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Why Book Drummers

Yes... we all know that you can play the heck out of the drums when you play Rock Band. Sorry to break the news to you, but that doesn’t mean you’re a drummer. That means you have similar skillz to any 10-year-old boy that plays video games. Thankfully, there are countless mega-talented drummers in the world, and lots of 'em are waiting for you to hire them right here on GigSalad. Whether you need a new drummer for your band, or want some soothing drumming at a private event you’re hosting, look no further than these awesome drummers!

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About Booking Drummers

Looking for the right drummer for your band? Need a percussionist for an event? A drummer is a musician who plays the drums, particularly the drum kit, marching percussion, hand drums, or cow bell (more cow bell!). A studio drummer can play ideally in any musical genre, but most drummers do have a specialty. In the studio, a drummer will often be given a sheet of music to read with one or two words describing the style. From this basic information, an accomplished drummer will understand the groove and feel of the song. Some of today's most famous studio drummers are renowned for their ability to adapt to any style of music.

There are a few things you should consider when hiring a drummer. First, be sure to listen to audio and watch video samples. You want to be sure you are satisfied with the sound and look of the performer before you book him/her. Next, get references and read reviews. Talk to people in the area who have seen the drummer and/or have booked them in the past. Feedback is the best way to ensure you are going to be satisfied with your choice. If you are looking for a drummer for your band, check to see if they can adapt to different kinds of music and if they play well with unfamiliar bands. Last, always get a contract. Read the contract carefully and work out any details in regards to deposit requirements, length of performance, scheduled breaks, attire, travel, and lodging. Watch for specifications made by the performer and be sure you can meet them. Find out if the drummer has their own drum kit. Most, if not all, drummers own their own drum kit, however, there are those rare occasions when a drummer will ask if the venue will have a drum kit available. This is especially the case if you are hiring an out of area drummer that may have to travel a long distance.