Scott Alexander

Why book Scott Alexander?

Scott Alexander's show is a sparkling cocktail of illusions, audience interaction, music and magic, all with the twist of laughter. As a featured contestant on Season 6 of Americas Got Talent, his magic has been seen by millions. He has appeared on Oprah, NBC, The Si-Fy Channel and major venues world wide. Scott conquered the neon jungle of Las Vegas at Caesars Palace as a showroom headliner for seven years with his large scale illusions and hilarious stand up comedy magic. Scott is a terrific emcee, host and magician who can add that extra bit of pizazz to your event!




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Booking Info

  • Typical Gig: 10 - 90 minutes
  • Fee: $750.00 and up for stage shows
  • Insurance: 1,000,000 - Performers Liability


The goal of my show is to make sure that everyone is laughing, cheering and having a great time. It is all about the entertainment!! It doesn't matter how many lions, tigers or elephants I make appear or disappear, it's about your guests leaving that event with memories that will last a lifetime. Magic is the perfect entertainment to make everyone engaged, excited and to just simply feel the wonder and thrill of being a kid again by witnessing something impossible. That's what makes magic so much fun.

Additional Booking Notes

No special staging required or lighting
Sound system and microphone provided on request if not available at venue
Raised working area of at least 8x12 preferred, but not essential

Scott Alexander

Scott Alexander

Los AngelesTimes “hip, laid back and refreshing.”

Scott Alexander is funny, likeable and his magic appeals to a wide range of people. His magic reached millions on NBC’s this season of America’s Got Talent where he advanced all the way with his large stage illusions.
With articles in People Magazine and Nations Business Magazine, the Oprah Show took notice and Scott was invited by Oprah Winfrey to make guest appearance on her show to speak about how he uses his magic to help others set goals.
Scott had the honor of headlining on the Las Vegas Strip at Caesars Palace for over seven years and four thousand performances of large grand illusions mixed with stand-up comedy magic.
Scott Alexander’s groundbreaking creativity caught the eye of Norwegian Cruise Lines and they commissioned Scott to create, direct the magic and star in "Elements," a million dollar stage spectacular. It is currently their most popular show and is in production on five ships.
Scott’s magic has been featured on The SiFy channel, Discovery Channel, NBC, Showtime, He has opened for comedian Dennis Miller and as a creator and innovator of magic, his ideas are utilized in performances by other magical luminaries, most notably Penn & Teller.
Whether it be the intimacy of a close-up sleight of hand performance or the all out spectacle of a large stage show, Scott Alexander’s delivery is always engaging, light hearted, amazing, quick witted and sure to leave you filled with wonder and a smile.

Set List

A sparkling cocktail of comedy, audience interaction, eye-popping magic, and Vegas style illusions.

Setup Requirements

General stage wash of lighting

If venue is to provide sound Scott requires one handheld mic on stand or lavaliere.

One XLR connection to house sound system

Preferably a raised performing area close to the front row approximately two feet off the ground or higher. Preferred size is 10x12 but not necessary

Scott travels with his own sound system upon request.