A Class Act: Authentic Belly Dancing Entertainment

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Neenah, with the most fabulous/beautiful stage presence and a colorful and exciting personality makes everyone want to dance. Every party wants her to be their party favor.
Available For:Anniversaries, Parties, Banquets, Birthday Parties, Casinos, Celebrations, Christenings, Community Events, Conventions, Corporate Functions, and Graduation Parties





Review by Ira S. R.

Neenah came to our home to celebrate our 25th anniversary. We had family from all over the world come and join us in this celebration. They went "WOW" when they saw this Classy Belly Dancer exhibit the great talent that we always see at Stratos and Cafe Istanbul!!

Priced Fairly
Reviewer: Ira S. R.
Organization: Interior Design
Event: Anniversary Party in Dallas, TX
Event Date: Dec 31, 2009
Hired As: Belly Dancer

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Dallas' Favorite Belly Dancers are professional belly dancers. Beautiful, classy belly dancers are in high demand and perform each week at Dallas' Favorite Restaurants: Stratos Greek Taverna and Stephen Pyles new restaurant, Samar. The performers will bring a variety of show stopper pieces, dancing with wings, veils, swords, candelabras, trays with candles, canes, etc. They will definitely make you party a favorite. These amazing dancers will bring so much to your event and make everyone want to dance. Clients include Estee Lauder, House of Blues, Dallas Museum of Arts, Stephen Pyles, many sports icons, Stratos Greek Taverna, Whole Foods, Istanbul Grill, Kostas Greek Cafe, Al Amir, Gigmaster, Decidio, etc.

A Class Act: Authentic Belly Dancing Entertainment

Neenah is director of its professional troupe. Hailed by the local press as the “Queen of Quarters and Shot Glasses” and “Dallas’ Favorite Belly Dancer,” Neenah is total entertainment and in constant demand for her performances as a soloist. With her energy and love for the beautiful art of belly dance, Neenah continues to focus on the retro-style form of entertainment which she refers to as Vintage Style. She is well known for her stage presence, excellent musical interpretation and unmatched dance style. In addition to teaching classes and directing the troupe, Neenah performs and teaches seminars around the country, and is preparing to take on more opportunities to perform

The team providing the talent:

Neenah and The Harem Jewels


Harem Jewels


Influences & Inspiration

Dancing for many sports icons, celebrities, and big corporate events has motivated Neenah and The Harem Jewels to be proficient in the art of belly dancing, create more choreography and show stoppers to make their clients so proud to bring them back and back again. These girls work hard to leave their clients with a feeling of awe. Further, the belly dancing talent is also brought back to the community, as these girls have been part of many fund raiser events, such as Hurricane Katrina, BP Oil spill at the Gulf of Mexico, etc.

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