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Can't decide whether to book a magician or a comedian for your event? Wish you could find a performer who is both funny and can perform magic tricks? Why it's the best of both worlds! And you want to know the even better part? We have tons of comedy magicians listed right here on Gig Salad! These fine folks will have your guests rolling with laughter as they blow their mind with amazing magic tricks. So what are you waiting for?! Your event is just waiting for you to book one of these comedy magicians now!

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About Booking Comedy Magicians

Find and hire comedy magicians on! To book the right comedy magician for a birthday party or corporate event, or a comedy magic show for a corporate seminar, has the talent you need.

Comedy magicians liven up any festival, party, corporate event or special occasion by providing dazzling entertainment while performing world-class magic tricks and hilarious comedy acts. Whether you want to bring laughter to your guests with magic tricks including audience involvement or with a funny comedy performance, booking a comedy magician is a great way to bring laughter to your next event. Gig Salad will help connect you with comedy magicians in your area to help make your next event a success.

When booking a comedy magician, find a Magician experienced in the specialty you desire. There are several different kinds of Magicians, so be sure to ask what kind of magic show they would perform. Ask to view some online demos. Most Magicians have video demos provided in their online PromoKit. Lastly, pay attention to detail in the contract. Are you dealing with dangerous objects or fire? Inquire about liability and insurance. Know what materials and space you will need to provide for the magician.