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Acoustic Dream

Acoustic Dream

23 reviews

About Acoustic Dream

Journey to the music of Acoustic Dream. Performing small or large events. We perform as 4 - 7 or piece instrumental musical group.

Acoustic Spanish, Latin Jazz, smooth & ambient music. Acoustic Dream will truly help make your event wonderful!




A successful 60th celebration...!

By Stephanie R. B. on June 3, 2015

I discovered Acoustic Dream 11 years ago, and hired them to play at my 40th birthday party. I have followed their amazing success ever since.
I hired the band again, to play at my husband's 60th surprise party this weekend, and they are better than ever! I love these guys! They always deliver -wonderful music, fantastic singing, professionalism..... you name it, they have it!
A great time was had by all because of Acoustic Dream!

Hired as: Acoustic Band

Perfect Performance

By Amy E. on July 20, 2013

While planning a party for my best friend I knew she loved Latin/Jazz music but I didn't know where to find a band so I simply Googled "Acoustic Jazz Bands" and Acoustic Dream was the first one that came up! Jesse was a pleasure to deal with an absolute dream! Jesse surprised us both with his generosity and giving heart. The music & style were perfect for everyone, whether dancing or as back ground music simply perfect! Thank you for a wonderful memory!

Hired as: Acoustic Band, Latin Jazz Band

Perfect outdoor party ambiance

By Pam B. on June 11, 2013

Jesse Garza and the Acoustic Dream set the tone for a terrific fundraising and birthday party. Nothing compares to great live music and these guys delivered with their excellent talent. The volume was appropriate for the setting which allowed the party attendees to have conversation while enjoying the music. Many people commented on how impressive the music was and the professionalism and courteousness of the group members. Jesse's preliminary work and communication left me confident that everything would go off as planned - and it did! Thank you, Acoustic Dream, for a great performance.

Hired as: Latin Jazz Band, Multi-Instrumentalist

Retirement Gathering

By Ray M. on June 11, 2013

We truly enjoyed the music that Acoustic Dream provided. It was our desire to find a group that played which allowed people to intermingle. I received many compliments from our guest about the music. The professionalism that the group brings ease in the coordination process. Thank you Jesse you made my retirement a success.

Hired as: Acoustic Band, Acoustic Band

Exceptional Performance

By Kristi W. on May 8, 2013

Our company hired Acoustic Dream for an event that we were holding in San Antonio. They went above and beyond what we requested and really made our event special. The music they played enhanced our event and we truly enjoyed their performance. We would highly recommend Jesse and his team.

Hired as: Acoustic Band

The Perfect Fit

By Sylvia O. on January 28, 2013

A Latin Jazz band that makes any function the perfect background music. I first heard the Acoustic Dream at a style show at Oak Hills Country Club. From then on I knew that they would be the perfect fit for our 50th Wedding Anniversary. Everyone raved about the perfect fit to our celebration.

Hired as: Acoustic Band

Acoustic Dream - Great people, great music!

By Sandy W. on December 2, 2011

The company I work for recently held our annual conference in San Antonio, and we hired Jesse and his acoustic group to entertain at a reception we held for our attendees. Jesse was very easy to work with and always resonded to phone calls or emails promptly, which for me is very important. Jesse and his group were very professional and their music set the perfect mood for our reception and was enjoyed by all.

Hired as: Acoustic Band

Acoustic Dream made my Wedding Reception!

By Ashlee R. K. on September 19, 2011

I cannot put in words how happy Acoustic Dream made me, but I will try. I hired Acoustic Dream as a suprise for my father to thank him for all he had done for me. They were a hit amoung my guests! They played soft enough so as to not drown out conversation but were entertaining and had my guests foot tapping, finger snapping, and head grooving. Their sound is wonderful and professional. I wasn't disappointed in the least bit I was actually suprised at how well they did. I had a paid for a 4 piece band, two guitars, sax, and keyboard. But Jesse added a person and that was a nice gusture, at no extra cost. They played for 2hours. All of them were so nicely dressed for the occasion and respectful when we had announcements, or the prayer over our dinner. Jesse accomodated my ipod to play songs off his system. I could go on and on about how pleased I was. If you are looking for an amazing latin, jazz band then Acoustic Dream is the best choice for your money! They made my wedding dinner a night to remember! Thank you so much Acoustic Dream for being a part of my special day.

Hired as: Acoustic Band, Easy Listening Band, Guitarist, Jazz Band, Jazz Guitarist, Latin Jazz Band

Review by Mitzi P.

By Mitzi P. on November 1, 2010

First and foremost Jesse was a true professional! From the moment that I booked his band, I felt confident that everything would go smoothly. The band members were kind, respectful, and very professional. They were willing to play on my back patio, even though the party flowed inside and out. Everyone at the party asked about the band, which I feel gave them great exposure! Later that weekend, several neighbors mentioned how they enjoyed hearing the band as well. This group is using the talents they have been given, and are a true blessing to hear!

Hired as: Latin Jazz Band

Review by Gus L.

By Gus L. on September 1, 2010

Music sound and levels were great for my party. This is a very talented and professional group of muscians. I would hire them again.

Hired as: Acoustic Band

Review by Ruth G.

By Ruth G. on March 12, 2010

We thoroughly enjoyed listening to Acoustic Dream during our dinner. I wanted to get up and dance! My only complaint is that I was seated with my back to the band. They were so good, I kept turning around to watch them play. Glad to have bought the cds!

Review by Clarence P.

By Clarence P. on March 11, 2010

Very Nice

Review by Duke M.

By Duke M. on March 10, 2010

I am Duke Machado, President of the Hispanic Republican Club of McLennan County, and when Jesse asked me to provide feedback on our experience, I was honored to be able to express how satisfied we were with his band's professionalism and talent.

We were a newly formed Republican Club, and had planned a Launch Party to publicize our entry into the McLennan County political scene. The Launch would take place at the Hippodrome Theater, a Historic facility with ornate design and incredible acoustic qualities. We would be providing an evening of music, comedy and positive message about the emergence of Hispanics in the Republican Party. Guests included Senators, candidates for US Congressional District 17 and Texas Governor, prominent businessmen and women from McLennan and surrounding counties as well as local active members of the Republican Party.

When we started looking for a band to bring to perform for our very Conservative Republican audience, we thought long and hard about who would best suit our needs.

We discovered Jesse Garza via an internet search and found his website. After listening to a few of his songs and reading some reviews from past clients, we knew that we had found the right person for our we just needed to secure him for that night.

During our conversation with Jesse, he mentioned that the date of our event just happened to be on his birthday. Immediately we assumed that he would not be able to perform for us, but to our surprise, he explained that our cause was important and that he would be honored to perform for our audience. We were thrilled as one can imagine!

On January 16th, 2010, Jesse and his band arrived in Waco just as scheduled. I introduced them to the sound manager and they setup their equipment and instruments. As they were setting up, I walked around and captured some video of their "Mic-test" which can be seen on You Tube.

As the theater came to almost full capacity, I knew that Acoustic Dream would be a hit, and as they were performing, it was obvious we had made the right choice. Feedback from people in attendance that night was completely positive. Everyone enjoyed their performance, and at the reception next door, they were able to meet the band members and get to know them.

If you are charged with the task of finding a band that will not only delight an audience, but also handle themselves with the utmost professionalism and courtesy, then I strongly suggest you hire Jesse Garza and his band Acoustic Dream. You will not be disappointed.

Duke Machado
Hispanic Republican Club of McLennan County

Hired as: Acoustic Band, Classical Guitarist

Review by Mendoza

By Mendoza on February 26, 2010

Excellent musicians. Their music set the right tone for the event.

Review by Mr. A. M. L.

By Mr. A. M. L. on February 23, 2010

Loved the band. I don't normally like guitar, but this was fantastic.

Review by Bill W.

By Bill W. on February 23, 2010

I enjoyed the music played at the black and white soiree. It was approprate for the occassion and very professional. I would hire this band for an event. Thank you for the nice experience.
Bill and Desiree Williams

Review by Fs

By Fs on February 23, 2010

The music was excellent! It really helped set a mood on such a romantic night.

Review by Mr &. M. L.

By Mr &. M. L. on February 23, 2010

Absolutely delightful!

Review by Kim F.

By Kim F. on February 23, 2010

The music during dinner was very entertaining, relaxing & conducive to conversing with dinner guests.

Review by Adrian H.

By Adrian H. on February 22, 2010

These musicians sounded great. They knew what to play as a band without any sheet music. I bought their CD after their performance.

Review by Duane R.

By Duane R. on February 22, 2010

Wonderfully talented group of jazz musicians! Highly recommended.

Review by Dan G.

By Dan G. on February 22, 2010

Performance was enjoyable, smooth romantic and upbeat. It created an ambiance fit for the occasion "Forever My Love A Black and White Soiree". Perfect repertoire of melodies which helped set the mood for the evening. Hope to hear more of them soon.

Review by Robert P. S.

By Robert P. S. on February 22, 2010

If I ever need this type of music or services I will use Acoustic Dream without a doubt. They were awesome and would highly recommend this group to anyone. Thanks for a great evening.

Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 45 - 180 minutes
  • Fee: $450 - 7500
  • Insurance: $2,000,000 - If you require insurance coverage we are booked through our agent. Please call or contact us for info
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Unions: TMC


Our performance sets the tone for your event. We bring a tasteful mix of smooth music, combined with delightful & memorable melodies. Be sure to catch us in concert where we bring up the performance level.
Be enriched and listen to Acoustic Dream!

Additional Booking Notes

Acoustic Dream band performs for private or corporate events. For small venues performing for under 400 people we require a 12x16 area (if no stage is provided) with one exclusive 20 amp electrical outlet with adequate lighting. For bigger venues please call


"Acoustic Dream" has been featured at Jazz Q101.9 FM. It has been praised for original compositions and fresh
arrangements of Latin music. Acoustic Dream's second CD “Yesterday, Today & Forever” is a blend of contemporary Latin American, Afro-Caribbean, Spanish, and world music fused with the sounds of the Spanish guitar & Latin percussion.

Performances: Acoustic Dream has performed locally & regionally. Performances include the San Antonio Jazz Alive, Folk Life Festival, King William Festival, Sunset Station, The Arneson River Theater, The Hippodrome Theater & The Institute Of Texan Cultures.

Associations: Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) Texas Music Coalition (TMC)

Past Booked Events

Nov 19, 2016 Palldium IMAX at the RIM
Oct 22, 2016 Corporate Event
Oct 01, 2016 Palldium IMAX at the RIM
Sep 22, 2016 Corporate Event
Aug 25, 2016 Corporate Event

The team providing the talent:

Jesse Garza

Lead/Rythm guitar

Tony Garza

Lead/Rythm guitar

Armand Sanchez


David Fike


Eric Casillas


Steve Davila


Robert Garcia

Rythm Guitar

Billy Ray Sheppard


Set List

1 Best of Life - Jesse Garza
2 Trail of Tears - Jesse Garza
3 Dawn Girl - Jesse Garza
4 Camino Real - Jesse Garza
5 Lagrimas Azules - Jesse Garza
6 Tierra Huasteca - Jesse Garza
7 Heavens Mystery - Jesse Garza
8 Andino - Jesse Garza
9 Dia y Noche - Jesse Garza
10 Pleasant Breeze - Jesse Garza
11 Amada - Jesse Garza
12 Grandma's Song - Jesse Garza
13 Calles De Oro - Jesse Garza
14 Villa De La Cruz - Jesse Garza
15 Esa Guera - Jesse Garza
16 A Touch Of Love - Jesse Garza
17 Gypsy Java - Jesse Garza
18 Spanish Blues - Jesse Garza
19 El Cid - Jesse Garza
20 Eyes of Love - Jesse Garza
21 You Cried Goodbye - Jesse Garza
22 Whisper Lightly - Jesse Garza
23 Corpus Christi - Jesse Garza
24 Yesterday, Today & Forever - Jesse Garza
25 Isla Feliz - Jesse Garza
26 Alma - Jesse Garza
27 Flight to Paradise - Novamenco
28 Nuevo Sol - Strunz & Farah
29 Flor De Luna - Santana
30 Sabor a Mi - Agustin Lara
31 Solamente Una Vez - Agustin Lara
32 Balada - Strunz & Farah
33 Ipanema - Jobim
34 A Joyful Noise - Jesse Garza
35 La Paz - Jesse Garza
36 Noche Triste - Jesse Garza
37 Paradise Valley - Jesse Garza
38 Feather Mountains - Jesse Garza
39 JJ's Song - Jesse Garza
40 Crystal Sea - Jesse Garza
41 Forever Friends - Jesse Garza
42 Con todo Corazon - Jesse Garza
43 Gota De Oro - Jesse Garza
44 Sea of Trafalgar - Jesse Garza
46 Bahia Kino - Jesse Garza
47 The Peace of Love - Jesse Garza
48 Waves of Love - Jesse Garza
49 The Long Walk - Jesse Garza
50 Summer Samba - Jobim

Influences & Inspiration

Earl Klugh, Carlos Antonio Jobim, Wes Montgomery, Santana, Strunz & Farah, George Benson, Paulinho Nogueira, Badi Assad, Phil Keagy, Koinonia, Acoustic Alchemy, John Mclaughlin, Alan Holdsworth

Setup Requirements

For 5 piece or larger group: Please call

For Quartet or smaller events: 1-120 volt accessible elecrical , 8 x 8 area


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