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A Sight To See

A Sight To See

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About A Sight To See

we play Christian metal/hardcore music.


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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 20 - 40 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Languages: English
  • Unions: UNKNOWN


We our a really high energy band and expect a lot out of our fans. We jump, shred, and have single a longs in almost every song.

Additional Booking Notes

We have one vocalist is front center, one guitar on each side and bass on the rhythm side with the drum in back center. We use Orange HP cabs with Peavey 6505 heads for a heavy mix. Then we have a Ibanez RGA series for lead and a LTD for rhythm. Our bass player uses an Ampeg SVT-3 head with the 8X10 AMpeg bass cab. Then Lasrt our drummer have a 5 piece Pearl ELX series with 2 crashes, 1 ride, hats, splash, 2 china's, 1 bell which are mostly Zildjian and Sabian.


We our a Christian Metalcore band from Amarillo, TX who has grown together through Gods grace and love. Our goal is the save the lives of the broken. We are in a ministry where everybody needs help no one is perfect and we are not ashamed to say that we are just humans with soft hearts. We just want to help someone get through the day by talking to them or just by them listening to our music. As brothers and sisters we just want to love each other and meet new people and create a bond to do whats right helping one another on this journey we call life.

The team providing the talent:

Moses Chaisouang


William Wheeler


Chad Holdaway


Patrick Contreras


Michael Mcdowell


Set List

The Arrival
Fear Vs Faith
Lifeless Eyes

Influences & Inspiration

We our influenced by our savor Jesus Christ and all the friends and family we have around us. We also love the bands August Burns Red, For Today, Texas in July, I The Breather, Impending Doom, Haste The Day, and many others.

Setup Requirements

Drum mics 5 piece, 2 Cab mics, DI for bass, two back up vocal mics, one main Vocal mic

drum mics, and three vocal mics. mic cables for two cabs and line out for bass

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