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About Audiodasity

we are talented rap artists looking to start doing shows in Chicago. We have a rap group which consists of a dj and another rapper involved in the group. We have done big shows in Madison, WI and St. Paul, MN with over 300 people there. Just looking to expand a little bit and show everyone what Audiodasity is all about. Our concerts are a mix of Hip Hop, Jazz and Electronic music taking people through an exciting musical Journey. We can get any crowd hyped and ready to go hard! Not giving us a gig wouldn't be in your best interest if you're looking for a boost in business. With our whole crew from Chicago we have a big fan base ready to help improve your event!


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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 20 - 90 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Languages: English


We like to use our music to take the audience through an emotional journey. We usually start off the show with songs that will get the crowed super hyped and keep the audience involved through the whole experience. We like to use softer songs after getting the crowed hyped to bring them back down to reality helping to give us their full attention. Once we have their attention again, we end the show hyping them back up to end the show with music that will be stuck in their head all night asking when we will be returning for another amazing performance. We are all about having the greatest experience possible for our audience and have never failed in giving our fans everything they could asked for and more! WE ARE VERY EASY TO WORK WITH AND TREAT EVERY SHOW AS A HUMBLING EXPERIENCE!

Additional Booking Notes

We need to be able to plug up two microphones and inputs for dj equipment.


Audiodasity consists of two rappers. Gregory Thornton aka Curiou$ George and Ahmad Saleem aka $toneface. We both are from Chicago and have been traveling a lot to other cities in the Midwest region. You can hear a little bit of hip hop, electronic, indie and jazz influence in our music for an experience you won't forget!

The team providing the talent:

Gregory Thornton


Ahmad Saleem


Influences & Inspiration

Hip hop,Rap, Jazz (old and new school), dubstep, Electro house, Indie and R&B

Setup Requirements

mixers (we can rent if needed)

two mics (we can rent them if needed)

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