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Anita Charlot

Anita Charlot

3 reviews

About Anita Charlot

Anita Charlot specializes in empowering and teaching strong and fiercely independent women (SAFIs)…and the men that love them, how to build and maintain authentic relationships. Anita provides a unique combination of Metaphysical principals together with over 25 years of collective business operations, administrative process re-engineering, deliberate marketing solutions, and military and personal transformation experiences to the benefit of all of her clients.


I am a SAFI

By Cindy E. on August 6, 2014

I have been in an unhealthy relationship for the past 8 years. I say unhealthy because of my insecurities that has caused a strain in my relationship. Anita really made me realize my worth and taught me different exercises to implement with my significant other. I have seen a difference in my relationship. Her advice was so helpful and I love that she speaks from her own experiences.

Thanks to Anita, everyday I strive to be a SAFI (Strong and Fiercely Independent Women).

Response from Anita Charlot:

Thanks Cindy! It was such a pleasure working with you at this year's retreat. I'm so very glad to hear that you were able to immediately implement the communication strategies and exercises to help improve the quality of your relationship. That was such a SAFI thing to do!!!!

Professional and Passionate

By Charles J. on July 24, 2014

After spending some time listening and talking with Anita about my personal relationships, my interactions now with my wife have never been better! We now communicate much more effectively, regained our mutual respect for one other, and have fallen in love all over again! She did a fantastic job at helping me understand my shortcomings, control my emotions, and appreciate my life partner more. She is awesome!

Hired as: Author, Motivational Speaker

Anita is truly extraordinary!

By Roxy H. on July 24, 2014

Anita has beautiful timing and efficient skills with her advice because she has the ability to communicate with valid reasoning on any type of relationship situation. Her speed and efficiency is an inspirational example to others including myself. Her organization appreciates this dignified demeanor of her company and she possesses extremely strong interpersonal and professional skills. The utilization of these skills to the optimum level is evident from her performance. I have been single for over a year now and wanted to truly seek advice as to how I can remain assertive, keep my integrity, and be in a healthy and loving relationship. Anita is dependable and possesses strong leadership and problem-solving skills. She exudes self confidence and is such a positive light to any situation. I am truly happy I know her and I am blessed to be in a fun-loving committed relationship now with just a few magic tips she shared with me. <3

Hired as: Author, Motivational Speaker

Response from Anita Charlot:

WHAT A SUCCESS STORY!!!! Thank you so much for sharing. You are living proof that learning relationship building skills does not mean that you have to stop being the SAFI that you are. A little adaptation is all that's needed...and you worked it in your favor.

Looking forward to your attendance at future events.

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 45 - 240 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Languages: English


Inspiring... Engaging... Candid... Enlightening... Friendly ... a huge asset ... one-of-a-kind speaker... are some of the words used to describe Anita Charlot. Anita provides a unique combination of Metaphysical principals together with over 25 years of collective business operations, administrative process re-engineering, deliberate marketing solutions, and military and personal transformation experiences to the benefit of all of her clients. Anita openly shares her spirit with those that come into her vibration; whether in person, online or through her writing with the hope that her life experiences will serve as a catalyst for others to learn from her past. Anita’s story is a testament that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you’ve been through; if you want better for your life, then you can have it. The choice is yours!

Additional Booking Notes

The layout of the venue will dictate any technical requirements needed for live speaking engagements. Please be sure to include as much detail as possible in your request.


Inspiring... engaging... candid... enlightening... one-of-a-kind speaker... are just some of the words used to describe Anita M. Charlot.

Anita is an overcomer and a “Deliberate Life and Business Consultant” who readily shares her experiences - good and bad with those that come into her vibration; whether in person, online or through her writing. Her ability to reflect and learn from her own experience, coupled with her expert coaching skills, makes her uniquely qualified to help people break through limiting beliefs, eliminate destructive or self-sabotaging patterns, and uncover blocks and negative mindsets that hold them back so that they can become the best person they were created to be.

She is the founder of The Relationship Architect Academy, the first online relationship school specifically created for Strong and Fiercely Independent Women (SAFI's) … and the men that love them. She offers workshops (both online and in-person), online courses, books and products that effectively teach women and men how to build and maintain authentic relationships. Anita is a metaphysician, an author, professional speaker and “Chief Relationship Architect™” dedicated to teaching others how to build and design their relationships according to their truth. Over the past two decades, Anita has coached thousands of men and women, via one to one, group workshops, teleseminars, teleconferences, radio shows, online and in print. “It has been the most rewarding thing I could have done as it has forced me to continue to grow every day, not just for me...but for my clients as well”, she says.

Anita holds a B.S. in Metaphysics from The American Institute of Holistic Theology - with a focus on interpersonal relationships. She specializes in creative yet deliberate solutions that assists others to Define, Create and Promote™ authentic connections in their personal and professional lives. Anita continues to be an industry leader in providing “deliberate consulting solutions” for various industries for building professional relationships as well. These include spiritual and educational institutions, small business owners, corporate and social organizations and individuals empowering all to live deliberately and connect authentically. Her passion is that of spreading as much joy and unconditional love to as many as possible. People often ask how she continues to look so young, she shamelessly shares this secret; when faced with life’s challenges and the “perceived emergencies” of others she lives by her motto…It’s NOT Worth The Wrinkle!™

The team providing the talent:

Angeline Marshall

Administrative Assistant

Set List

From the Boardroom to the Bedroom - 45 Minute Talk on "From the Boardroom to the Bedroom" highlighting dating tips from my forthcoming book ~ The SAFIs (Strong and Fiercely Independent Woman's) Guide to Removing Your "Boss Chick Persona" Outside of the Office to Attract and Maintain the Relationship of Your Dreams
5 Phases of Dating Workshop
Internal Groundwork Workshop
Emotional Baggage ~ Time to Unpack, Repackage and Repurpose Your Past Pain
How to Balance Time for Self, Life, and your Relationship
Relationship Readiness ~ 5 Building Blocks to Successful Dating
Transparency ~ How To Be 100% Yourself in Your Relationships
If I Was Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend
5 Phases of Dating 6-Week Certificate Course
Leadership Council Workshops
Burning Bowl Ceremonies
Personal Development Workshops for Women
Personal Development Workshops for Underprivileged Youth
Project Management Team Building
Departmental Relationship Building
Other workshops and half day training session tailored to fit your organizational needs

Influences & Inspiration

All of my life experiences ranging from the personal, to military, to corporate america to being a business owner has shaped and influenced my work with my clients to date.

Setup Requirements

Electrical Outlets/Extension Cords

Flip Chart Stand or Wall That Will Accommodate Sticky Flip Chart Paper

Table/Counter for promotional material and products


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