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Why Book Sideshows

Ah, the sideshow. No, it's not a show on the side of a stage. Think Coney Island or other boardwalk entertainment. Sideshows definitely aren't ordinary and are sometimes referred to as a freak show because these people can do some crazy things. I think it's safe to say most of us aren't about to go walking on hot coals, swallowing swords, or performing contortionist moves, but we love to watch others do it! Want your guests to leave amazed, stunned, and not believing their eyes? Well book one of these sideshow acts and see for yourself!

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About Booking Sideshows

When hiring a circus sideshow a variety of options are available to astound, astonish, and amaze the guests at your festival, fair, party, or special event. Whether you want to mesmerize your guests with the wonders of sword swallowing and knife throwing, shock them with the strange and weird aspects of a freak show, or amaze them with the art of lying on a bed of nails or walking across hot coals, GigSalad will connect you with a circus sideshow in your area to help make your event a success.

Some things to consider while hiring a sideshow are to find a show that has experience in the specialty you desire. Do you want one act or a traditional ten-in-one circus sideshow? Next, ask for pictures and video of the sideshow's performances. If you can, contact previous clients to ask about their satisfaction with the sideshow. Finally, pay attention to detail in the agreement. Inquire about liability and insurance. Know what materials and space you will need to provide for the sideshow.