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6 Reasons for Choosing the Best Entertainment, Not the Cheapest

By Brian Jenkins

Consumers want more choices, but all those choices can be daunting. It gives the consumer the responsibility of educating themselves on the best option for their circumstances. On GigSalad, we deliver more than 600 categories of entertainment and event services for the ability to compare rates of various performers. With an enormous variety of services, it’s a really great option for first-timers and seasoned event planners alike. But with so many talented professionals out there, how do you choose? Budget may be a large factor in who you choose to book, but before you make your choice, here are 6 reasons for choosing the best entertainment, not the cheapest.

1. You get what you pay for.

Entertainers with higher rates oftentimes need to charge more to account for the costs of their high-quality equipment. Many performers set them based on their professional experience. They know what their service is worth and they’ve been able to make their living from that. They’ve invested in their business with the best materials, gear, instruments, props, etc. to give their clients most immersive experience. These materials can make a huge difference between one vendor and another.

Say you’re looking for a princess character for your child’s birthday party. To make a fairy tale come to life, performers need costumes and accessories that not only look pretty and authentic but also hold up to wear and tear. Along with the costs of dry cleaning, well-made costumes are a large investment for professional princess characters. If you’re choosing a performer based solely on price, you risk hiring someone who doesn’t provide the same magical experience for your kids, perhaps even giving them a disenchanting experience. A top-notch entertainer will deliver a performance that you and your family will remember for years to come.



Don’t let the sticker shock of good entertainment throw off your plans. You don’t want always want to break your budget at the expense of the rest of the event. Simply determine your priorities and set the spending from there. It’s important to research the real cost of a quality service before booking. If there is a significant drop-off between bids, then you can probably expect a drop-off in quality as well. Adjust your budget to your talent and quality expectations.

2. Professionals who are invested in their business are also invested in their clients.

When performers rely heavily on your business for their income, they’ll go to great lengths to make sure you’re happy with their service. Most of our GigSalad entertainers are self-employed, independent business people. They depend on good reviews and word of mouth for promotion and buzz.

Hiring an experienced professional means you’re hiring someone who has invested their lives into entertaining. Their goal is to make a living and provide you with a memorable event at the same time. Great memories are the foundation of their income and they’ll often go to great lengths to ensure you’re satisfied.

3. Pros know how to customize for your needs.

Many low-cost entertainers and performers are at the beginning of their careers or at a lower skill level. Often, this means that they offer a limited repertoire and fewer options as they are developing their craft. Your event is unique to you, therefore, you’ll need someone who can customize their act or services to your event. A good sign of a professional is their ability and willingness to reasonably adapt to your event needs.

4. Pros offer more than just entertainment. They give you peace of mind.

Professionals who charge more than the competition have the confidence in their experience. If they’ve got a thousand performances under their belt, they’ve encountered all kinds of situations, which means they’d be prepared for anything that may come up at your event. The ability to adapt and improvise is especially beneficial in unexpected situations that put your event at risk of turning into a disaster!

5. The difference in cost makes all the difference in the success of your event.

You’ve decided to take the risk and hire an entertainer for your event. Perhaps a strolling magician for the office party you were picked to plan. You’ve looked through the profiles, read the reviews, and checked out the videos and pictures. When the moment of decision comes, the temptation of saving a few bucks by hiring someone with fewer reviews and a lower quality presentation get very real very quickly. That’s money that could go to streamers! But those few dollars could mean the difference in the quality of your event and the likelihood of using entertainment again. A great professional turns the groans of “Remember last year? I hope that doesn’t happen again,” to the excitement of “Remember last year? I can’t wait to see what happens this time!” Paying a few extra bucks can prevent the dreaded buyer’s remorse.

6. There are no do-overs.

GigSalad’s mission is to help you Book Something Awesome. We recognize that many of the events we connect entertainers with are often once in a lifetime moments. That significance is one of the reasons we encourage you to take the time and research your providers well. You may not get a chance to do it again. We hope that you would take the few extra minutes necessary to thoroughly read the bids, examine the profiles, view the media, and make an educated decision. Don’t risk devaluing a critical life moment or celebration by going bargain hunting. If the price is right and the quality is high, invest in the memory.  

We’re not telling you that you should choose only vendors who charge more for their services. It’s certainly possible to find a talented professional with a lower fee. We’re simply encouraging you to do your homework. Look at their photos and videos, read reviews, ask them questions. Figure out why their rates are what they are. When you’ve got all the information in front of you, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and confidently book the right person for your event.


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