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Comedy Improv Shows

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Why Book Comedy Improv Shows

So... you're a fan of laughing, eh? Well look no further than these ridiculously funny comedy improv shows for your upcoming event. With today’s most famous comedians like Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, and Steve Carell getting their start performing with local improv troupes, you know you’ll get some high quality, unscripted hilarity when you book one of these comedy improv shows. Most of these shows include lotsa audience participation, so you and your guests better be ready to shout out some outrageous scenarios and hop up on stage for a piece of the comedic action!

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About Booking Comedy Improv Shows

Interactive comedic improvisational "improv" shows are a great idea for just about any event, from corporate functions to birthday parties. Comedy improv shows typically involves short sketches in which a scene begins with a suggestion from the audience. These sketches are usually fast-paced, completely unscripted, and hilarious! The best part about improv is that no one in the audience knows what'll happen next!

If you're serious about booking a comedy improv group for your upcoming event, follow these simple tips. Ask the improv groups that you're interested in if you can view video of past performances. This will help you decide if you're a fan of their sense of humor. You should check and see how much room they'll need to perform, and you should also check if they'll need you to provide anything such as audio equipment or props for the show. Lastly, talk about all specifics you want for your event, and make sure they can provide what you want. Most groups will be able to tailor their show to fit your event perfectly. Now get to laughin' already!