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How to Market Yourself on Twitter

By Tessie Barnett

When it comes to self-managing, many performers struggle as they have to fulfill the creative and business side of the operation. Oftentimes, artists not only feel vulnerable putting themselves in public view, but promoting their act as well. It can be a very humbling experience, and many performers have asked themselves if it’s all worth it.

As a professional, you’ve likely learned to roll with the punches. You’ve put in the work, you’re passionate about what you do, and you’re damn good at it. So it’s time to get over the hurdles of self-promotion and start marketing your talent effectively. We’ve outlined the best practices for promoting yourself on Twitter. Whether you’re an experienced user or this is a new platform for you, we’ll help you maximize your opportunities.


Set up your Twitter account.

If you’re new to the Twitter game, you’ll want to make sure that your account is properly set up. With these few fundamental elements, your account will be easy to find, your act or talent will be immediately understood, and you can lead your Twitter followers to a booking platform.


For those of you who have a solo act, it’s recommended to use your first and last name as your username, or handle, so you’re easy to search for and identify. If you perform as a group, use your group’s act name. If you find that your individual name or act name is already being used, you can add an underscore character (_) or a relevant descriptor. Ex: @saxophonesally_harris.


Because this section is limited to 160 characters, you’ll want to have only the essentials displayed. List your profession, your talents, and any details that line up with your act. For additional tips, check out How to Make Your Bio Better.

Profile Picture

As a performer, you’re likely aware of how great photos can help you show yourself as a professional. Twitter is no different. If you’re using promo photos in other social channels or your website, use the same image for your Twitter account. The more consistent you are in your web presence, the more recognizable you’ll be.


If you have a business website or GigSalad PromoKit, be sure to display this within your Twitter account. When all your platforms are linked, it’s much easier for clients to book you for gigs!

Optimize your tweets.

In every social channel, there are a list of do’s and don’ts for performers to engage with their followers and attract new fans. With the web being so crowded, oftentimes tweets get lost in the enormous amount of content. In order to make your talent stand out, you’ll want to stick to these steps.


According to the Hubspot Marketing Blog, “tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets.” You can easily add an image to your tweet to grab a user’s attention and convey a message quickly. Just make sure the images are high quality and they’re the correct file size. Here’s a guide to help!


The first step to creating an eye-catching tweet is to have a great headline. Research has shown that top 10 lists, How-tos, and headlines leading with questions are all ways to increase your follower engagement. Be aware that your tweets are limited to 140 characters. Because your media and web links use up some of those characters, you’ll want to keep your tweets concise and easy to understand.

Peak Hours

Finding peak hours to tweet can be a little arduous when the rest of the world is tweeting during those times as well. Yes, your users are active in those hours, but your tweets will also be harder to find amidst the other content. To counterbalance this, you’ll want to send out a large percentage of your tweets in the peak hours between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. EST. That’s not to say the hours outside of those times should be neglected. In fact, you may be able to reach those night owl followers that way. Make sure to schedule your tweets so you can fit these guidelines without being tied to your computer or mobile device. We recommend using free scheduling apps like Hootsuite and Buffer.

Build an audience.

Your marketing goal for Twitter is to make connections. The platform offers features that make it simple to find users in the same industry. It’s important to find your niche so you can communicate effectively and offer relevant content.

Find users with Twitter search.

Twitter has an Advanced Search option for users that allows them to find hashtags, specific words, and people in their industry. This is especially helpful for building your Twitter audience. For example, if you search for the keyword “event planner,” you can follow anyone who has listed that profession in their Twitter bio. Doing this allows you to connect with that person, retweet their content, and potentially reach their audience as well. You can view these tweets and find users who may be searching for your type of entertainment.

Use hashtags.

Hashtags are an important feature of Twitter. Finding hashtags that are already in use will allow you to take part in a conversation with a targeted audience. If you decide to create your own hashtag, make sure it’s easy to understand and it will interest the users you’re looking to connect with. To entice your followers to use your hashtag, try offering an incentive like swag, merch, or a discounted performance, and be sure to promote the giveaway details across your other social channels.

Promote your Twitter.

As we mentioned before, linking all your web platforms together will help fans and followers recognize you easily, and it also gets them one step closer to booking you for an event. Add your Twitter URL to your website, GigSalad PromoKit, email signature, business card, and your other social networks. Having this posted in as many places as possible is the best way to connect with clients who are avid Twitter users.

Provide value.

When you tweet or retweet articles for your followers, you’re giving them an opportunity to see what you consider valuable information. The goal here is to establish yourself as a professional performer and an expert in the industry. Carrying that image will only benefit you. When they have a need, they know who to go to for tips, guides, and advice so, essentially, you’ve earned their trust. And trust is the first step to doing business together!

Get to know your audience.

A pro Twitter user recognizes the importance of knowing their audience. When you’re aware of their interests, needs, pain points, and common topics of discussion, your chances of creating engagement increase. With engagement comes recognition, and that’s the key to growing your fanbase.

Join group chats.

Group chats are a smart contrast to the highly crowded world of Twitter.

Use Twitter Analytics.

With Twitter Analytics, you can measure how effective your efforts are. You see your audience’s interests, demographics, times of highest activity, and what type of content they’re engaging with. This data helps you grow your followers and make worthwhile connections. To find this information, click on your profile image thumbnail and select “Analytics” or type the URL,

Twitter Usage Stats

Many businesses have done extensive research on Twitter trends and user behavior. With Twitter Analytics, you’re able to see the data for your followers, but in order to grow your audience, it’s important to be aware of general Twitter usage stats. This infographic from the HubSpot Marketing Blog gives a great breakdown of the way Twitter has been used in 2014-2015.

how the world uses twitter

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  1. STEVE ROMAN November 18, 2016

    Hi my name is Steve Roman. I am a versatile performer, singer, and dancer. How do I get started?

    • Tessie Barnett November 18, 2016

      Hi Steve! We’re happy to help you get started! Here’s a link to join GigSalad and start creating your online PromoKit: I recommend starting off with a free membership, so you can get to know the platform and see if it’s a good fit for you. When you’re creating your PromoKit, you’ll go through a step-by-step process for adding your performance details, media, and customizing your quote form. If you have any questions or need help along the way, feel free to contact us at


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