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When booking an acrobat for your event, you better be prepared. Prepared to be amazed and astounded, that is! Incredible acrobats have impressive dexterity, strength, and flexibility to perform astonishing tricks and moves on hoops, stools, balls, or even with another performer. After a performance from a spectacular acrobat, your guests will be letting out Oohs and Ahhs while whispering to their neighbor, "How did they do that?!" So what are you waiting for? Book an acrobat for your event and get ready to not believe your eyes!

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About Booking Acrobats

Hiring an acrobat or acrobatic performer is a great way to astonish and amaze the guests at your next event. Acrobats can perform a variety of stunts including balancing acts, contortions, juggling and aerial feats such as trapeze tricks and tightrope walking. Gig Salad has premier acrobatic shows, including aerialists, contortionists and other circus acts, available for your next birthday party, fair, corporate function, private event or fundraiser. Start your search by selecting a city above.

Some things to consider when booking an acrobat are that you want to find an acrobat who has experience performing in your style of event. Choose an acrobat appropriate for the age of your guests. If it's a child's birthday party, consider hiring an acrobat who performs tricks with props. Next, you want to ask for pictures or video of the acrobat's performances. If you can, contact previous clients to ask about their satisfaction with the acrobat. Lastly you need to decide what kind of performance you are looking for. Do you want the acrobat to perform in a show, walkabout performance, or ambient performance? Be sure to establish this in the contract.