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Bill & George's Excellent Adventure

Bill & George's Excellent Adventure

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About Bill & George's Excellent Adventure

World-famous celebrity impersonators John Morgan as 'George W. Bush' and Dale Leigh as 'Bill Clinton' join forces to bring an amazing and entertaining experience to your audience. Inspiring your team, colleagues and customers with a corporate event that is Ex-tremely funny and Ex-tremely effective, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be challenged and you'll be inspired. Blending comedy, music, keen insights and astonishing recreations of these two former Presidents, this duo is perfect for any audience, crossing all political lines and honoring America in the process. Always funny, always family-friendly, and always tailored to your audience - book 'Bill & George's Ex-cellent Adventure' now!



Thse guys are SOOOOO GOOD!!!

By Chris A. on November 8, 2011

I have had the privilage to watching this amazing Pres Duo act perform at several events and all I can say is WOW! They are so very entertaining and look so much like the real deal. Your guests are absolutely going to LOVE them!!! This is a first class act!!!

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 15 - 90 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Languages: English


Music - comedy - family-friendly - bipartisan - motivation - edification - education - hilarity - and an electrifying experience you and your audiences will NEVER forget! We also enjoy being available for photo ops and meet & greets at any gig!

We are unabashed patriots and flag-waving Americans, unapologetic, and we love our country, and we share that with any audience at any time.

Additional Booking Notes

We use a Rider with staging, lighting, technical support and equipment options based upon show type and length. We'll be happy to furnish a copy for serious inquiries.


John Morgan and Dale Leigh often literally stop traffic simply by walking down the street together while in full 'Presidential' costume. Passers-by gasp in amazement, clamor for photos, and roar with laughter within moments of meeting and interacting with these two seasoned veteran performers. While each enjoys a demonstrable 'Wow!' factor in his own right, the combination of these two impersonators is literally amazing.

Available for any booking from our full-blown shows, to corporate keynotes, corporate events, trade show traffic building, meet-and-greets and photo opportunities, television, film, and radio work, and private events as well, John and Dale can personalize their performance offerings to touch your audience with good humor, keen insights, and powerful motivation and encouragement - all the while, with laughter and music.

'Bill & George's Ex-cellent Adventure' is the by-product of the solo careers both performers have enjoyed. Once they realized how audiences were delighted and entertained by the combination of these two extraordinary world leaders appearing together, highlighting not only their differences but their common humanity as well, it was only a matter of time before they launched themselves as a comic team. The result is hilarious fun for all!


Each of us is born with a face. What we do with it is up to us.

After resisting the prodding of friends, neighbors, and total strangers for more than a dozen years to portray President Bill Clinton, a chance airport encounter with another nationally renowned presidential impersonator finally convinced Dale Leigh to make that leap of faith.

These days, Dale steals the show with the squinting deliberation, Arkansan drawl, and sharp-witted swagger of the 42nd President of the United States. His accent is pitch-perfect. His humor is bi-partisan. And his material is family-friendly.

Leigh’s presidential presence is so instantly believable that one of his very first roles was a Bill Clinton cameo in the 2008 romantic box-office hit, “Definitely, Maybe” starring Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Kline, and Abigail Breslin.

Dale currently appears at corporate and political events serving as emcee, performing parody songs (yes, he plays sax!), delivering comedic keynotes, and posing for countless photos with enthusiastic attendees. When he steps out of character, Dale shares his own story of moving beyond doubt and fear to confidence and joy.

When Leigh isn’t running the Free World, he runs Power Solutions Group, an automotive management consultancy using his extensive experience in sales, marketing, software, and management to serve clients all over America. The Chicago native and his wife of more than three decades, Mary, still live in the shadow of the Windy City, where they raised their two sons.

No matter your political prerogative, Dale Leigh is the perfect Presidential Impersonator to “Fit the Bill” for your next event!

In 2006 provided an epiphany and changed Dale’s life. A life of self-doubt, struggle, poor self-esteem, worry and fear peppered with occasional flashes of success have now given way to a life of purpose, of meaning, of intent, and of commitment. And, lots and lots of laughs! Now, Dale performs as Bill Clinton across the country, delighting and entertaining audiences with his inspired comedy, musical parodies, and deft weaving of the Clinton history and mindset together with powerful illustrations from Dale’s own life of fear, struggles, and of triumphs in the face of great adversities.

Well, maybe the 2nd time, it’s a good idea. That’s what finally motivated impersonator Dale Leigh to pursue his passion for public speaking and entertainment as the uncanny lookalike / soundalike for former 42nd President and now global icon Bill Clinton.


JOHN MORGAN travels as “the face” of President George W. Bush at corporate, comedic, and faith-based events around the world, bringing joy and inspiration to millions of astonished people who might otherwise never have an audience with America’s Commander in Chief. With a small cadre of “Secret Service” agents stationed around him, John nods his head and greets the crowd with the President’s trademark Texas drawl. John’s show combines his hilarious but respectful impression of President Bush with a few famous George W. faux pas, blended with a mix of parody songs and finishes up with an inspiring message about hope and determination. He elicits heartfelt laughter from both sides of the political aisle.

Discovered at a “Bush For President” rally in 2004, Morgan suddenly went from selling appliances to performing at the President’s Inaugural. By 2007, John was bringing his big- time comedic impersonation to arenas all across America, appearing live before tens of thousands on Sean Hannity’s “Freedom Concerts” and before hundreds of thousands on “The Winter Jam Tour Spectacular,” where he amazed audiences with his guitar playing and singing.

Millions more have seen him on The Family Feud, Headline News, Hannity & Colmes, E! Entertainment Network, ABC’s “The View,” and The 700 Club. Fans even voted him a finalist on ABC TV’s celebrity reality show, “The Next Best Thing.” John was awarded America’s # 1 Bush Impressionist along with two “Mirror Image” awards and a 2005 Cloney award for “Best Historical Impersonation” voted on by his peers.

John was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. He and, his wife of 26 years, Kathy, still reside in sunny Orlando with their four sons, Christopher, Stephen, Daniel and Jonathan.

John’s inspiring journey is now chronicled in print. 'My Life as a Bush…and My Heart for Imitating Jesus' hit bookstores in Winter 2008. Filled with laugh-out-loud stories, audacious encounters, and spiritual insights, each chapter of John’s story encourages readers to become imitators of the greatest man who ever lived.

The team providing the talent:

Dale Leigh

'Bill Clinton' impersonator, lookalike, soundalike

John Morgan

'George W. Bush' impersonator, lookalike, soundalike

Influences & Inspiration

Martin & Lewis, Abbott & Costello, Burns & Allen, Rowan & Martin, The Honeymooners, Smothers Brothers, Robin Williams, Mitch Hedburg, Dennis Miller, Woody Allen, Bill Cosby, Ron White, Don Rickles, and so many more - too many to name!

Setup Requirements

2 podiums

3 stools for audience members and 3 microphones on boom stands (game show participants)

4x10 100w min bass guitar amp

Overhead video projector with screen(s) and hand-held remote control device for game show etc

PA / house sound system with CD capability

We provide our own wireless headset mics


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