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Meet the CEO of GigSalad

An interview with Mark Steiner

By Tessie Barnett

Recently, our CEO and co-founder, Mark Steiner, had the pleasure of being interviewed by Andrew Warner, founder of Mixergy. Mr. Warner created Mixergy as a space for tenacious, business-oriented minds to draw out as much knowledge as they can from experienced professionals. Online interviews with Andrew allow accomplished founders and CEOs to share their stories, expert advice, and ideas to teach and encourage entrepreneurs. And our very own Mark Steiner was a part of this!

Before Andrew got into the business side of Mark’s history, he first asked about Mark’s personal experiences. Both being previous New Yorkers, Mark and Andrew discussed the city in those days and Mark’s tireless efforts to become an actor.


Having pride in whatever entertainment-related job he took, Mark discovered his passion for giving more than what was expected.


For example, as a craft service employee in charge of providing food on movie sets, Mark replaced the typical bland spread of sugary snacks with an elegant presentation of healthy, holistic foods for the cast and crew of “When Harry Met Sally.” And ambition carried Mark from production services to CEO of GigSalad, learning the ins and outs of the entertainment industry through decades of hard work.

As Mark tells about his history leading up to the creation of GigSalad, it’s apparent that this CEO is driven by a strong work ethic, a desire to succeed, and most of all, by a desire to love and be loved. Though his struggles were difficult to endure, he was able to turn loss into discovery, rejection into hope. To learn more about Mark Steiner, watch his interview here.


To learn more about the GigSalad team, check out our About Us page!

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