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Want your guests to be entertained while they're mixing and mingling with each other? Want entertainment without hiring a main-stage act? Well we have the answer for you: a strolling magician! These guys interact with your crowd and perform close-up magic that doesn't require a stage, sound system, or extravagant props. Not only is a strolling magician entertaining, but they also get your guests interacting with each other whether it be through a trick that involves multiple people or just starting up chit chat over the trick. Don't wait any longer - book a strolling magician today!

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About Booking Strolling/Close-up Magicians

Find and hire Strolling and Close-up Magicians for corporate events, birthday parties, school events and more on Gig Salad! To book the right strolling magician to perform closeup magic for your next party, has the talent you need.

Strolling and close-up magicians are sure dazzle the guests at any intimate event, party, or special occasion by performing magic right before your guests' eyes. Whether you want to bring laughter and amazement to your guests with a strolling magician who performs coin and card tricks or amaze and awe them with a close-up magic show of sleight of hand tricks, booking a strolling or close-up magician is a great option for entertainment at your next event. Gig Salad will connect you with strolling and close-up magicians in your area to help make your event a success.

When hiring a strolling/close-up magician, you'll want to find a Magician experienced in the specialty you desire. There are several different kinds of Magicians, so be sure to ask what kind of magic show they would perform. It's also nice to view online demos. Most Magicians have video demos provided in their online PromoKit. Lastly, Pay attention to detail in the contract. Are you dealing with dangerous objects or fire? Inquire about liability and insurance. Know what materials and space you will need to provide for the magician.