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Heavy Metal Bands

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Why Book Heavy Metal Bands

Who doesn’t love music that might make your ears bleed?! Well, probably quite a few people. So don’t hire a heavy metal band for your grandparents’ anniversary or for your niece’s princess-themed birthday party. However, if you and the intended guests love head-banging to the rocking sounds of heavy metal music, then do hire one of these bands for your event. If the audience is right, a heavy metal band is a great entertainment choice for private parties and public events of (almost) all types. Maybe provide some ear plugs for the few guests that might not agree.

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About Booking Heavy Metal Bands

Turn your next event into a heavy metal show! Heavy Metal (or Death Metal, Metalcore, or Thrash Metal) is the type of rock music with it's earliest roots in blues-rock and psychedelic rock. Early heavy metal bands developed a heavy guitar and drum sound, along with amplified distortion and fast, hard guitar solos. Early "Metal" bands included Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath, followed by icons such as Judas Priest and Iron Maiden.

Some things to consider when hiring a Heavy Metal Band are to make sure you listen to audio and watch video clips. This will ensure that you truly do book the best for your next event! Next, you want to get references. Talk to people in the area about the band and get feedback. Finally, get a contract. Many professional Heavy Metal Bands require a deposit to secure them at your next event. Make sure to read through the contract carefully before contracting the band for your party.