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How to Land Extra Holiday Gigs

By Brian Jenkins

The holiday season is fast approaching and you need to make sure you’re ready to capitalize on all the opportunities for gigs. It’s easy to think that people only need carolers or Santas, but there are plenty of chances for any act to make some extra holiday cash. Here are a few tips to help you book more holiday gigs this year!

Holiday hustle

Expanding your customer base for holiday gigs is going to take some extra effort on your part. Lucky for you, regardless of your act or service, families, friends, and local businesses are already looking to add some holiday pizazz to their events. They simply need to know you’re out there!

Churches, offices, civic organizations, and schools will all want their seasonal get-together to be one to remember. For example, a church in the Seattle area may hold a Christmas party each year for staff and key volunteers. Then after connecting with a strolling magician and piano player, the tired traditional party upgraded to a bonafide holiday hit!

Restaurants and retailers are also consistently interested in adding seasonal spice to their eating and shopping environments. In addition to Santas, they may want musicians, face painters, balloon twisters, and other unique entertainers to enhance the customer experience.

You’ve got three critical hustle tools:

1. Email

Yes, email still works. Start with a simple introduction letting the organization or business know you’re available for bookings. From there, give a brief description of your act and why you would be the perfect fit for them. Let them know you’ll be following up with a phone call soon.

Here’s a sample email to help you get started:

Email template for holiday clients.

For GigSalad members, including a link to your PromoKit is critical. This link allows the prospective client to immediately see your videos, photos, and reviews, as well as book you using GigSalad’s secure online platform. The immediate access to booking increases your likelihood of closing the gig.

2. Phone

Follow up with a phone call to personally introduce yourself and answer any questions they may have. Get all the details of their event, including the budget, so you can give them an idea of your pricing and put together a package that will work best for both of you.

If you’re truly bold and ready to work, cold calls can also help you grab more gigs. Success is often more of a hustle issue than a talent one. The gig doesn’t always go to the best performer, but to the hardest worker. Start working the phones with organizations and businesses in your area to introduce yourself. 

3. Feet

Don’t be afraid to drop in. Go straight to the business, club, bar, or restaurant and do some old-fashioned face-to-face introductions. Take some promo material, such as posters or swag, and introduce yourself to the right manager or owner. Just getting your foot in the door is a great first step to booking more holiday gigs!

Meeting face to face is a great way to secure more holiday gigs.

Get into the holiday spirit

It is easy to assume that holiday gigs are the exclusive territory of Santas and carolers, but a party is a party so all types of entertainment can fit! Think of creative ways to add holiday themes or elements to your act. If you’re a cover band, add some holiday tunes. If you’re a balloon twister, work on some seasonal shapes.

Be careful not to limit yourself to Christmas only. Families and friends could be celebrating Diwali, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any number of cultural or regional events. Maybe even throw in some Festivus elements for the Seinfeld fans! Update your web presence and promo pieces to reflect these additions.

If you’re a GigSalad member, take time to optimize your profile for the holidays. Change your profile’s overview to pitch yourself for holiday events specifically. Add photos and videos of your holiday-related services. Just don’t forget to take your holiday material back down after the new year. Not a GigSalad member? You should join now because the holiday requests that are already starting to roll in!

Join GigSalad for free and get more holiday gigs!

Spread good cheer

Utilize social media properly. Between Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, your next client is out there. Start by creating posts that show your holiday offerings. Share testimonials and references from previous clients. You might also consider paying to boost your posts. Boosted posts are an inexpensive advertising option that allows you to target your audience and clientele with amazing precision.

Whenever you post about your act or business, make sure to include a call to action such as, “Book Now” or “Contact Us.” Drive the commitment to book you as soon as possible with language like, “Holiday availability limited. Book now!” Put links to your GigSalad profile across all your social media platforms to gain broader exposure for your business and give potential clients a fast and easy way to book you for their event.

🎄 For those willing to do the work and put in a little extra hustle, the holiday season can be chock full of bookings and gigs. Just follow the tips above and you’ll see your gig calendar fill up!

What are some ways you get extra gigs during the holiday? Let us know in the comments below!  

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