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Quince Dance: 3 Ways to Find the Perfect Routine

By Megan Price

Next to a wedding, a quinceañera may be one of the biggest formal events in a young girl’s life! And while it’s a recent development in quinceañera traditions, the surprise quince dance is a must at your party. After you’ve chosen your quince court, deciding on your dance is the next big task. We have some ideas to help you get your performance on point. 


Explore Your Roots

Latin America is rich in culture and your background is a great place to start when choosing your dance style. If your roots lie in Colombia or Central America, try the Cumbia. The Cumbia started out as a courting dance and isn’t too hard to catch onto. You’ll find this dance at weddings and parties in Latin cultures of all kinds, so it’s a great one to learn.

The fiery Salsa dance originated in Cuba and may be the perfect fit for your passionate Cuban background! This dance is visually exciting with colorful dresses and spirited moves with your partner.

For traditional girls whose family migrated from Mexico, the Ranchera is a great choice. These dances are traditionally accompanied by a Mariachi band and carry themes of love and patriotism!

The Merengue is often noted as the “Dance of the Dominican” so Dominican Republic girls, take note!

Embracing your roots is a beautiful way to pay tribute to your heritage during your quince dance!


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Explore What You Love

Have you always loved salsa dance? Been dying to take ballroom dancing lessons? This is the perfect time to incorporate your passion (or something you’ve wanted to try) into your performance! If you’re not sure where your “dancing” heart might lie, think about what kind of music you like. Girls who crank up the country tunes might enjoy having a two-step dance; R&B fans might prefer to try a hip-hop routine! Your quince dance is all about you, so take this opportunity to explore something new!


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Explore With a Pro

If you have no idea where to begin, it may be a good idea to talk to a professional choreographer. Many choreographers have experience in many types of dances including traditional styles like ballroom or ballet, and more contemporary like jazz and hip-hop. Before you contact them, you may try searching YouTube for quince dance ideas to show your choreographer. That will help them understand the vision you have for your quince dance and make it perfect! Even if you already know what you’d like to do, hiring a pro for your dance can help polish your moves and make your performance truly unforgettable.


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