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Brendan J. Cunningham

Brendan J. Cunningham

17 reviews

About Brendan J. Cunningham

Powerful, thought provoking, animated: "Educainment" at its best.

Like getting Tony Robbins at a fraction of the cost and without all those glaring teeth.

Your group will not be told what they want to hear but they will leave knowing what they need to know. This guy offers the best kind of tough love message out there...With over 1500 speaking engagements to his credit, throughout the US and Canada, this former Fortune 500 Business Consultant stands ready to get you and or your team to the next level. all with a coaching and consulting methodology described by some as one part, Dr. Phil, two parts General Patton, with a jigger of Colombo thrown in for taste



Time well spent, great value

By Steven P. B. P. on April 27, 2013

In all my years in business my agents and I have never experienced such a motivational and articulate speaker.

Hired as: Leadership/Success Speaker

Everyone needs this!

By Renea T. on October 1, 2012

What a great way to find renewal in the little things that keep us successfu!! Brendan was interactive, thought provoking and extremely motivational. We often get so wrapped up in the tasks at hand that we forget the about the small communicative tools that put us above and beyond. Thank you Brendan for working to inspire and helping us realize our potential!!

Stop LOOKING.....He's right here!

By Michael J. M. on September 13, 2012

I have had the pleasure of learning from Brendan's presentations and his ability to engage amazes me. His approach is professional, smart and relevent. The difference between Brendan and all the rest is one word....APPLICATION. Too many speakers get bogged down in theory, rainbows and butterflies. Brendan left our team with real world application that works.

Funny, charming and informative!

By Adam B. on April 30, 2012

Kicked off our conference with motivational, yet funny segment to grab the attention of our audiece. With over 100 people present from a variety of back grounds and parts of the country, topics covered were broad with great overview that everyone could relate with. I would strongly encourage Brendan to anyone who asks!

Hired as: Motivational Speaker

The Business Whisperer

By Judy M. on March 31, 2012

Brendan Cunningham observes, listens, analyzes, diagnoses, counsels, recommends, guides, and motivates. He is the Business Whisperer. He’s a business coach and mentor. He’s a speaker, a writer—he’s an eloquent communicator. People are drawn to Brendan because his intent is to help them flourish professionally and personally. They stick with him because he’s successful at it. Whether you want to work one-on-one, or ignite a large group with energy and motivation, you want Brendan—he is a rare asset who shakes things up and moves your business forward.

Verified Review

Good speaker

By Cinde G. on November 11, 2016

Staff really enjoyed his presentation!

Hired as: Business Motivational Speaker

Response from Brendan J. Cunningham:

Thank you.

Attitude is a critical characteristic of success

By Michael B. on February 6, 2015

I'm Michael Boron, an Adjunct Instructor at Bryant & Stratton College, in addition to my "day job". I have known Brendan for over 20 years and have asked him several times to be a guest speaker in my Financial Analysis accounting class.

Without exception, the students were "wowed" by the content and delivery of his presentation. Brendan's ability to grab and hold an audience is without peer. As long as hes is doing speaking engagements, I will continue to invite him in, and would encourage you to do the same !

Hired as: Author, Business Motivational Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker

Response from Brendan J. Cunningham:

Thanks Michael...always a pleasure.


Professional, Inspirational and Stimulating Presentation

By James E. K. on December 21, 2014

The membership of the Western New York Chapter of the NYS Commercial Association of Realtors was fortunate to have Brendan Cunningham speak at our monthly assembly. Mr. Cunningham brought a lighthearted and topical synopsis of various forms of verbal and non-verbal communication within a business environment. He sprinkled doses of motivation along the way. If your group is looking for a light hearted interest grabbing presentation, contact Brendan today! You surely wont be disappointed.

Hired as: Business Motivational Speaker

Brendan Cunningham is a fabulous public and motivational speaker. His ability to rapidly transition from stories to application keeps the audience engrossed and leaves them with a lasting impression. He is funny, engaging and real. This particular group of commercial realtors would likely have benefitted from hearing more about his phenomenal success in the real estate business. I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation and cannot wait to read his new book!

Hired as: Business Motivational Speaker

Riveting speaker manages content with humor

By Therese V. on December 19, 2014

Brendan Cunningham is a fabulous public and motivational speaker. His ability to rapidly transition from stories to application leaves the listener with a lasting impression. Facts tell, stories sell. This group of commercial realtors would have benefitted from and might liked to have heard more specifically about what made him so successful in the real estate business, and what tools they might use to jumpstart the new year. The talk was not particurlarly tailored to the audience. I thoroughly enjoyed it and cannot wait to read his book!

Hired as: Business Motivational Speaker

Brendan Cunningham addresses Commercial Realtors

By David B. on December 19, 2014

Brendon did a great job. He was knowledgeable and skilled at making his point. He presented an interesting mix of ideas and brought them together to provide useful guidance to the attendees.

Hired as: Business Motivational Speaker

An Encouragement, and Funny!

By Karen C. on April 14, 2013

I had the opportunity to hear Brendan Cunningham speak at our Lions Club District meeting and was very impressed and encouraged! Mr. Cunningham spoke genuinely, was easy to follow, and had plenty of interesting and funny illustrations to support his points. His advice was simple and will be easy for our leaders, and for us all to follow! I am not privy to how much it cost for Mr. Cunningham speak at our engagement (which forced a 4-star rating, instead of the 5 stars I would have given), but I felt that the information he shared was extremely valuable, both as a new Lion and in my personal life!

Hired as: Motivational Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker

Excellent Energy, Excellent Speaker!

By Larry P. on October 17, 2012

I felt Brendan did an excellent job as the key note speaker of a recent Leadership event I attended. He was able to captivate the audience and brought an energy and optimism that keep us engaged throughout the day. I thorough enjoyed his work and look forward to attending another of his events again.

Extremely talented & knowledgable!

By Keith R. B. on September 22, 2012

I have had the pleasure of being a participant in Brendan's seminars, hearing him speak, reading his books, watching him perform live in both comedies and Shakespeare,and have gained tremendously from having Brendan as a trusted advisor. My business has grown by leaps and bounds due to Brendan's ability to listen, understand and apply his vast knowledge and experience. Brendan is the force to be reckoned with!

I have had the privilege of seeing Brendan speak on numerous occasions on topics relating to personal and business growth. Having spent most of my career working for a fortune 500 company, I have sat through many performances by speakers who claimed to hold the secret to success. Brendan understands the intrinsic motivation behind what makes certain people achieve success and he breaks it down into manageable and achievable pieces while keeping it quite entertaining. He's engaging, sincere and presents his material in relatable examples applicable to our own experiences.

Insightful, Motivating, and Entertaining Speaker

By Rachael B. on September 13, 2012

We have the need to utlize several speakers each year, and Brendan Cunningham stands out as one of the best. He has the unique ability to deliver high-quality content in an engaging and entertaining manner. Brendan provides relavant information that can immediately be utilized, thus having a lasting impact on his audience. He also has the ability to connect to diverse groups of people. If you are looking for someone to motivate, inform, and entertain your group, look no further than Brendan Cunningham. Please contact me if you'd like more information.

One keyword to start.... "listening". Without understanding the variations of individuals and the nature of our businesses its important that someone listens to your concerns, goals and the disires in moving to the next level. That is actly what Brendan has done for my businesses. You see every business is DIFFERENT along with unique clientelle. This isnt just a text book answer to my dreams and reality. In a nut shell and I do not know how he does it, but Brendan provides me with the logical, realistic tools and answers to help make the best business decisions allowing me to grow,gain new knowledge in unmeasurable areas. If I had not had the opportunity to work with Brendan for over 5+ years now , I wouldn't be where I am today and maybe not even in business. Thank you Brendan!!! You will always be a part of my business and life.

Hired as: Motivational Speaker, Business Motivational Speaker, Leadership/Success Speaker, Voice Actor

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 45 - 180 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: SAG, AFTRA, Equity


more than inspiration or motivation..expect change. My presentations are on based on getting people to take action. My special "Educainment" format is designed to be interactive, informative and fun. A definite crowd pleaser who crosses generational lines and reaches everyone.


Author, speaker, talk show host, businessman, Brendan Cunningham has been described as the ”Patron Saint of Entrepreneurs.” Brendan is best noted for has vast experience in developing people so that their full potential can be achieved. That way everyone’s bottom line is improved. His personal bottom line is often times summed up when he unabashedly tells his clients, “I get paid for results, (and frankly I get paid a lot, because I produce a lot.”) His specialties include but are not limited to: marketing, product positioning, fiscal management, team building and rainmaking. His ground breaking second book, “The Seventh Sense: the Key to Effectiveness in Life and Business,” has already created quite a stir in the self-help field and is based on the success formula he discovered and continues to use while working with clients who continue to benefit from his business coaching.

He is an authority on “Selling for Non-Selling Personnel” and a recognized expert in the Real Estate industry with over $1Billion in life time brokerage and sales, and his book “Tricks of the Trade: a Real Estate Broker’s Inside Advice into Buying and Selling a Home,” (Adams, Media Corporation, 2004) is a must read for any savvy real estate investor. Brendan is also a regular contributor with holding Expert Author status.

With over 1500 speaking engagements to his credit, throughout the US and Canada, this former Fortune 500 Business Consultant stands ready to get you and or your team to the next level. And with a coaching and consulting methodology described by some as one part, Dr Phil, two parts General Patton, with a jigger of Colombo thrown in for taste; he is guaranteed to produce results you never even dreamed were possible.

He holds a B.A. in Psychology/Sociology from S.U.N.Y at Stony Brook and a M.S. Certificate from Daemen College in Leadership and Organizational Change. He is an Ordained Minister and a professional actor with numerous credits from Shakespeare to musical comedy and also is a licensed Real Estate Broker in Massachusetts and New York. And although he continues to obsess over it, he still manages to play a pretty lousy round of golf.

Past Booked Events

Nov 10, 2016 Corporate Event
Apr 01, 2015 Other
Dec 18, 2014 Seminar

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Brendan Cunningham

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Tony Robbins, Rudy Guiliani, Tom Brockaw

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