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Hip Hop Dancers

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Why Book Hip Hop Dancers

Alright Honey, it’s time to Step Up and show us what you’ve got. Get ready to Stomp the Yard because You Got Served. Of course, you aren’t in a Dance Flick, so maybe you don’t have what it takes to Save the Last Dance at your event. But these hip hop dancers do. Bring those movies to life at your party by hiring dancers to pop and lock, krump, step, stomp, and break dance all over the place. Your guests will be impressed by the fluid movements and quick steps of these talented hip hop dancers.

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About Booking Hip Hop Dancers

Hiring a hip hop dancer or a dance crew that specialize in hip hop is becoming a very popular entertainment choice. Because of movies like Step Up and TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance, this form of dance has quickly become the most popular out there. You can hire one of these hip hop dancers to perform at your event, or you can hire them to show you their moves or choreograph a dance for you to perform at a special event. GigSalad will help connect you with hip hop dancers and dance crews in your area that will be perfect for your birthday party, corporate event, wedding reception or any other special occasion.

There are a few things you should remember as you start your search for a hip hop dancer. First, know what specialty of hip hop dancing you are going to want and idea of the type of performance you'd like. Do you want a choreographed show or an improv freestyle battle? Do you want dancers that can break dance, pop and lock, krump, or some fusion of all of them? Once you know what you want, set your budget. Keep in mind that hiring a dance crew will be much pricier than just one or two dancers. Also, as you start contacting, inquire about specifics. Will the hip hop dancers need a special type of floor to dance on? How much area is needed for the performance? Last, check out photo galleries and watch videos of past performances. You should also read reviews and get references from former clients. All this will help ensure you book the best for your special event.