The Ladies for Liberty

Why book The Ladies for Liberty?

Patriotic Salute--Andrews Sisters Revue, WWII, 1940s--to current day more modern patriotic salutes, Precisioned timed National Anthem, use 1940s style era costumes (military--gowns, etc.), hairstyles, and tight harmonies. Act can be adjusted to applications for military or flag waving holidays with a more modern theme--5 Shows available with different lengths and content.





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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 10 - 90 minutes
  • Fee: Contact for rates
  • Insurance: See below for breakdown - Each occurence: $ 1,000,000 Damage to rented premises: $300,000 Medical Expense: $10,000 Personal & Adv injury: 1,000,000 General Aggregate: $2,000,000 Products-Comp/Op Agg: $2,000,000
  • Languages: English


The older generation, especially WWII Veterans, will tenderly remember the songs of the Andrews Sisters and rally around the patriotic salute. They will also appreciate the 1940s costumes. The more modern patriotic salute will stir the love of country and freedom for any event (military function, parade, patriotic flavored ceremonies) We honor veterans and active duty service men and women at every performance.

Additional Booking Notes

The Ladies for Liberty usually sing with audio tracks for accompaniement to enable them to be mobile. They are also capable of singing the Andrews Sisters Revue/short patriotic program with an orchestra with full scoring available. Sound, lighting, microphones, and engineer are usually furnished by the employer. We require a dressing room (with mirrors/lots of bottled water), with area to rehearse, a suitable sound check before the performance, expenses would be hotel if needed, transportation, and local transportation from the hotel to and from the venue.

The Ladies for Liberty

The Ladies for Liberty was formed in 2005 from a desire to revive the great music of the 1940s and WWII era Andrews Sisters Style. Wanda Martin of Louisville, KY is the current owner and manager of the group. The LfL has 8 members at the present time, which allows more trios to perform at key times of the year. Each troupe’s program is dedicated to raising the level of patriotism in America and flavoring their performance with the Andrews Sister’s style of music. Through their own rendition of vocals, costumes, hairstyles and the spirit of patriotism reminiscent of the 1940s, that period is remembered and celebrated as “When America was at its finest.” Recently, a more modern patriotic salute was added to their performance programs to broaden their audience to military functions, patriotic events and corporate interests. Past performances include: National/Intl Air Shows , WWII Reunions, Symphony Orchestras, Dinner Theaters, Themed Variety Shows, Tradeshows, Hangar Parties, Museums (Vintage Aircraft to modern), Military Functions and Ceremonies, Parades, TV Appearances, Radio Broadcasts, and any other events having a patriotic flavor. The Ladies for Liberty are very popular for singing a precisioned timed National Anthem acapella to open air shows across the country. The members enjoy their participation in promoting especially the wonderful music of the 1940s that honor our WWII Veterans. The Patriotic Salutes provide a great avenue to honor all veterans and active duty service men and women in the United States Military. Above all, we sing to honor America—the Greatest Nation on Earth!

The team providing the talent:

Wanda R. Martin


Jeanette Kays


Angie Glotzbach


Annette McCulloch


Lisanne Lyons


Barbara Lewis


Darden Purcell


Nancy Cheak


Influences & Inspiration

The Andrews Sisters tight harmonies influenced our act tremendously. We also include several solo favorites from the 1940s WWII era in our program that were sang by many vocalists of the day. Also in our program are a few western songs honoring actors such as Jimmie Stewart, Audie Murphy and Roy Rogers. The more modern patriotic salute represents our own style with a 1940s flavor, but newer more familiar songs of current day.

Setup Requirements

10-15' Staging area

3 Wireless Microphones

Dressing room (s) with mirrors/bottled water

Full sound system

Lighting if possible

Reasonable Sound Check before performance

Sound Engineer or Operator on hand

Stage monitors if possible