Oct 14, 2015 5758 S. Maryland Univ. of Chicago Hospital(Center for advanced medicine 7th flr. sky lobby 12noon ti
Oct 07, 2015 Cocktail Party
Sep 25, 2015 Wedding Ceremony
May 16, 2015 Graduation
Oct 25, 2014 Wedding Cocktail Hour
Sep 28, 2014 Anniversary Party
Aug 31, 2013 Anniversary Party

The team providing the talent:

Ms. Maja Rios

Jazz & pop ballad vocalist

Set List

Please note (*) asterisk indicates that this song is not regularly played. That it was prepared by special
request by a previous client and was played by the number of times indicated in parenthesis( )

Embraceable You
Our Love is Here to Stay
Blue Moon
Blue Moon
As Time Goes By
Send in the Clowns
Somewhere (There's a Place for Us)
Stormy Weather

My Favorite Things
The Girl From Ipanema
Willow Weep for Me
The Way You Look Tonight
I'll Be Seeing You
Night and Day
My Funny Valentine
What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life

Send in the Clowns
Stormy Send Weather
My Favorite Things
They Can't Take That Away from Me
Moon River
Once I had a secret Love
Speak Low
But not for me
Where there’s Music
Satin Doll
Old Devil Moon
It was a very Good Year
Lush Life
Bubbles,Spangles & Beads
Since I don’t have you
Green Dolphin Street
The Very thought of you
You Made Me Leave My Happy Home
The Way We Were
It Had to be You
The Look of Love
There’ll Never be Aniother You
That’s All
Strangers in The Night
My Way
Love is A Many Splendored Thing
When I Fall In Love
I Only Have Eyes For You
This Masquerade
The Shadow of Your Smile
I Get a Kick outta You
Blue Skies
Fly me to the Moon **(2)
You Make Me Feel So Young
Lets Fall In Love *(1)

Influences & Inspiration

In the jazz genre Boise Queen has always been highly influenced by jazz pianist McCoy Tyner,Ahmad Jamal,Oscar Peterson and Yanni . In the classical genre he has been strongly motivated by such composer pianists as Sergei Rachmaninoff, Ferrante and Teicher out of the 1960's and 70's era; as well as pianists such as Leonard Pennario,Andre Watts as well as the late great Vladimir Horowitz. and of course, Leonard Bernstein. Much of this influence is due primarily to early exposure to classical music since the age of 10. Boise has been playing the piano since the age of six and is 100% plus ear trained in music. Boise received a formal music education through the "Chicago School of Music" and then on to the Chicago Conservatory during which time he became acquainted with classical
pianist Jane Dix of Cicero,IL. He started taking instructions under her guidance that lasted from 1965 until 1973. Boise often recalls her progressive methods in bringing out the creativity in the students she had. He recalls: "You would be playing through a piece of manuscript and then suddenly...without warning she would take the manuscript away from in front of you and demanded that you "keep playing" do not stop! " When asked early on of this practice as to why she would do that; her explanation was quite simply " I want to hear your spontaneity in implementing your creative abilities to a piece of music that began as totally "unfamiliar" to you. Years later after her death in 1983 that practice paid off in Boise being able to sit down at a piano and aptly apply arrangement to almost any piece of music even simultaneous to learning to play it.

Setup Requirements

A freshly tuned-well maintained acoustic baby grand piano


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