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Hosting a Private Party

By GigSalad

Hosting a private party can be a lot of pressure. A lot of love and careful planning goes into making an event a success, so it’s important to start early to get the best of the best. Here are some tips to help you put on the party of the year.


Set your budget.

Your budget will help you determine many things, from what venue you choose and how many guests to invite, to what kind of entertainment and services to hire. It’s best to determine your budget as early as possible and adhere to it with every step.


Set the date and secure a venue.

One of the first (and most important) details that you need to figure out is when to host your party. Typically, it’s best to select a date that falls on the weekend, as many people don’t work on the weekend. However, you know your guests best! Choose a date that will work for the majority of them. Depending on the size and formality of your event, you will want to select a date and have booked a venue anywhere from 6 weeks to 1 year ahead of time. It’s important to secure your venue early so that you can begin planning your event and send out detailed invitations.


Book entertainment and services.

Depending on the occasion and/or theme of your party, this will vary quite a bit. Peruse other Party Ideas for more specific examples. However, you have plenty of entertainment to choose from – from Rock Bands, Doo Wop Groups, and String Quartets to Aerialists, Clowns, and Stilt Walkers. Once you know your party’s theme, it will be easier to determine what kind of entertainment would best suit your event. Browse GigSalad for a full selection of acts.
If you plan on having food and drinks at your party, you may want to consider hiring a Caterer, Cake Decorator, Wait Staff, or Bartender to enhance the quality of your event and take some of the pressure off!


Invite your guests.

Again, depending on your event, the timing for invitations will vary. But, generally speaking, it’s best to send invitations out 4-6 weeks in advance. For informal events, an e-mail invitation or group event on Facebook may be a sufficient way to get the word out. However, for more formal events, or just to add a nice touch, send customized invitations that fit your theme or occasion.



It’s best to plan out your decorating scheme ahead of time and buy all non-perishable decorations in advance. Wait until the day before or morning of to purchase any fresh flowers or helium balloons so that they’re still standing strong at your party. Ask a Party Decorator to help you plan your party decor with colors that complement your event’s theme. For outdoor events, you might consider renting Tents, Tables & Chairs, or Portable Dance Floors to add to the atmosphere.


Play host(ess).

When the time comes and the party has started, make sure to mix and mingle with all of your guests. If you’ve hired help for your event, this job is much easier. Either way, you’ll want to be sure to greet and talk to each of your guests, thank them for coming, and ensure that they’re having a good time.


Make memories!

Your party is a hit, so of course it will be memorable. Hire a Photographer to make the rounds at your party and take photos of the guests as they celebrate. Later, when you’re sending out thank you cards, you can include a few of your favorite shots of each guest! Alternatively, you could set up a Photo Booth so that your guests can pose as silly or serious as they’d like and take home the photo strips as party favors.

It’s all going to be alright! We know you’ve got this. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can always turn to an Event Planner to do the hard work for you, or reach out to us for help. Enjoy!


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