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How to Build a Website for Your Cover Band

from our friends at Bandzoogle

By GigSalad

This guest post by Dave Cool originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog.

If you’re in a cover band that is looking to get booked at private parties, corporate events, and weddings, there are certain elements that you should have on your website.

We’ve written many posts about how to build a great website for bands. From creating your Navigation, the essential elements of your Homepage, to have a perfect Music page.

Most of the information contained in those resources will work for cover bands as well. But here are some key features and content that cover bands should have on their websites.


Navigation for a Cover Band Website

In our blog post The Magic 8: Essential Menu Options for Your Band Website, we suggest having the following menu options for a band’s website:

  1. Homepage
  2. About
  3. Music
  4. Shows
  5. Photos
  6. Videos
  7. Store
  8. Contact

However, for a cover band, this would be slightly modified:

  1. Homepage
  2. About
  3. Song List (changed from Music)
  4. Testimonials (new)
  5. Shows
  6. Photos
  7. Videos
  8. FAQ (instead of Store)
  9. Booking/Contact


Key Element for a Cover Band Website

Besides having slightly modified navigation, there are also some different elements a cover band should have on each page:


With your Homepage, it all starts with a great header image. This could be a professional photo of your band, or a professionally shot live photo from an event you performed at.

You should also include a short bio, along with a strong testimonial from a previous client. Including a video of a live performance or a demo/show reel will also help to give a great first impression to potential clients. Also be sure to have a clear call-to-action to book your band!

Note: Jon Hart Weddings has a perfect Homepage, check it out:

Jon Hart Weddings Homepage


Your About page should tell the story of the band, with an emphasis on past experience, the types of gigs that you play and have played, as well as a few strong testimonials from past clients. Once again you should include a strong call-to-action to book the band.

Song List

Instead of a Music page that features music players and songs for sale/download, for a cover band you should have a Song List page. You can organize the lists by era, genre, or simply in alphabetical order by artist or song title.

If your band is willing to learn new songs specifically for a gig, be sure to have information on how a client can go about requesting songs. You could even include a custom form right there on the page for a potential client to inquire about a certain song.


Positive reviews will help get your band get booked at more gigs, so this might be the most important section for your cover band’s website.

Even though you should have a few testimonials on your Homepage and About pages, you should also have an entire section on your site dedicated to displaying testimonials from past clients.

Note for GigSalad members: You can integrate your client reviews seamlessly onto your Bandzoogle website, and the form will style automatically to match your design! 


Even though many of your gigs will likely be private events, it’s important to show how active your band is. If a potential client sees that you have a bunch of shows booked, that makes you look good!


You can use your Photos section to display high quality photos from past events, weddings, corporate gigs, etc. Photos that show the band in action, as well as an engaged crowd, can help get you booked.


Even better than photos would be to have a few good quality videos that show the band performing. This will give potential clients a very good idea of what the experience will be if they hire your band. If those videos show an enthusiastic crowd that is dancing, clapping, and cheering, even better!


A section for Frequently Asked Questions can be helpful for potential clients, especially if you’re aiming to get booked at weddings or corporate events.

Here you should include information about the steps in hiring the band, and what can be expected of the band before, during and after the show.

You can also include what the needs of the band will be in terms of sound equipment (do you bring your own, client needs to rent, etc.), and of course the band’s rates, and how payment can be made and when.

Note: Much of this is taken care of when booking a gig through GigSalad!


And finally, make sure to have a clear way to contact the band both by email and by phone. Many clients will still want to pick up the phone and talk to someone directly. You can also place a booking form right there on the page.

If you’re a GigSalad member, you can easily integrate your Booking Quote form directly onto your Bandzoogle website, which will style to match your design automatically.


Dave Cool is the Director of Artist & Industry Outreach at musician website & marketing platform Bandzoogle.

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