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By Destin Harrison

What would you do if there were no consequences for your actions? No laws. No rules. No inhibitions. In HBO’s major-budget sci-fi series, Westworld, this fantasy has become a reality. For an exorbitant price, guests of an AI theme park can satisfy even the most deplorable of desires without having to worry about the results of their actions. After all, it’s not real, is it? It doesn’t really matter, does it? Maybe, maybe not… at least, until things start to go awry.

After being cast in everything from Hitch, The Sopranos, How I Met Your Mother, and Preacher, today’s guest, Ptolemy Slocum, was given the role of one of Westworld’s AI technicians, Sylvester. During our interview, Ptolemy told us what it was like to work on the set of Westworld and discussed the social challenges of working on a show that requires much of its cast to film nude scenes in all sorts of contexts. We also talked about what it was like for him to grow up with such a unique name, and he gave us some of the best advice for entertainers that we have recorded to date.

Ptolemy Slocum

Ptolemy Slocum with the GigSalad Team


  • What it’s like growing up with a name like “Ptolemy” (1:30)
  • What it’s like behind the scenes of Westworld (5:07)
  • How the cast and crew deal with scenes that require graphic nudity (7:09)
  • Who is “Sylvester”? (11:40)
  • What Felix and Sylvester have in common with baristas (15:23)
  • How to make your passion your day job by separating your “wants” from your work (17:03)


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