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By Destin Harrison

Every musician dreams of releasing that one song that everybody can sing back to them at their show, recording that melody that you just can’t get out of your head, and writing lyrics that you couldn’t forget even if you tried. Musicians like myself spend years pouring this dream out onto yellow legal pads and dented dive-bar microphones. People like Jonathan Cain live it. Don’t believe me? I dare you not to finish this line: “Just a small town girl…”

Yep, Jonathan Cain is one of the geniuses behind Don’t Stop Believing. He also wrote my personal favorite Journey song, Faithfully, which was the only song Journey ever recorded that was written by only one person.


Jonathan Cain

Legendary singer/songwriter, Jonathan Cain

While touring and performing with Journey, Jonathan Cain honed his skills as a musician, writer, and showman. Now, he puts those skills to excellent use writing new albums and performing under his own name. His most recent album, “Unsung Noel” adds originality to familiar holiday themes, and scores the Christmas story in a way that only a legend like Jonathan Cain could. Listen here.


Show Highlights:

  • What we can expect from Jonathan’s new Christmas album, “Unsung Noel” (1:28)
  • How hotel rooms helped the creation of Unsung Noel (4:56)
  • How Jonathan Cain became a part of Journey (5:59)
  • What the hit song, Don’t Stop Believing, is actually about (8:15)
  • What we should all learn from Don’t Stop Believing the next time we hear it (11:11)
  • How the song Faithfully was written (11:43)
  • How Jonathan Cain started his solo career (15:25)
  • Jonathan’s advice for aspiring performers (16:58)


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