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What’s Your Wedding Transportation Style?

Be Your Own Wedding Planner series

By GigSalad

Whether you’re the type to sport a t-shirt and jeans or your tastes suggest that you’d fit quite nicely in a different era, there are a wide range of ways to show your style on your big day, including your wedding transportation. You’ve had a good sense of your own style since you were an adolescent begging your parents to let you choose your own wardrobe. Fast forward to adulthood, and you still want to be able to show that style on your big day—your wedding day! Here are several options to help you find the right transportation to fit your unique personality and charm.


The Girly Girl

You’ve been pretty in pink since before you can remember. You think everything looks better with a little glitter on it, and you’ve always imagined having a magical, storybook wedding. Whether big or small, you are most likely to have an elegant wedding filled with lots of lace and dazzle. For you, an ornately decorated horse drawn carriage is the perfect way to show your style on your big day. Don’t know where to find one? Check out your local horse drawn carriages on GigSalad!


The Old Soul

You grew up listening to the classics instead of the one-hit wonders of your time. Elvis Presley, The Beach Boys, Aretha Franklin—these are the artists you resonated with, and you would’ve loved to live in “the simpler times.” For your wedding, you want all things vintage and antique items that carry a nostalgic, aged quality. For this type of wedding, a 1960 vintage Rolls Royce would be a perfect way to show up to this occasion.


Photo of couple posing in front of green, vintage convertible.

Take the stylish, vintage approach, and double up on the benefits by using it to complement your wedding photos.



Those guitar-shredding rock tunes are always blasting in your house, and you have more dark shades and black leather in your closet than anyone you know. You’ve always had a bit of that daredevil mindset and want that to shine through on your wedding day. Hold on to your wedding dress train! You’re most likely showing up on a motorcycle.


Wild Child

According to your friends, you’re the life of the party! You’re always up for a good time, and it’s crucial that your guests are having a blast, too. Crank up the tunes and start the celebrations early by renting a party bus for you and your wedding party. See what’s available in your area here, and throw the perfect pre-party extravaganza!



You swear you were born in the wrong decade. Your closet is jam-packed full of bell bottoms, band t-shirts, scarves, and hemp sandals. If you could get away with it, you would don your favorite tie-dye tank top to greet your groom. But since a dress is to be expected, you can compromise with a vintage Volkswagen Beetle as a means of travel—an easy and creative way to incorporate your hippie style.


Close-up of

Your inner hippie will be content with a vintage VW Bug for your wedding. Add some flowers to a handwritten “Just Married!” sign, and you have a simple and fitting mode of transport!


Business Professional

No one has ever seen you not put together. You expect your wedding to hold to tradition and to look as if each detail came straight from a wedding magazine. You prefer trendy and sophisticated, but nothing too radical—much like your personal style. For your wedding, your best option is the classic and refined limousine, another component of a traditional wedding. To book the perfect limousine for your special day, find your local limo services on GigSalad.



Instead of wearing a veil, you’d prefer to meet your bow-tie-wearing fiancé with an oversized flower tucked into your pastel pink locks. You’d love to have your wedding in the local bicycle shop but realize that it’s not the most practical venue. For your style, look into renting a vintage motorized scooter to help you get to and from your wedding. Plus, it’ll be a great prop for your wedding photographer to use!


Photo of couple in wedding attire riding together on a bicycle on the beach.

If you can’t find the vintage motorized scooter you were hoping for, go with the next best thing—a vintage Schwinn! Just be ready to hold your train and loosen that tux.


Your personal style is unique to you, and your wedding transportation can help you convey that to your guests. Be it trendy, traditional, retro, or a mashup of each, we hope that it is a memorable ride!


If you’re looking for an event professional who can help create your dream wedding, check out your local options on GigSalad!


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