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6 Ways to Optimize Your Profile and Get More Leads

By Megan Price

Getting more leads is crucial to those who are hustling in the gig economy. Your profile is the gateway to showing potential clients why you’re the best one for the job! We have 6 easy ways to optimize your profile and improve your booking practices and to make sure you have the best shot at getting as many leads as you can with our platform.

1. Add More Relevant Categories

Let’s start with the basics! The categories you’ve selected for your profile is one of the main ways we determine the leads that you’re sent. Our Free profiles allow 2 categories, while our Pro memberships offer 15. Our Featured membership gives you the most visibility with 20 categories available to select. Take a moment to go through your categories; you may find a few that you should add to your profile! For example, a DJ can also add Wedding DJ, Prom DJ, Karaoke DJ, and more. Be sure not to add categories that you don’t actually offer or fit under – this will only cause confusion and frustration to both you and your future clients.

2. Add High-Quality Media

Photos and videos are the best ways to display what you do. Potential clients can get a better idea of your talent and what you have to offer for their event. We recommend 5-10 great photos and 2-3 high-quality videos to showcase your skills. If it applies, you can also upload audio files to share with potential clients. Check out this post for some tools to use to create awesome content for your profile!

3. Request Reviews

In today’s world, we don’t buy anything without reading reviews first. And booking a performer or event service provider is no different! It’s extremely important to have feedback and references from past clients on your profile. Always follow up after the gig to ask for a review. When you book through GigSalad, we’ll handle that for you. And those reviews will be verified, which carry more weight in your overall rating. They also look great to potential clients!

Not all your reviews have to be verified. You can recruit reviews from any past client – even those who didn’t book you on GigSalad. We make it super easy to request reviews because you can do it right from your Control Panel by clicking on Tools and then Request a Review.

4. Update Your Details

After your profile photo, and sometimes even before any other media, your overview is the first thing clients see. Keep it fairly short, but be detailed. Highlight your main services, what you do that’s different than your competition, and what types of events you normally work. The first 15-25 words may be featured on your profile in search results, so make sure your overview starts out strong.

Go into more detail with your biography and description of what to expect at one of your performances. You can also add your influences, setlists, and other details to paint a full picture of what it’s like to hire you. Once everything is written, be sure to do a quick once-over and fix any grammar mistakes and typos. Also, avoid typing in ALL CAPS and using multiple exclamation marks!!!! You may feel like this helps your profile stand out, but instead, it just looks like you’re yelling at your potential clients.

5. Improve Your Response Rate

Those who respond quickest are often those who get the gig. Try your best to respond to all leads within 24 hours, but the sooner the better. When replying to leads, be sure to consider how that lead was sent to you. If the client did not choose you specifically, there’s a good chance they’ve never seen your profile. In that case, introduce yourself and include media with your message or quote. Even if they did contact you directly, media samples can be a great way to remind them of your skills. Remember, you’re trying to sell your services and talent!

We offer two features to make it easier to respond faster: Saved Messages and Saved Quotes. If you have different packages or services for different types of events, you can create custom messages and quotes to send for each situation. You can even personalize them using shortcodes to automatically enter the client’s name and other details. Take some time to create Saved Messages or Saved Quotes so you can reply with just a couple of clicks! Responding to 80% of your leads within 24 hours also helps you reach Top Performer status (which means more leads in your inbox).

6. Get More Verified Bookings

Verified bookings are any gig that we can verify took place, either because it was booked through our platform or it was marked as booked. Your verified bookings number is displayed on your profile in search results and they can improve your ranking. Also, when clients ask GigSalad to send their request to applicable vendors, having verified bookings will give you an edge over competitors with fewer or no bookings. Basically, more bookings equal more leads!

Ready to improve your profile? There’s no time like the present.

  1. Della Freedman September 3, 2019

    I have all the right information. People just don’t want to pay any money. Or as little as they can. You get what you pay for. My fees are very reasonable. The people either want cheap or free.

    • Lisa December 4, 2019

      I agree!!!

    • Bob February 4, 2020

      So true. I totally agree, and have the same issues.

    • Pete March 3, 2020

      I feel that we’re getting a lot of “tire kickers” who have no idea what to expect when they request a quote.

  2. Denise Santoro November 9, 2019

    So true.. little do they realize it’s take years to learn your instrument, $ to advertise and even more prep to customize a gig. People don’t know what the performing arts entails

  3. Deborah Ross December 4, 2019

    I do get a few bookings per year through GigSalad, however, I get a lot of inquiries that don’t follow through also. Sometimes I feel like people get on GigSalad to inquire – looking for free or just getting ideas but don’t really have intentions of booking. But, overall, as long as I’m getting a few bookings per year through GigSalad it’s worth it. I’ll be updating my profile soon to see if this helps. But, I feel that most of the time I’m not the only one who gets the lead and the person inquiring never looked at my profile – just sent out a blanket inquiry. Not sure how that works?!?

    • Megan Price January 23, 2020

      Hi Deborah, sometimes people aren’t ready to book and may just be looking. Just imagine if you were a store – you’d have people wandering in and out, some who buy, some who don’t. But it’s important to greet and treat each one as if they ARE ready to buy. To answer your other question, yes, others are likely getting the same lead. Many people simply fill out a “quick quote” form and let us know the category, and choose if they want 5 or 10 responses. Then we send the lead to the qualified vendors in the area. They likely haven’t viewed your profile first so you can/should include media with your messaging. If you need more help, please email us at or call us at 417-889-9909. Thank you!

  4. Russell Olsen January 3, 2020

    People never even responded to quotes. My prices were half of what we get from agents. I suspect most people do not know what top notch acts charge and get. We’ll see but it doesn’t look good for renewal. It was worth a try though.

  5. Byron Smith February 4, 2020

    Same here :) I am concerned people will lower their prices and it will be a race to the bottom for everyone and that is catastrophic. So keep up the quality and let’s show them why we are worth it!

  6. Lorenda March 3, 2020

    It would be really helpful if Gig Salad did some research about what the general range of professional minimum rates are for each region in each category of entertainment and posted them for both prospective clients and newbie vendors/acts to see. Undercutting is a major issue on this platform!

    • Heather Roonan April 3, 2020

      We’ve actually tested a couple of different ways to get pricing averages (based on location) in front of clients, but they’ve not produced positive results so far. This is something we’ll continue exploring in the future though. Thanks for your feedback!


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