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Why Book Singer/Songwriters

Sick of hearing the same ol’ playlist of songs on every radio station, at every store in the mall, and at every event you attend? Aren’t we all. There’s no need to get discouraged... these talented singer/songwriters are an easy solution to your common “I’ve heard this song 20 times too many” syndrome. With heartfelt lyrics and passionate performances, these singer/songwriters will introduce you and your guests to some new, fresh music that you’ve never heard before. You’ll love it so much that you’ll never wanna go back to the Top 40 Countdown!

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About Booking Singer/Songwriters

Romance, tranquility, the perfect vibe... Singer/songwriters are performers who write, compose, and sing their own material including lyrics and melodies. Singer/songwriters are hired as the accompaniment to songs, and many are crossovers from folk and easy listening. Famous singer/songwriters include James Taylor, John Denver, Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez. Many singer/songwriters become well known through word of mouth and playing live shows and commonly appear at small concerts, coffee houses, fairs, folk clubs, and festivals.

There are a few things you should do when hiring a Singer/Songwriter. First, always listen to audio and watch video samples. This will ensure that you book the best for your special event. Next, be sure to get a contract. Make sure to read this carefully and watch for specifications made by the singer. Last, as with any other purchase you would make, read reviews and get references. Talk to people in the area and previous clients about the performer and get feedback.